History Timeline

Ancient History Timeline

(Updated 02/03/17.)

1521 CE – The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan falls to Hernan Cortez.

1173 CE – July, green children report from East Anglia, England, verified through official sources by Duncan Lunan

1000 CE – Toltec king named Quetzalcoatl born in Tepotzlan, confusing older accounts

292 CE – dating of inscription at Tikal, Mexico

200 – 0 CE – official dating of Giant tombs in Sardina, debatable

200 – 0 CE – dating of elongated skull from Tiwanaku, Bolivia. This is debatable because near the site where this was discovered we have a buried pyramid whose top point is still 10 meters below the surface.

??? BCE – strange statues at La Democracia, Guatemala, some are shown in Buddhist poses, others are wearing spectacles or sunglasses

31 BCE – oldest long count calendar found at Tres Zapotes, Mexico, pre-Mayan

36 to 942 BCE – controversial long count calendar at Chiapa De Corzo, Mexico

500 BCE – mainstream dating for Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico, home of the pre-Maya Zapotecs, FALSE

500 BCE – oldest sample of Zapotec writing, Mexico

500 to 2500 BCE – dating of artifacts in Guatemala City Museum, some of these could be pre-Olmec, artifact shapes include psilocybin mushrooms, Buddha postures and faces with spectacles or shades

650 BCE – oldest sample of Olmec writing, Mexico

800 – 1400 BCE – mainstream dating of Dwarka, India, FALSE

1000 to 4400 BCE – dating of artifacts depicting dinosaurs from Acambaro, Mexico, thermoluminus dating places the artifacts at 2500 BCE

1300 to 1500 BCE – dating of sturdy, sea worthy Minoan boats

1350 to 1367 BCE – reign of Egyptian pharaoh Ahkenaten

1500 BCE – mainstream dating for Aryan invasion and Vedic influence into India, Vedic part FALSE

1500 BCE – mainstream dating for the India Vedas, FALSE

1500 – 1800 BCE – dating of Olmec giant head sculptures in Mexico

1500 – 2000 BCE – Quetzalcoatl and pre-Mayan calendar appear in Olmec culture

1570 BCE – dating of first Hyksos pharaohs expulsion from Egypt, according to Ralph Ellis, note how Quetzalcoatl and the Olmec appear in Yucatan around this time

1600 BCE – dating of wheeled toy in La Venta, Mexico, Olmec origin, shows the use of the wheel in ancient Americas

1842 BCE – dating of Old Testament Joseph on Egyptian hieroglyphics stele

2000 BCE – Hugh Newman’s date for emergence of Olmec culture

2000 – 2500 BCE – Akkadian Empire, Mesopotamia

2000 – 3000 BCE – oldest Mexican pyramid, round in shape, at Cuilcuilco

2500 BCE – dating of Giza boat, Egypt, this was a nearly ocean worthy vessel

2700 BCE – dating of image of Manu sitting in advanced yoga position, Mohenjo Daro, India

2800 BCE – dating of Giant tomb found in Utah, United States, The male was 9 feet tall with red hair. The female was 7.5 feet tall and blonde.

3000 BCE – Rann Of Kutch, Indus Valley, India

3114 BCE – beginning of 13 Baktun calendar, Mexico, Clark’s interpretation differs slightly, putting it at August 11, 3113 (this calendar ended in 12/21/12)

3200 BCE – Gerald Clark traces the Olmec to the Niger River Valley, West Africa

3300 BCE – dating of first known calendar, the Sumerian Star Chart

4000 BCE – Saraswati River, described in Vedas, loses prominence

??? BCE – Vedic verses describe the break-up of glaciers

5000 BCE – true dating of Indian dialects, possibly including Vedas

7000 BCE – dating of city of Catal Huyuk, country unknown

7500 BCE – dating of artifacts found in Bay of Cambay, India

8000 BCE – dating of Tamil Samgan flood myth, India

8000 to 10,000 BCE – potential dating of Giant tombs in Sardinia, based on when underwater tombs would have been on dry land, according to Klaus Dona

9500 BCE – Debatable dating of Nefertiti tomb, Turkey, by Carmen Boulter. This places archetypes of Akhenaton and Nefertiti in Atlantis instead of Egypt.

9500 BCE – date of Great Flood, as described in Tamil Samgan flood myth

9600 BCE – Plato’s destruction of Atlantis

10,000 BCE – dating of Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

10,000 BCE – Graham Hancock’s estimate of when India’s ancient coasts became flooded

10,500 BCE – Duncan Lunan’s estimate of alien contact on Earth

11,500 BCE – Ice Age

400,000 to 420,000 BCE – construction of city of Ur, Sumeria

500,000 BCE – dating of OOPART Coso Mountain Spark Plug

50 to 60 million BCE – dating of fossilized handprint, location unknown

65 million BCE – dating of iron cup found in coal mine, United States

68 million BCE – dating of Giant petrified skull found in coal mine, location unknown

100 million BCE – dating of fossilized footstep, next to dinosaur prints, from Palaxi River, Texas, United States

120 to 140 million BCE – dating of fossilized hand and foot on stone, from Via De Leyva, Colombia

150 to 400 million BCE – dating of OOPART London Iron Hammer

250 million BCE – dating of human footstep with crushed trilobite in it, location unknown

300 million BCE – dating of OOPART West Virginia Brass Bell

300 million BCE – dating of adult, very small human skulls found in Morocco

2.8 billion BCE – dating of OOPART South African Grooved Spheres

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