Movie: Twins Of Evil starring Peter Cushing (1971, Horror, Vampires)

Age restricted video, because of a few juicy booby shots.


YT description: OK, here is the Full Original aspect ratio of the film, as it was originally ment to be seen, unlike the DVD version which has the top and bottom cut out. As you will probably allready know these parts of the film are crucial to it`s dynamic properties and add greatly to the pleasure of watching the twins in ALL their different parts that were presented for us. Thanks for subs and comments

Title: Twins of Evil – Full Film Original Aspect Ratio (top and bottom) HD2015 (YT link) Uploaded by Twins Of Evil.

Twins Of Evil starring Peter Cushing – (1971) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 27 minutes. This is the third Hammer Production film I’ve recently reviewed. The other two are Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and The Vampire Lovers. With such illustrious company, I expected a complex plot, strong characters and some novel twists. I was not disappointed. The part that threw me off was how this movie presented duality, where the extremes between good and evil were seen in perspective more than in action.

For example, we have an extremely biased religious leader who burns women even vaguely suspected of being immoral witches, with hardly any evidence to prove it. This cruel man, Peter Cushing’s character, later becomes the hero. On the other side of the coin we have the libertine count who is at first shown to us as a devil may care bastion of freedom of expression and joy. Very quickly, we discover this count to be a Satanist and murderer who cares only for his own pleasure. Several other characters switch back and forth in similar fashion. We have Gustav, the secondary hero behind Cushing, naively innocent but also drawn more to the dark side by lusting after the Evil Twin. We see the count’s concierge go from an object of scorn to one of pity, as if he is only half evil and has stepped into a pile of muck he can’t get out of. Lastly, we have the heroines, who don’t change at all because they are already mirrors of good and evil.

Of the many directions this movie could have gone in, they chose the overused plot device of the townsfolk gathering their pitchforks to storm the castle and get rid of the evil count. Really? We have to regress all the way back to Frankenstein’s Monster for the climax? For me, that was the biggest disappointment, well, along with a number of loose ends that were very clumsily sewn together. Gustav ends up with the Good Twin, whom he never even liked, and everybody that survives lives happily ever after.

Mandela Effect: Was It Lay-Z-Boy Or La-Z-Boy Furniture?

Check this out; it will blow your mind a bit. It is… whoa! Okay , I just looked at my laptop’s clock, and it said 7:58. I glanced at it again right after I wrote the bold sentence above and it was 8:00 pm. That bolded sentence took me approx. 2 minutes to write! Anyway, what I was going to say… The last two hours have streamed by very quickly, so quickly I decided to keep track for about the last 45 minutes. I started watching this video at 7:27, and it ended at 7:58. The problem is that 30 minutes went by, but the video is only 10 minutes long! I’m watching you, clock!

Okay, about this video; I’m going to have to go against the grain here. MB is pronouncing it Laz-Boy, but he’s ignoring the dashes to prove his point. For me personally, if it was spelled Lay-Z-Boy, my mind would associate it with Frito Lays, because my mind visualizes like that. However, my mind is associating DJ Laz with La-Z-Boy, so that takes my recollection back to, what, the early 1990s when I first heard of a DJ Laz here in SoCal. The right spelling for me is La-Z-Boy.


Lay-Z-Boy – 891

La-Z-Boy – 49


YT description: My entire life I knew this furniture maker as Lay-Z-Boy. Now that I see La-Z-Boy in this reality it looks so weird and foreign. Please vote on whether you share this memory with me or not.

Here is the link to all the voting videos:…

Title: The Mandela Effect (They Were Called Lay-Z-Boy Recliners In Another Reality) Please Vote #33 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.

Movie: Requiem For A Vampire (1971, French, Erotic Horror)

A shorter version of this movie was called Caged Virgins. There are a few instances of full nudity and forced sex.

A vampire lures beautiful young women to his castle in Europe. – imdb really bad synopsis

After a car accident, two young women (Marie-Pierre Castel, Mireille D’Argent) come across a dilapidated castle inhabited by a vampire (Philippe Gaste) and his followers. – Wikipedia slightly more accurate synopsis


Title: 18+ European Movie – Requiem for a Vampire (YT link) Uploaded by Carletta Rivera.

Requiem For A Vampire by Les Films – (1971) 2 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 28 minutes. Being that this is a foreign film, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. The opening sponsor scenes with a nude woman bathed in blood didn’t help any, either. The film is French, and vastly different from the normal vampiric culture seen in U.S. movies. There is hardly any dialogue in the first half, for example, where we are given snippets of a story that doesn’t make sense past two heroines running from the law. The suspense is minimal, as the heroines are fairly bland and don’t give up much in the way of expression. They just seem to run this way and that with no real purpose in making their plight any better. The vampires, when they do appear, operate as a gang of killers basically, but many of their motivations are nonsensical just the same.

