North Korea: The Harsh Realities Of Being A Woman

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Title: Being A Woman In North Korea | ASIAN BOSS (YT link) Uploaded by Asian Boss.

SHTF: How To Dispose Of Human Waste After A Disaster

YT description: After a disaster hits your area, what would you do with your urine and feces if you live in an urban / suburban environment and simply putting your excrement in a hole in the ground is not an option?

Thanks again to Carlos for the request for this video:

Products mentioned in the video:

* Reliance luggable loo:
* Portable toilet snap on lid for 5 gallon bucket:
* Reliance waste bags:
* Compost toilets:

Article about ChristChurch, NZ, long term compost toilets:

Title: How to dispose of human waste (poop and pee) after a disaster (YT link) Uploaded by City Prepping.

World: Global Cooling Rundown For July 21 Through 30, 2017

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Global Cooling Rundown Week of July 21-30, 2017 | Mini Ice Age & Grand Solar Minimum

(419) Cold Sweeps the Southern Hemisphere Major Crop Damage…
(420) Antarctica Melting from Beneath & Volcanoes Begin Steaming Under Greenland…
(421) Climate Fraud of the Century IPCC Hockey Stick Untrue…
(422) Typhoon Nesat Slams Taiwan & China Braces for Massive Farmland Flooding…
(423) Greenland Breaks July Cold Record 2nd Year in a Row, Volcanic Steam Vents Open Media Downplays…

Title: Global Cooling Rundown Week of July 21-30, 2017 | Mini Ice Age & Grand Solar Minimum (YT link) Uploaded by Adapt 2030.

Music, Rap: Sabino – Los Raros De La Clase

I thought this was pretty cool, despite that I don’t like hipsters in general. Also, check out this video with a much stronger message:

Music, Hip Hop: Bondi Hipsters – Fuck The Banks (And The NWO)


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Title: Sabino Ft LNG SHT – Los Raros de la Clase (Video Oficial) (YT link) Uploaded by Sabino.

World: Volcanoes Re-Awaken – No Plan B In Place For Agriculture

YT description: With the massive eruption at Bogoslov Volcano in the Aleutian chain near Alaska, air travel was restricted and still remains “hazardous”. Something similar happened in 2010 when air travel was restricted over Europe and an Icelandic volcano erupted. Now Steam vents are opening through the Greenland ice sheet and Katla is on yellow elevated warning with over 500 small quakes with a 50-50 chance of an eruption. This uptick in volcanic activity was predicted to go hand in hand with the intensification of the grand solar minimum. Here we go, ramp up from here.

Iceland Could Be About To Experience A Major Volcanic Eruption……)
Active volcanoes in world……
Alaska’s Bogoslof volcano explodes………
Aviation Warning Eruption…
Last Little Ice Age began with a bang……

Title: Earth’s Volcanoes Re-Awaken with NO Plan B for Global Agriculture (432) (YT link) Uploaded by Adapt 2030.

SHTF: City Prepping – Ten Easy Sets To Prevent Home Invasion

YT description: Once you have a home invader enter your home, you have a lot of problems. How do you prevent them from wanting to enter your home to begin with? In this video, we discuss 10 easy steps you can take to reduce the likelihood a home invader will want to target your home. You can also read the full article here:…

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Title: 10 easy steps to prevent home invasions (YT link) Uploaded by City Prepping.

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