Mandela Effect: Smaller Earth – Geographical Distances Changed!

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Title: DISTANCES Have CHANGED!!! Mandela Effect Geography (YT link) Uploaded by Harmony Mandela Effect.

Mandela Effect: Giant Chickens, India’s New Hero, Kanye West, More!

I did catch that video of the Brahma chickens a couple of days ago. After doing some research, I only found a couple of examples of how big those chickens get, and none of those showed a person standing next to them for scale. The video gives the impression that they might be up to 3 feet tall.

Update: I was right. The article on Wikipedia says they range from 1.7 to 3 feet tall. If this was the main source of chicken in the US for nearly 80 years, I’m sure many of us ME people would have heard of the breed before now.

The Brahma is a large breed of chicken developed in the United States from very large birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai. The Brahma was the principal meat breed in the US from the 1850s until about 1930. – Wikipedia


Title: Mandela Effect – Kanya West, Mutant Chickens and More!!! (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.

Novelty: For Those Of You Hearing A Constant Ringing In Your Ears

The first time I heard the sound, I swear it sounded exactly like the noise I’ve been hearing for months now. I’ve watched the video four times, and the sound kind of went away or blended in. I can’t hear it anymore! Anyway, stick around to the end of the video for a surprise.


YT description: This video is for those of you that are hearing a high pitched ringing sound in your ears

Tune in 🙂

God Bless 🙂

Title: For those of you that are hearing a high pitched ringing sound (YT link) Uploaded by Jaime B.

Mandela Effect: Dr. Lupo – Are You Hearing Soft Background Music?

A lot of YT comments are saying yes to that question.

I’ve got a couple of personal examples that are going to knock your socks off. Back when I was in my early twenties, I was haunted, as in me and not the place I lived in. I was alone in a small 2 bedroom house, and I would wake up hearing people arguing in the kitchen or living room. A couple of times I would hear a man and a woman arguing on opposite sides of my bed, just as I was waking up. I heard entire conversations, debates or fights, up until I was fully awake and all of it would suddenly go away. This is called clairaudience, by the way.

More recently, I have some crappy neighbors whom I share two common walls with in an apartment. Their alarm clocks ring at odd times every few days, between 4 am and 7 am, roughly. (This happens because my neighbor and his son work construction, and they have to wake up earlier if they have to drive a long way for their jobs.) Because their clocks are so close to where my bed is, and because this happens on random days, I end up very grouchy in the morning. I never know what time I’ll be woken up between 4 and 7 am or so during weekdays.

Well, I have a lot of synchronicity around me, and I can communicate with my Spirit Guides pretty good. I said, Spirit Guides, do something about this alarm clock mess! Get this… I stared waking up at around 3:55, 4:55, etc., or around 5 minutes before my neighbors’ alarm clock went off every morning. The way I woke up was that I heard a loud BEEP inside my right ear. So, I was already awake before I heard the clock and I wasn’t grouchy all morning. It took me almost a week to figure out that my Spirit Guides were warning me in advance that the alarm clock was about to ring. This went on for about 3 weeks. After that, I started sleeping a couple of hours earlier, so I would wake up around 6 or 7 and it wouldn’t be so bad anymore. I said, Spirit Guides, you can stop now, and they did. I haven’t heard that loud BEEP since.


YT description: Many people in the Mandela Effect community have been saying they are hearing faint music that they can’t seem to find the source of. I share my experience with hearing big band swing music that is way off in the distance and my other experiences with white noise. Is this just musical ear syndrome, audio pareidolia or is there something else at play?

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Title: Do You Hear Faint Music? – Does it Have To Do With The Mandela Effect (YT link) Uploaded by Dr. Tarrin P Lupo.

Mandela Effect: Banned Cigarette Ads Post 1971, Warning Labels

I’m about half and half on this one. I don’t ever recall watching a cigarette commercial on TV or hearing one on the radio. At the same time, I knew who the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel were from ads in magazines and liquor stores. So, in my reality, the ad ban was in effect through the 1980s and 1990s. About the warning labels; I remember some kind of tiff happening in the early nineties. I was in my early twenties back then, but since I never smoked, I never paid all that much attention to what was on cigarette packs. I do believe that is when the labels first started showing up.


YT description: With all the new Mandela effects showing up I can’t believe I haven’t noticed this one until now. What do you remember… because According to online articles cigarette commercials were banned in 1970 when President Nixon signed a legislation banning them! So why is it that I remember then all through the eighties and early nineties? Like I said what do you remember…

Title: New Mandela Effect! Has The Effect Changed History With Big Tobacco & Other Things!?! (YT link) Uploaded by Just Incredible Things.

Music, Synthwave: It Came From The 80s Mix – Vol. 2 (1 Hour)

This is described as a horror collection, but there is nothing scary about it. The tracks are hard-hitting and high energy, kind of like Miami Vice meets Escape From New York. I’m going to listen to Vol. 1 later, and this is cool, Vol. 3 just came out last week! Sweet!


YT description: And should you find your hunger not satiated… Here is a link to the first one –…

Download Link –…

Title: It Came from the 80’s… Vol.2 – A Retro Darkwave Horror Synth Special (YT link) Uploaded by Confused Bi-Product.


00:00: Isidor -Wave Rider
03:39 – Mega Drive – Crimewave 2
06:40 – Tonebox- Launch Disintegration
11:52 – ALEX – Occult
15:37 – Tonebox- Celestial breakdown
16:48 – Toxxify- Cyborg Chase
19:07 – Nightcrawler – Phantom Planet
23:13 – Daniel Deluxe- Soul Siphon
25:57 – DevilRazor- Futurehell
28:20 – Raydar- Trick R Treat
35:56 – Ace Buchannon- Face Me
39:02 – ABIIISMO – Machine Uprising
42:35 – Arcade Summer – Electrocutioner
46:05 – Phantasm Theme (Nightcrawler Remix)
48:11 – Dance with the Dead- Screams & Whispers
52:50 – Escape the Matter – Elevn
57:08 – The Fog Remix – Elevn
1:00:34 – Dance with The Dead- Riot

Mandela Effect: Mind-Blowing Chevrolet – ChevErolet Change

I spent a lot of time working in parking garages, and as far back as the early 1990s, I was a parking valet. For me, it was always Chevrolet. However, when looking at the Chevy logo, NONE of the logos or scripts look familiar. I’m trying to recall exactly what the logo looked like. I remember the red on black colors, the letters being thicker and slanted to match the logo angle. The straight, skinny letters don’t look right, the logo looks more like a Red Cross now, and even the Corvette script looks funky.

On the YT comments section, most of the people remember ChevErolet with the extra E. I guess I’m in the minority here! Am I in your universe, guys and gals, or are you in mine? Or are we in a third universe altogether?

Yahoo search for Chevy logo.

YT comments:

The logo is wrong now too… there was never a cross straight up and down… it was all slanted thru the whole emblem. – Glowingsme


Title: Mandela Effect – Chevrolet Effect Is Mind Blowing! (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.

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