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Michael Tellinger: Sound Resonance And The Nature Of Reality

This is a must watch!


YT description: How can sound travel faster than the speed of light? How can our thoughts and words manifest reality? What do we really know about science, physics, our Earth and the universe around us? Can we truly be the creators of our own beautiful future? Why don’t they teach us this basic stuff at school?

Michael Tellinger’s full presentation recorded in Sedona, Arizona, USA in May 2017 takes you on a rollercoaster journey of rediscovery of lost knowledge, only to realize that everything we have been taught is a lie. Michael shares new information on the origins of humankind, the vanished civilisations of southern Africa, ancient advanced technology, stone circles and other megalithic sites, and a deeper exploration of sound, resonance, frequency, magnetism and toroidal fields – the manifestation of matter from the vacuum or the morpho-genetic field and the strange anomalies we discover on this journey. Be prepared to keep an open mind and break down the walls of our personal dogmas. Share it as widely as you can.

Title: Michael Tellinger – 2017 Sound Resonance Magnetics & Reality (YT link) Uploaded by Michael Tellinger.

Michael Tellinger: The Nature Of Our Reality – (2017) 5 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 49 minutes. Notes:

11:00 – Tellinger states that most megalithic and ancient structures are found in the Northern Hemisphere or clustered around the equator.

25:35 – Dravidian gold miners from India were present in South Africa, circa 1000 BCE.

35:20 – This is worth noting, because I’ve done research on many of these ancient cultures. The South African had links to the following civilizations: Sumerian, Egyptian, Roman, Phoenician, Malta, Hindus (Dravidian), Dogon and pre-Inca people.

36:20 – A sinkhole opened up in Carletonville, South Africa. Under the ground, a large, paved tunnel was discovered. The claim is that a statue of possibly the pre-Inca deity Viracocha was found in the tunnel.

38:00 – In ancient Egypt, Birds mounted on pedestals were thought to guard the gold mines. Similar birds were found in Zimbabwe.

1:09:55 – The Hindu creation story shows how it is possible for the inventors of the Bible to have created the idea that god created the world through speech or sound. There is plenty of evidence that the Bible’s fables came from early Babylon and India.

1:12:20 – Regarding the Cymatics experiments; is this why The Powers That Be are in such a hurry to implement 5G wireless technologies into their GWEN towers and other smart phone networks?

1:14:09 – The Hans Jenny experiments remind me of Electric Universe Theory, where plasma discharges also form planetary topographical features.

2:36:00 – The Earth is at the center of the universe, from our perspective and according to mainstream MIT scientist Max Tegmark. That sounds great from a metaphysical view, but I see as being too subjective for science.

2:39:45 – Sumerian tables show a Bill of Exchance from 2046 BCE.

Here is a list of the various topics presented that I hope to study in the future:

Hans Jenny – Cymatics experiments

Eric Larson – Cymascope

Ken Holland

David Deak – Acoustic Levitation

Sonoluminescence – star in a jar

Sonics extinguishing fire

Sonics creating volcanoes

Luc Montagnier – creating DNA through water

Ed Leedskalnin – using cone tools to move granite at Coral Castle

Eric Rankin – sonics in geometry

Paramagnetism / Diamagnetism

Quantum locking

Viktor Grebennikov – flying platform made from insect wings

Paul Greyvensteyn – Energy grid around Earth

Borobudur, Indonesia pyramid

Michelson – Morley Experiment, 1887 – Existence of aether

Max Tegmark – The Principle documentary

Transpicuous Views: 08/07/17 – Ancient Stones, AI, Final Script

Great points brought up, including some by guest speaker Earl. This conversation goes all over the place, from megalithic structures to AI taking over the construct to the creation of new languages.


YT description: Journeying deeper down the rabbit hole, yet again, and asking really wild “What if” questions about this reality we are in.  Are some of the massive stone monuments actually part of the original construct?  Are some of the famous stone monuments nothing more that distractions to keep us from looking for the real ones? …

continue reading on RTS Earth here:…

Title: TV ancient stones and script final (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.

Deconstructing The Construct: 08/08/17 – Chaos Energy Hits

YT description: The Chaos energy hit this last week which coincided with the timeline/consciousness split….All masks/glamours are coming off and choices becoming transparent.

