David Stockman: Trump, Imploding Economy – Predictions For 2017

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With Trump about to take office we wanted to contact again an expert and author of a book on this very subject. David Stockman goes over Trump’s cabinet picks, the state of our current ecnonomy and his fascinating predictions; for instance that the crash will begin in early 2017 right after the new President takes office!

01:00 Trump’s Team contacted David Stockman about Book
03:00 Trump unlike any candidate in mordern times
03:45 Stock Market rally last call to slaughter sheep
05:00 Spring & Summer 2017 will be Incredible Crash
06:30 Trump won’t solve problems but will bring light
07:50 Trump may prevent next Cold War or World War 3
09:00 Trillions of Waste in Wall Street Financials
12:30 Post-Election Honeymoon bubble will pop
14:20 How Trump can fix the US Economy: FED
16:45 Fix Social Security: Cut those who can afford
18:10 Protecting your individual wealth 4 this crisis
20:00 Gold price will soar as confidence collapses
22:30 Trump’s cabinet picks breakdown with David
26:00 Get more from David Stockman, read books:

Title: Trump to Face Imploding Economy in 2017 – David Stockman’s Predictions (YT link) Uploaded by Future Money Trends.

World War III: Obama’s Rats Claim Russia Hacked US Power Grid

It looks like the scumbag is going to push this fake Russian hack idea as far as he can take it. Is anybody going to step up and stop the Mad Kenyan?


After dropping a report that showed No Evidence of their claims, Officials are now also claiming that our power grid was targeted by use of the same tactics. They claim there is a code they discovered and that the Russians planted it there but never used it. Now we all know Russia is not a bunch of Angels, they use subversion tactics on the daily. But what we have now is a story that is connected to a report that offered No Concrete Evidence to begin with. Even a former CIA Agent says there is Absolutely Nothing in the 13 pages that shows proof.

So why would the Obama administration be pulling this as he is headed out the door? That’s the key question. It seems they are now blaming Russia for everything under the sun, and doing so with NO PROOF! SHOW US THE PROOF! THAT’S ALL WE ASK! But we all know where this is going and it is not good!

It looks like they are setting the stage to blame Russia for something way Bigger! This follows a series of Executive Orders Obama has signed, one dealing specifically with and event that would take down the US power grid. Stay tuned for more!


Title: Here We Go! Officials Claim Russia Hacked Vermont Utility, Showing Risk to Power Grid (YT link) Uploaded by Dahboo7.

Teal Swan: What Are Spirit Guides?

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❤ Teal’s eshop: https://gumroad.com/tealswan

In this episode, Teal explains what spirit guides are, why they are here and how to communicate with them. She explains that a spirit guide is an incorporeal being who is gaining personal expansion and benefit from their intention, which is to assist in and learn from another being’s physical life from their specific (more objective) vantage point. It’s a mutual symbiosis. An invitation and Acceptance.

Teal discusses the five basic types of spirit guide:
1. Your Higher Self
2. Light Bodies (what many call angels or ascended masters)
3. Archetypal Guides
4. Ancestral Guides
5. Animal Guides

Title: What are Spirit Guides? – Teal Swan (YT link) Uploaded by Teal Swan.

Teal Swan: What Are Spirit Guides? – (2012) 5 stars

Run time: 17 minutes. Normally, I tend to sit back and absorb whatever metaphysical types like Swan have to say. This time, I felt a huge amount of resonance and synchronicity; enough to feel compelled to write some of this down. I’m too lazy to mark down the minutes, but I will keep my notes in sequence to the lecture.

I think I chose to come into a place of relative poverty. This is something that comes up a lot in my various methods of minor divination.

I must have been a real hell-spawn when I was a boy, because I attracted some of the worst demons you can imagine, all the way up to my mid-twenties. I believe I was cursed either from birth or shortly after birth, most likely by my stepfather’s family. The reason being that I was conceived before my mother met that man, and his family resented me from the start. My abusive stepfather was also a very demonically tormented man. The demons in my young life first started to manifest to me, that I can clearly remember, took place when I was ten years old. After over 40 years, I think I have finally shed those darker entities off and am finally working with neutral and positive types.

I’ve never experienced any beings of pure light.

I believe I am here to learn, to decipher, to philosophize, to pass on what I learn, and to write really cool fantasy stories. I think I am passing on what I see and hear to beings in another dimension, or to my Akashic Records, where these beings are studying the news I bring.

