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David Icke: Interview On Brexit, UK Election, Lord Trump And More

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Title: David Icke Videocast – Talks Brexit, Election, Donald Trump & More. (YT link) Uploaded by David Icke.

Dr. Lupo Round Table: 06/08/17 – Sidney’s Mandela Effects, More!

The discussion starts off so-so, but it gets better as it goes along. A lot of Truther / spiritual concepts are discussed. Great listen!


YT description: Join me as I talk with Sydney Silver from World Church about her personal experience with a place that disappeared and reappeared. Her and two other people witnessed on of their favorite places disappear and then come back a few days later. A panel of your favorites will be on for the 2nd half of the show to dive in deeper to the topic.

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Jerry –…

Vegan Warrior –…

UniRock –…

Burma –…

Karen Swain –…

Dana Jensen –

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Title: LIVE: Sydney Silver- Places That Disappear & Reappear (YT link) Uploaded by Dr Tarrin P Lupo.

Dr. Lupo Round Table: 06/06/17 – Psychic Readings With Dana

Great show. Dana envisioned a lot of stuff that could not be verified or that sounded incorrect, but she had some very strong hits as well. Some of the guests were part of the miscommunication, as they could not make links to people in their immediate social / family circle. I mean, how can it take a person 10 minutes to figure out Dana is talking about their roommate? How self-centered have ‘awakened’ adults become nowadays, when Dana gives them a full physical description?


YT description: Join us as psychic Dana does live reads of the viewers. Check her out at Dana Jensen –

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Title: LIVE: Psychic Readings With Dana (YT link) Uploaded by Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo.

Documentary: Nude Yoga – Beginner To Intermediate Stretching

This video is in the age restricted, dark side of Youtube.

Note to those who perve: The early stretches and exercises are for beginners. Do what I did; find yourself an empty space on the floor and do the stretches. What do you have to lose for the next hour? If you can do the stretches, fine. If you can’t, just enjoy the scenery! Some of the balance positions are hard to maintain, and I can’t put a whole lot of weight on my wrists at the moment, but I followed along as best I could. This was a lot tougher than my 20 minutes of simple stretching that I do before I start lifting sandwiches, I mean weights. No, seriously, I lift weights. 😉

For advanced stretching that I cannot do at all, EVER, see this post:

Documentary: Nude Yoga – Stretching And Posing With Shannon


YT description: A flowing tantric vinyasa yoga practice combining an introduction to kundalini and the essentials of vinyasa hatha yoga, this Beginner DVD will remind you of your joyful, unfettered spirit, as you move from grounding kundalini exercises to sun salutations, warrior poses, standing balances, backbends and twists. Your Body is a Temple, Come Inside and Pay Homage … Surrender to your natural, authentic being. Return to innocence, a sanctuary for your spirit where you can cultivate strength, grace, intimacy and reverence for your own sacred self. Format DVD; Running Time 45 Minutes. ** PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS TASTEFUL / ARTISTIC NUDITY IN THIS PRODUCT – IT IS EDUCATIONAL IN NATURE ONLY (NO SEX, NO DIRECT / BLATANT ANATOMICAL SCREENSHOTS) **

Title: Yoga Undressed Beginner (YT link) Uploaded by Kovacs Robert.

Transpicuous Views: 06/11/2017 – Manifesting Magic And More

YT description: Not a week goes by that shit doesn’t get more and more interesting. This Saturday was officially rabbit hole day for me, with hours and hours spent digging info multiple WTFs that had all dropped into my lap within an hour of each other. The world is a Magical Place …. apparently!

To continue reading and for all the links and screen shots and PDFs from this episode of Transpicuous Views, please go to RTS Earth HERE:…

Title: Transpicuous Views June 11 Manifesting Magic (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.

Science, Spirit: Main Reasons For Dangerous Chemtrail Programs

Everything this young man says I have either verified through numerous sources, or am coming to the same conclusions over.


YT description: My thoughts on the main reasons for geoengineering programs

Internal Purification from Vaccines, Chemtrails, GMO’s, etc.. –

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Title: Main Reasons For Geoengineering (aka Chemtrail) Programs (YT link) Uploaded by Destroying The Illusion.

Transpicuous Views: 06/05/2017 – Currencies, Hydrogen, Water

Very good discussion this week. You will learn some stuff here! The big one is a Mandela Effect change in the composition of hydrogen which pretty much affects everything!


YT description: …and the days just keep getting weirder!! In this episode of Transpicuous Views I discuss the latest on crypto/electronic currencies, and the fact that ALL GOVERNMENTS are about to release their own electronic currencies, and I show a video from SONM that will blow your socks off (think: DWave at TED talks!!). I also dug into what could be the BIGGEST mandela Effect of them all: Has the atomic structure of Hydrogen changed?!?

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Title: Transpicuous Views: Cryptocurrencies, Hydrogen, and the Current of Water (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.