History Timeline

Ancient History Timeline

(as proposed by Alternative Archeology)

Updated August 6, 2017 with several New Zealand, Easter Island and Hawaii entries.

1798 CE – Napoleon takes over Malta

1530 CE – the Knights of Malta are created

1521 CE – The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan falls to Hernan Cortez.

1500 CE – Australian and Chinese explorers report a devastating meteor strike near New Zealand. The impact causes tremendous fires and tsunamis.

1240 CE – Tahiti people arrive in Hawaii and enslave the local Menehune. This is the mainstream date for when people first arrived in Hawaii, and FALSE.

1194 CE – Malta becomes part of the Norman Empire

1173 CE – July, green children report from East Anglia, England, verified through official documents by Duncan Lunan

1000 CE – Toltec king named Quetzalcoatl born in Tepotzlan, confusing older accounts

870 CE – Malta becomes part of the Muslim Empire

790 CE – Arab Al-Rashid finances three expeditions to the bottom of the world, including Antarctica and New Zealand, the adventures of renowned Captain Abhara are fictionalized in the story of Sinbad and the Seven Voyages

535 CE – Malta becomes part of the Byzantine Empire

300 CE – a group of exiled Celts sails to New Zealand, leaving standing stones and megalithic structures

292 CE – dating of inscription at Tikal, Mexico

200 CE – Redheaded, Peruvian Hotu people arrive in New Zealand.

200 – 0 CE – official dating of Giant tombs in Sardina, debatable

200 – 0 CE – dating of elongated skull from Tiwanaku, Bolivia. This is debatable because near the site where this was discovered we have a buried pyramid whose top point is still 10 meters below the surface.

156 CE to 5100 BCE – dating of Moa bones found near Lake Poukawa, New Zealand. These bones are found between two layers of volcanic ash.

60 CE – Biblical Paul is shipwrecked on Malta

0 CE – People first inhabit Hawaii. (also see 200 BCE)

??? BCE – strange statues at La Democracia, Guatemala, some are shown in Buddhist poses, others are wearing spectacles or sunglasses

31 BCE – oldest long count calendar found at Tres Zapotes, Mexico, pre-Mayan

36 to 942 BCE – controversial long count calendar at Chiapa De Corzo, Mexico

180 BCE – the Greeks sail to New Zealand, leaving coins, also we have Ptolemy’s Map showing Australia and New Zealand

200 BCE – King Nu’u is credited with being the founder of Hawaii. This matches the genealogy of King Nu’u and the DNA of Eastern Polynesian.

218 BCE – Malta falls to Rome during Second Punic War

231 BCE – The ‘god’ Maui discovers New Zealand. Maui claims Chile for the queen of Egypt on Aug. 5. Maui was commissioned to explore foreign lands by Erastothenes, during the reign of Ptolemy the 3rd.

240 BCE – the Mauryans sail to New Zealand, leaving new species of rats

255 BCE – Rome invades Malta during First Punic War

400 BCE – dating of Greek artifacts, architecture on Malta

500 BCE – mainstream dating for Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico, home of the pre-Maya Zapotecs, FALSE

500 BCE – oldest sample of Zapotec writing, Mexico

500 to 2500 BCE – dating of artifacts in Guatemala City Museum, some of these could be pre-Olmec, artifact shapes include psilocybin mushrooms, Buddha postures and faces with spectacles or shades

600 BCE – Malta falls to Carthage

650 BCE – oldest sample of Olmec writing, Mexico

666 BCE – the Phoenicians reach New Zealand and leave artifacts

800 – 1400 BCE – mainstream dating of Dwarka, India, FALSE

800 – 2200 BCE – Phoenicians begin to colonize Malta, date uncertain

1000 to 4400 BCE – dating of artifacts depicting dinosaurs from Acambaro, Mexico, thermoluminus dating places the artifacts at 2500 BCE

1300 to 1500 BCE – dating of sturdy, sea worthy Minoan boats

1350 to 1367 BCE – reign of Egyptian pharaoh Ahkenaten

1500 BCE – mainstream dating for Aryan invasion and Vedic influence into India, Vedic part, FALSE

1500 BCE – mainstream dating for the India Vedas, FALSE

1500 BCE – Aryans migrate out of India, much later ending up in New Zealand. This forced migration by dark-skinned people is recorded in the Mahabharata.

1500 BCE – Redheaded Peruvian Hotu Matua discovers Easter Island.

1500 BCE – DNA links ancient New Zealanders to the European Celts.

1500 – 1800 BCE – dating of Olmec giant head sculptures in Mexico

1500 – 2000 BCE – Quetzalcoatl and Mayan calendar appear in Olmec culture

1570 – 1610 BCE – dating of first Hyksos expulsion from Egypt, according to Ralph Ellis, note how Quetzalcoatl and the Olmec appear in Yucatan around this time

1600 BCE – dating of wheeled toy in La Venta, Mexico, Olmec origin, shows the use of the wheel in ancient Americas

1842 BCE – dating of Old Testament Joseph on Egyptian hieroglyphics stele

2000 BCE – Hugh Newman’s date for emergence of Olmec culture

2000 – 2500 BCE – Akkadian Empire, Mesopotamia

2000 – 3000 BCE – oldest Mexican pyramid, round in shape, at Cuilcuilco

2200 BCE – Dating of European skulls, from Waipoua Forest, New Zealand. This site is restricted from further study until 2063.