This idea that all that exists in the universe is already knowledge, and that we have to tap into that knowledge, resonates very strongly with me. Everything humans create first begins as a human thought. Under Hologram Universe Theory, there is a quantum server set up, and our minds, which are not reservoirs of knowledge but only keyboards, must type in the right commands in order to access that knowledge. To me, that sounds like a collective of all the Akashic Records that have ever been pooled together, or we are tapping directly into the mind of the Construct, or possibly even Source.

At times, I fell I have an affinity with the spirit of my grandmother, who passed away when I was close to thirty years ago. This is a rare sense, however. Most of the time I feel I have been left alone or abandoned by my spirit guides.

My guides totally set up signs and synchronicity, to the point that I can now recognize inside jokes between them and myself. I agree with the statements that guides set things up for inspiration and meeting others, even in the dream state.

Thought creates energy. This is a very important truth. This is how bad guys amass power over the weaker minded. This is why the masses are kept in fear and subdued to The Powers That Be. This is also how curses work, past all the mumbo jumbo and exotic preparations and rituals.

I guess I am occasionally / seldom a physical intuitive. I used to get a lot of hunches and deja vu of where to go and what to do, and who / what to avoid. This sort of intuition has dropped off a lot for me, to be replaced by the same sort of advice from my dreams, both regular and lucid.

I am greatly lacking in emotion. I am a very reserved person in general.

The description of spiritual intuition matches me best. It feels as if I read a book many years ago, and when certain situations come up in my daily life, my mind refers back to that book and tells me, here is what you should do about it.

I don’t like rituals. When a person cannot focus well, a ritual with several complex steps helps to clear the mind and to narrow down the focus so one can get on with whatever the purpose is. If a person can jump into a blank state of mind quickly, and move on to meditate or dream or whatever psychic pursuit is aimed for, the ritual is unnecessary. This is how remote viewers increase their skills. They go through their rituals, but when they have gotten an RV mastery, they leave the rituals behind and jump right into their tasks. The biggest problem I see is that too much attention on ritual makes the ritual more important than the objective. This causes Mystery Schools to crumble under the burden of what becomes their dogma. Masonry is a good example of this, in that you have to get past 30 levels just to see the end of the playing field. The spiritual aspect should be started up early, as it is in Shaolin Buddhism.

As Swan suggests, I do create a safety space in my apartment, and I set an intention that only good entities / positive energies may enter. I’ve done this in my place for three years now and feel I’m doing pretty good at it. Every so often, a negative entity / demon will try to come in through nightmares or manifestation, but I can always thwart them and drive them away, even in lucid dreams.

I’ve asked my spirit guides to show themselves for ages, but they refuse to. They are as defiant to hide as I am stubborn to see them. Their behavior is contrary to what nearly all spiritual gurus say it should be. My spirit guides distract and divert me, so much that I don’t think they are all that much higher than I am. If I see their true level, I think I will compare that to my level and will quickly size them up and be their equals. Take that as you will, but I’ve tested my guides in many ways and am fairly certain when I say that.

I have been given some names through meditation and automatic writing. They are Amon-Ra, which is nearly the same as my given name of Ramon. This may have been my code name in an ancient Mystery School. I also visualized the name Sturgis or Stoorges, which is apparently some ancient name of mine from before I began to incarnate. The Amon-Ra name resonates highly, while the name Sturgis is a big blank for me. I don’t think either name is false.

Swan describes imagining a black slate. This is how I begin my automatic writing. I do open myself up, objectively and receptively. Initially, I would see one word at a time, with an occasional image or a rare symbol. As I got better at it, I would see a string of words like on a ticker tape, one word after another in a smooth flow. There were times when words would run together and I would miss one or two, or when I saw multiple words with the same meaning. There were also times when I saw an incomplete word and had to add in letters, and I would go back later to make sure it was in context with the rest of the communication. By the tone of the writing or the emotional tone that accompanies the words I see, I can sense the difference between speakers / dictators. I’ve never had to switch hands.

I’ve never been able to do astral projection. I have interacted with real people in lucid dreams, and met those people months later.

