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Black Knight: Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

This video was referenced in my Black Knight article. You can find the article in the My Articles page.


YT description: What is the Black Knight satellite? Why do some people think it’s a UFO? Tune in to learn more about the story of the Black Knight satellite in this episode.

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Title: The Black Knight Satellite (YT link) Uploaded by Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – How Stuff Works.

Video: The Black Knight Satellite by How Stuff Works (2013) – 2 stars

This is a four minute video. As such, it doesn’t get into much detail. A couple of quick arguments for and against the Black Knight Satellite are given, without much depth to any of them. Then, for whatever reason, the topic changes to a new spy plane called the X-37b. Well, we have some sinister industrial sounds playing in the background, and the narrator gives a couple of veiled threats about the stuff ‘the government doesn’t want you to know.’ Wow, I’m not impressed.