2400 – 3600 BCE – Scipi of Melqart created on Malta

2500 BCE – Bronze Age begins

2500 BCE – dating of Giza boat, Egypt, this was a nearly ocean worthy vessel

2500 BCE – temple building period ends in Malta, advanced civilization vanishes

2700 BCE – dating of image of Manu sitting in advanced yoga position, Mohenjo Daro, India

2800 BCE – dating of Giant tomb found in Brewer Cave, Utah, United States, The male was 9 feet tall with red hair. The female was 7.5 feet tall and blonde.

3000 BCE – Rann Of Kutch, Indus Valley, India

3000 BCE – dating of cooking pit found on Rarotonga Island, New Zealand

3000 – 5000 BCE – expansion period for China’s Hemudu people

3114 BCE – beginning of 13 Baktun calendar, Mexico, Clark’s interpretation differs slightly, putting it at August 11, 3113 (this calendar ended on 12/21/12)

3200 BCE – Gerald Clark traces the Olmec to the Niger River Valley, West Africa

3300 BCE – dating of first known calendar, the Sumerian Star Chart

3600 BCE – temple building period begins in Malta

4000 BCE – Saraswati River, described in Vedas, loses prominence

4000 BCE – Black haired, Polynesian people expand across the Pacific, coming from places such as the Americas, Asia and Australia.

4000 BCE – dating of Chinese (Hemudu?) wood carving and other artwork in New Zealand

4000 BCE – The Chinese (Hemudu?) prize the Nephrite stone and make many artifacts from it. Later, similar artifacts are found among the Haida people of Alaska and the Maori of New Zealand.

??? BCE – Vedic verses describe the break-up of glaciers

5000 BCE – true dating of Indian dialects, possibly including Vedas

5000 BCE – mainstream dating of volcanic forts, Anatolia, Turkey

5000 BCE – dating of wooden ship beam found on a New Zealand beach, the ship may have been 400 feet long and come from the Chinese Hemudu people

5000 BCE – possible dating of stone fish ponds, now underwater, built by the Menehune people of Hawaii

5200 BCE – Neolithic people arrive on Malta, likely fishermen and hunters from Sicily

7000 BCE – dating of city of Catal Huyuk, Turkey

7500 BCE – dating of artifacts found in Bay of Cambay, India

8000 BCE – dating of Tamil Samgan flood myth, India

8000 to 10,000 BCE – potential dating of Giant tombs in Sardinia, based on when underwater tombs would have been on dry land, according to Klaus Dona

9500 BCE – Debatable dating of Nefertiti tomb, Turkey, by Carmen Boulter. This places archetypes of Akhenaton and Nefertiti in Atlantis instead of Egypt.

9500 BCE – date of Great Flood, as described in Tamil Samgan flood myth

9600 BCE – Plato’s destruction of Atlantis

10,000 BCE – dating of Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

10,000 BCE – possible dating of Egyptian Sphinx, by Robert Schoch

10,000 BCE – Graham Hancock’s estimate of when India’s ancient coasts became flooded

10,000 BCE – east Asian people begin to repopulate the Americas

10,500 BCE – Duncan Lunan’s estimate of alien contact on Earth

11,000 BCE – a comet may have struck the Alaskan ice shield, rousing up so much dust that witnesses claimed the sky and earth were the same color

11,500 BCE – Ice Age

22,000 BCE – Dating of Aratta civilization, Ukraine, which includes references to Inanna and other Sumerian mythology

23,000 BCE – year of the Big Ice Age

30,000 – 60,000 – Dating of Manuka tree in New Zealand. This tree shows evidence of tool cutting and was buried next to a lava vent.

50,000 – 70,000 BCE – Early Australian Aborigines migrate to New Zealand.

68,000 BCE – Proto-Aborigines migrate out of Australia and expand across Earth.

72,000 BCE – Toba Volcano erupts and causes worldwide calamity.

120,000 BCE – pygmies migrate out of South Africa

400,000 to 420,000 BCE – construction of city of Ur, Sumeria

500,000 BCE – dating of OOPART Coso Mountain Spark Plug

1.75 million BCE – according to the Ramayana, Rama built Rama’s Bridge at this time, connecting the south of India to Sri Lanka

50 to 60 million BCE – dating of fossilized handprint, location unknown

65 million BCE – dating of iron cup found in coal mine, United States

68 million BCE – dating of Giant petrified skull found in coal mine, location unknown

100 million BCE – dating of fossilized footstep, next to dinosaur prints, from Palaxi River, Texas, United States

120 to 140 million BCE – dating of fossilized hand and foot on stone, from Via De Leyva, Colombia

150 to 400 million BCE – dating of OOPART Iron Hammer, London, US

250 million BCE – dating of human footstep with crushed trilobite in it, location unknown

300 million BCE – dating of OOPART West Virginia Brass Bell

300 million BCE – dating of adult, very small human skulls found in Morocco

2.8 billion BCE – dating of OOPART Grooved Spheres, South Africa

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