We are never alone. However, if we are self-centered or negative, we will attract self-serving entities. At least, that’s the way it works with most people who are not cursed like I was. I have always been a good guy, but I have been tainted so much by negative energies that it has become like a second aura around me. I figure the best thing for me to do is to pay less attention to the negative and more attention to the positive until the bad energies are shaken loose and finally drop away. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t, as I have tried many different tactics, including from multiple religions, in order to get rid of them. It is almost like a drug recovery program, where one is clean as long as that person stays away from drugs or alcohol. For most people, the Dark Side is miles and miles away. For me, and despite that I am a Service To Others good guy, it is right over my shoulder. Through my auto-writing, this has been described to me as a symbiotic relationship, as if I’m growing a second head on my back or something like that.

Anyway, it is what it is. Be happy, do good things and think good thoughts. Your spirit guides should be right there for you when you need them.

Novelty: Proof Of Haunting – Part 3 by Raymond Towers

This time, my laptop is facing north. I am playing Pineal Activation / Meditation music in the background. Here is a different example of the anomalies I see. I call these Dots. They stand still and flash on and off in a fraction of a second.

The first one is blue. It is seen in the bottom center of the screen at the 1:59 mark. Blue Dot was NOT visible to me.

The second one is a white dot at 2:48. I did see this one, but I assumed it was higher up than it really was. It is seen centered and near the middle / top of the screen. White Dot WAS seen, and I did comment on it in the video.

I can’t see anything else on the video except for those two anomalies. For whatever reason, my laptop started rattling about about 3 minutes in. That is unusual as well.

It was past my bedtime, so I am looking a little haggard here. Normally I look like a Hispanic Brad Pitt. Okay, that’s not true. This is how I always look. 😛

Title: Movie on 2016 12 30 at 23 02 (YT link) Uploaded by Raymond Towers.

Novelty: Proof Of Haunting – Part 2 by Raymond Towers

I can barely see this, while sitting in a room with a lot of natural light. I recommend watching this in a darker place.

My laptop is facing west this time. I am still playing Theta Binaural Beats meditation music. The blue orb anomaly is visible three times, once on the left and twice on the right, all within the first minute of the video. There is nothing that I could see for the rest of the video, except for me in my chair, in the dark.

See my last post for Part 1 of this series. Part 3 is coming up next.


Title: Movie on 2016 12 30 at 20 44 (YT link) Uploaded by Raymond Towers.

Novelty: Proof Of Haunting – Part 1 by Raymond Towers

A typical night will have me witnessing a large number of light and shadow anomalies, while I meditate in the dark, in my studio apartment. I believe these entities to be neutral and positive, as I do take simple but effective measures to keep any negative entities out. These measures are esoteric and shamanistic, and they have been implemented after a long period of research and personal trial and error. I have tried to take pictures of these anomalies before, but they move too fast for me to catch them. I have also tried to record them on video, but my room gets so dark that the anomalies can’t be picked up by my laptop’s camera. Don’t expect anything huge. Watch this in full screen, and then take it all in together with the video anomalies from my next two posts.

I’ve got a time and date stamp on the video, and I voiced the same while I was recording. My laptop was facing south in this video. I was playing Theta Binaural Beats music, which I admit does sound a little creepy to listen to, but I didn’t intend it that way. I was listening to the music before this started up and just kept playing the same hour-long program.

The anomaly is a small bluish orb that hovers around in an irregular pattern. You’ll see it a couple of times in the first 30 seconds of this video, and again in the last minute. There is nothing in between except for me sitting there in the dark. This anomaly was NOT visible to my eyes in real time.


Title: Movie on 2016 12 30 at 20 32 (YT link) Uploaded by Raymond Towers.

I have 4 complete e-books on paranormal sightings I have witnessed personally. These are part of my Thorns series. You can choose your own price for any of these e-books, or you can choose not to pay anything at all for them. The purpose of the books is not to make money, but to convey to the reader about my personal and very strange journey through life. I have a 5th book that is a work in progress. Thorns V is available as a free Creative Commons copy and share download.

Here is a link to my Thorns paranormal website.

Here is page on that website showing the layout of my apartment.

Here is the Thorns series page on Smashwords.

Below is the article I wrote this morning to elaborate on what I witnessed. This article is also included in Thorns V.


December 31, 2016, 7:00 am – Interesting happenings last night. For the last couple of weeks my room has been teeming with supernatural activity. That was the case at 8 pm or so, when I got back from my mother’s house, where I had spent the last few hours posting on my blog. Forgive me for my hazy memory, but I saw three anomalies in my studio apartment while I had my lights on. One was a white streak that I saw up slightly higher than my head and about four to five feet away. I also saw two medium-sized black shadows, but I don’t even remember where I saw them at this point. What struck me was that these were appearing while my main and very bright fluorescent lights were still on. This was still fairly early in the night, so I could have gone on to work on something else, mind you. Instead, I shut off the lights and put myself in the dark.

