Camp Century: Secret US Army Base In The Arctic

YT description: The U.S. Army’s Top Secret Arctic City Under the Ice! “Camp Century” Restored Classified Film – In the late 1950s, during the height of the Cold War, the US military constructed a secret base in the Arctic for “research” purposes. Some theorists claim that it was actually used as a covert nuclear weapons storage &/or testing facility as part of Top Secret “Project Iceworm” with the ultimate objective of covertly placing medium-range missiles under the ice sheet — close enough to strike the Soviet Union, while remaining hidden from the Danish government. Others have made even grander claims – that Camp Century was actually a weather manipulation experiment … or a U.S. Military administered Alien / UFO base! The whole truth may never be known. This video is the actual declassified US ARMY FILM documenting the construction process. What really happened there afterwards remains a mystery.

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Title: The U.S. Army’s Top Secret Arctic City Under the Ice! “Camp Century” Restored Classified Film (YT link) Uploaded by Bright Enlightenment.

Camp Century – Secret US Army Base In The Arctic – (1964) 5 stars

Run time: 31 minutes. The ladies from One People Round Table have been hinting at some mysterious and Top Secret army base for a couple of shows now. When I saw this video on the Youtube sidebar, I had to take a look at it. Let me just say at the start here that this is a Mandela Effect for me, as early on in the film we see the North Pole described as a point over water, and not a permanent landmass like it was on my Old Earth. Some of my notes are below for future reference.

Camp Century is described as a nuclear research center. It is on Greenland, 150 miles from the supply base at Thule. The ice cap in that region is 6000 feet deep. The camp is 800 miles from the North Pole. The site for Camp Century was chosen in 1959, on a flat and wide plateau.

The construction of the camp is as follows. 23 trenches were dug into the ice cap. They were covered with steel arches and snow. From a main or communications trench, several lateral branches lead to research, laboratory and testing facilities. Also in these lateral trenches were living quarters, recreating areas and support facilities. A nuclear power plant was installed for energy.

By the way, I was fascinated by the tremendous amount of labor, equipment and the innovation of creating this underground base. Not too long ago, in one of my sci-fi books I described an underground mining station on another planet, where I included pre-fabricated modules and actual mining techniques in tunneling, to keep my characters under the ice and away from the blizzard conditions on the surface. Compare the complexity here to the simple surface trailers used in the movie The Thing. The process in building this Camp Century, and how it was nuclear powered, is tempting me to use something similar in a future story. This thing had 16 emergency exits, not counting the regular entrances! That’s huge!

So, we have an estimated 250 men at Camp Century, and we get a vague searching ‘for the secrets of the universe’ as their reason for being out there. From the One People shows, two former military ‘Unfuckers’ have mentioned having been assigned to the camp at Thule when on active duty, but not being allowed to travel freely and being confined to specific areas. As usual, there is something being hidden from us, but as to what that is, we can only speculate about at this point. Still, this is an intriguing look to prove that the camp exists and that a good number of personnel are doing something out there.

Nick Redfern: Dead Aliens, Underground Bases, Full Disclosure

I understand that Redfern does a lot of research and he goes out to a lot of places to get eyewitness accounts. Sometimes, I am amazed at the info he presents. Other times, like this one, there is a lot of interesting information, but not a whole lot to back it up.


YT description: Great interview with Nick Redfern, author of 40 books on the Paranormal. Check out his website @ http://www.nickredfernfortean.blogspo…
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Title: Nick Redfern – Full Disclosure – Jan 2017 – Dead Aliens – MIB – Reptilians – Underground Bases (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.

PIZZAGATE: Researcher Sofia Smallstorm – They Are Satanists!

YT description: Sofia Smallstorm is back to help breakdown the deep darkness behind Pizzagate and the global elite’s obsession with pedophilia. It’s becoming increasingly clear, they are Satanists. “I’ve come to believe now that the world we live is way darker than I ever thought it was,” says Smallstorm.

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Title: THEY ARE SATANISTS — Sofia Smallstorm (YT link) Uploaded by SGT Report.

Dutchsinse Rewrites Geology Books – Plate Subduction Debunked!

YT description: Everything I ever told you about plate tectonics, the East Pacific Rise, and pressure coming up from the core of the Earth is now proved by professionals!……

In the new paper titled “Kinematics and dynamics of the East Pacific Rise linked to a stable, deep-mantle upwelling”, literally confirms years of observations made on this channel.

Title: 1/21/2017 — Scientific VINDICATION — Plate Tectonics + REWRITING THE GEOLOGY TEXTBOOKS (YT link) Uploaded by Dutchsinse.

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