A little info on the roll out of technology, corresponding world events and it’s possible connection to the collective consciousness.

We are in a practice space to remember who we are, just how connected we are and the feedback system is almost instant.

Title: Deconstructing The Construct Ep 15 – 8 Aug 2017 (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

Carl Jung: Overview On Identity, Collective Unconscious, Racial Soul

So Jung disagrees with godless Freud, and all the Jewbags start squealing Anti-Semite, Anti-Semite! Typical dumb Jews. Since they have no spirituality to them other than ritual and obedience, they side with an atheist.


YT description: Jung’s vision of European Super Culture.

Originally published by Oscar Turner (Omniphi Media)

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Title: Carl Jung on Identity, Collective Unconscious, and Racial Soul (YT link) Uploaded by Vertigo Politix.

Jeff Daugherty: The Vatican, L Ron Hubbard And Past Lives

The actual title of this video includes the phrase ‘Jesus never crucified.’ This has all the brainwashed Christians up in arms on the YT comments. Guess what, dumb shits? 1st Century Christian sarcophagi don’t show the Crucifixion, the Transmigration or the Last Supper. Want to know why not? Because Jesus was not declared to be the Messiah until the 4th Century, under Emperor Constantine. All that mysticism came three hundred years later. Whether you like it or not, the original Christ was a Gnostic folk hero, and not the Son / Sun of God. Just ask the Jews who their Messiah is. They’re still waiting for him to show up!


YT description: Ex-Minister Exposes Vaticans Dirty Little Secrets – Jeffrey Daugherty…


Title: Ex-Minister Exposes Vaticans Dirty Little Secrets – Jesus Never Crucified (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.

Jeff Daugherty: The Vatican. L Ron Hubbard And Past Lives – (2017) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 35 minutes. I don’t agree with everything said here, and some of the material is beyond my personal research. Also, Rex Bear tends to try to take over his interviews while pushing his personal ideas. This ruins the idea of even having a guest, and along with Bear’s eccentricities, is why I don’t listen to his podcasts as much as I used to. My notes:

1:50 – The grotesque Vatican image of ‘Jesus’ is quite unappealing to look at. Bear mentions that it looks as if it has a snake’s head. You see the human head in proportion to the body, and the hair disfigured to give an animalistic impression. The Vatican hall this artwork is sitting in is also shaped like a snake’s head, by the way. Going along with this theme, we can corroborate the idea of David Icke’s Reptilians, who are alien beings in human bodies, and also with the god Dagon / Oannes, who came to Babylon and Canaan to enlighten the primitive masses. Dagon was depicted as a man with fish-like attributes, including the head of a fish. In the Bible, you have Satan called a snake and a dragon. The idea of reptilian scales is present in all of these references. Could this be an image of the gods the elite bankers, occultists and the higher echelons of the Vatican worship, namely the Light Bringer, Lucifer?

5:00 – I don’t trust Courtney Brown and his Farsight Institute. Some of the remote viewers sound like genuine, honest people, but as far as I’m concerned, the only hits they have are minor and could have been normal guesses.

8:50 – An image is shown of the inside of the hall. Again, this looks reptlilian.

20:00 – There is documentation showing the US government and higher universities were advertising for bacteriologists, with the intent of creating a virus that could weaken the immune systems in animals. I believe the ads were from the late 1960s or early 1970s.

1:17:40 – Daugherty mentions Hubbard’s impressions of a young Earth. He describes Earth being a penal colony for galactic incorrigibles, similar to how Australia started out. The wardens used nuclear weapons to set off volcanoes around these bad aliens, killing them but leaving the souls behind. The Luciferian entities controlling our governments behind the scenes, in this scenario, are remnants of these aliens.

Max Igan: The Nature Of Reality And The 5G Beast System

YT description: Max Igan from returns to SGT Report to discuss the nature of reality and the rollout of the 5g Beast system. The goal of the 5g rollout is to create the internet of things, a nightmarish total control grid where just about everything you can imagine will be chipped and tracked, including you.

Max says, “The internet of things and the smart grid is blanket control of everything, monitoring of everybody, and underneath that is also the very real possibility of the weaponization of the airwaves because 5g technology is what they use for microwave cannons and active denial systems.”

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Title: The Nature of Reality & The 5G Beast System — Max Igan (YT link) Uploaded by SGT Report.