Normally, I won’t see anything at all until my meditation time of 9:30 to 10 pm. However, I have been seeing night anomalies much earlier recently, both in the night and also in the daytime in shadowy rooms. Whatever is happening in the world, both around me and around similar-gifted people that I keep up with online, is becoming more obvious and prevalent. Upon leaving myself in the dark, I very quickly began to see multiple dots, streaks of light and shadows to give me the same High level of activity I have been seeing, as I mentioned, for the last two weeks.

I wondered if I could catch any of these anomalies through the recording camera on my laptop. I turned the camera on and took a seat in my meditation chair and waited for five minutes. I did this a second time, but both times I did not see anything around me. I flipped my coins and asked my spirits if they wanted me to try again, and the answer I received was Yes. I went on to create two more recordings, but I did not see anything. I did not think I was getting anywhere, and so I started reviewing the videos.

This was a casual effort at first. I saw nothing on the first video, but I saw a strange anomaly floating around my head in the second one. The third and fourth videos showed nothing unusual at all. For a good time, I focused on this second video, observing closely how unnatural this light anomaly was around me. It hovered around my head and shoulders, but I had not seen it when I made the recording. The anomaly was the size of a typical orb, the size of a marble roughly and colored in blue. It moved in ways that I’ve observed orbs moving the past. Why hadn’t I seen it right in front of my face while I was recording? This sighting caused me to pay closer attention to the other three videos. The last two samples showed nothing, but I caught the same blue orb around my face in two instances in the first video. I went around to tabulate the potential explainable causes for this anomaly: a reflection from my phone, something in my room and even my face, discounting them all. I had a real aberration recorded twice, I concluded.

Between 8 pm and 1 am, I made eight separate recordings with a range of about five minutes each. I tried recording from different spots in my room, with different lights on and off, and by varying the distance between my laptop and where I was sitting. I studied all of these videos closely, in three different media players that I have installed on my computer: Mac Media Player, Real Player and Quicktime. In the last recording, I saw two dots flash on and off in a fraction of a second, the same as I’ve reported in the past. One dot was blue, while the other was white. That was in the recording. While I’d been sitting there in real time, I did not see Blue Dot at all, but I did point out when I witnessed White Dot pop up in front of me. I mentioned it out loud, although at the time I did not know if the camera was going to pick it up or not. To my eyes, White Dot looked to be up near the ceiling and more to my right side. In the video, White Dot is to my right, but only about six feet off the carpet. Since I was focused on facing straight ahead at where my laptop was placed, I believe my vision assumed White Dot was higher than it really was, as I spotted it with my higher peripheral vision. By the time my eyes started to track it, the dot was already gone.

I was very excited about catching anomalies in three separate videos. That is what caused me to sleep a good three hours past my usual bedtime of 10 pm. I assumed I would be waking up at between six and seven in the morning, but no, I was roused up at just past 5 am. The moment I opened my eyes, I recognized the pixelization / TV snow pattern I’ve reported seeing on nights with Medium to High activity. Within a few seconds of adjusting to the darkness of my room, I started seeing dots popping up all over the place. The small ones were red and white, while a larger one the size of nearly my fist was in purple. After I sat up, I noticed vertical and very rapid white streaks maybe three times in different spots in my room, and the usual black shadows that range in size from hand towels to cats. The high amount of activity prompted me to boot up my laptop. I tried to record the action two times, but after some scrutiny I have not seen anything worth noting on either video. I thought my spirits were avoiding the camera, and I asked them this before I flipped my coins. The answer was that they did try to come through, but they were not able to.

At past six, I went out for a walk around the block. Usually I’m not outdoors that early, and it was raining for the greater part of the day yesterday. The sky looks cloudy and I saw a tremendous number of birds, mostly crows and pigeons, flying from south to north. The high number of birds, in bunches of one to two dozen or so, and in the low hundreds in aggregate, seemed unusual to me, especially since they seemed to be flying in the same general direction. As I said, I’m not usually out that early, so I don’t know if this is the usual pattern for that time of the day. I walked back into my apartment at about 6:50. By then it was light enough that I did not expect to see any further activity, and shortly after I started typing this entry.

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