The random bits of horror, from ghastly faces to limbs sticking out of stone walls did nothing for me. Another movie I recently reviewed, Captain Kronos, had blood spatter in places where blood should not have ended up, but at least that movie had good acting and a complex plot to overshadow these clumsy scare tactics. Oh, and we get to see a needlessly extended scene of the evil, mortal ruffians raping women chained to walls. That scene by itself changes this movie from a vampire story into horror erotica. I gave this movie 2 stars because I became intrigued over whether or not the heroines would ever get out of their dire predicament, which they did but only in an unsatisfying resolution. If not for their slight charm, this movie would have gotten a big, fat zero.

Mandela Effect: Do You Remember JoAnn’s Or JoAnn Fabrics?

Video posted in August of 2016.

I’m having trouble recalling / visualizing this one. Back when I was married, my ex-wife would round me and kids up and head out to the nearest store regularly, just behind Walmart in terms of shopping frequency. I remember the s at the end, but not the apostrophe.

The voting:

JoAnn’s – 344

JoAnn – 50


YT description: My wife and I have always remembered the largest fabric store in the country named Jo-Ann’s fabrics apparently it has always been named Jo-Ann Fabrics as far back as 1969.

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Title: The Mandela Effect (I Remember JoAnn’s Fabrics In another Reality) Please Vote #32 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.

Heatherlee, Tim Hooker: The Aratta Civilization, Older Than Sumeria

YT description: Several locations have been suggested as probable idenfications of Aratta, now, there is firm evidence that it was in the region of modern Ukraine, north of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

While many Western texts still refer to Sumer as being the oldest civilisation with writing, Ukraine has something far older. This was Aratta, recorded in the Sumerian epic tale Enmerkar and the Land of Aratta. This was the cradle of civilisation and Kamyana Mohyla was its most significant sanctuary. This is a very special place. It is the oldest known sanctuary-observatory in the world.

Aratta is now recognised as having been the world’s most ancient (known) civilisation. It developed in the steppes north of the Black Sea (in modern Ukraine) long before the Sumerian civilisation originated, and from there it radiated its culture into India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Western China and across Europe. Relics of Aratta are increasingly identified in Ukraine.

Title: Discovery of the Ancient Aratta Civilization of Ukraine, Older than Sumeria [FULL VIDEO] (YT link) Uploaded by Zohar Stargate.Com.

Heatherlee, Tim Hooker: Aratta, A Civilization Older Than Sumeria – (2009) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 7 minutes. A couple of quick points I’m jotting down as my notes. Aratta contains proto-Sumerian writing, where references to the goddess Inanna and other Sumerian concepts have been found. Also, the burial pictographs of Aratta have many parallels to Vedic Indian burial mounds.

At 38 minutes in, the speaker mentions that Aratta’s cities were periodically burned. In other research, Gerald Clark theorized that Sumerians would destroy entire cities if the inhabitants grew too rebellious, or if whatever resource they were mining was depleted and a new mining site was established elsewhere. For whatever reasons, Sumerian gods did not want empty cities left behind, so they razed them. Is this why Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe was abandoned and completely buried before the last Ice Age?

40:00 – The most prevalent symbols in Aratta were the Yin Yang and the Swastika. We know that Buddhism first began in India, and the Swastika is an Indian symbol, so there is a huge connection there.

The second speaker tosses a lot of metaphysical concepts at the end of this program, including Electric Universe Theory, Nibiru / Planet X idea and Indian spirituality. These may be interesting concepts, but as far as what I saw, there is no solid link between them and what was shown about Aratta. This paints Aratta more like Atlantis, which may be true or not, but it hasn’t been proven either way.

Mandela Effect: Depends Adult Diapers Changed To Depend

Video uploaded in August of 2016.

Depends is the right answer, you are brilliant! We’re being gas lighted. If you call the company, they say it’s always been depend lol. – Karen Dickson


Depends – 452

Depend – 21


YT description: My entire life I knew this brand of adult diapers as Depends. I have seen them in the grocery store and when I worked for Safeway as a pricing specialist I even priced this item and I remember them as Depends. Please thumb this video up if you remember them being called Depends.

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Title: The Mandela Effect (Depends Adult Diapers In Another Reality) Please Vote #31 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.

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