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Before The Moon 09 – Conclusion, Account List By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 9

Last Review, Conclusion And List Of Historical Accounts

By Raymond Towers

This will be the last article in this series. I’ve scanned through the remaining 128 pages of material from Biblioteca Pleiades, and found more repetition of topics already covered, spiritual leanings from various cultures, and other subjects. While some of this material might be helpful to study, it veers too far away from my original purpose of trying to discern who brought the Moon into our solar system, or if nobody brought it, then how it came to be, and ultimately, what the purpose of the Moon is. I’ll have a sort of open-ended conclusion at the end of this article, and a list of the various ancient cultures that stated they were around before the Moon existed.

(Source: Food For The Moon) Boris Mouravieff, in his book Gnosis, outlined a more complete and accurate version of the Fourth Way. We must create a screen, Mouravieff explains, that will help prevent the Moon’s influence from reaching us and affecting us. Negative energies, uncontrolled fantasies, gossip and chatter must all be avoided. These sorts of energies must be focused and augmented inside our selves. It’s not enough for the world to simply be at peace, as the negative energies are still prevalent and will lead to future calamity, suffering and war.

The Moon’s energy is passive, the author continues, and while it does reflect the more dynamic energy of our Sol, it also taints this energy before it sends it flowing out in our direction. Also, it is suggested that the phases of the Moon are astrologically significant. Perhaps the architect of this matrix, God, set the Moon into its perfect orbit, or perhaps it was a collective of souls, but either way it would allow us to experience what we see as our reality.

On a side note, the people of Cassiopeia were once asked if the Moon was placed into orbit deliberately. Their response was that the answer would be infinitely complex, because everything was part of a plan. I’m including this tidbit in the hopes of tracking down more information on this reference later.

In his autobiography titled The Zelator, Mark Hedsel recounts his experiences in the mystery schools. Hedsel describes the ritual of the Three Day Pig. In it, and during the time of Halade Mistai, Greek initiates would carry young pigs out to the sea, where they would wash them and sacrifice them. The blood and bodies of the pigs were dedicated to the gods, and the pigs were buried deep in the Earth. Hedsel’s teacher explained that although the ritual was known as the Three Day Pig, it was more accurately the two and half day pig. Two and a half days is also a lunar period where the Moon traverses one full sign of the Zodiac.

Further, the teacher explained that the pig represented humanity in a couple of ways. One, humans are subject to the movements of the Moon, and two, the pigs symbolize the darker negative energies of mankind that refuse to become Enlightened. Men and women are sleeping under the influence of the Moon. The sacrifice is compared to a sacrificial burnt offering, where the carbonized material goes down, while the flames go up.

In the same way, the ritual of the Three Day Pig is a separation of body and soul. The pig, or the lower nature of man, must be buried or given over to the infernal hordes. The initiated spirit of man will continue to rise and seek perfection. The lower nature of man is thus symbolically rejected. There’s more. By rejecting the lower nature, we are giving back to the Moon what belongs to the Moon. The three days can also be seen as Purgatory, a time when a person’s sins are released as blood or sweat, and devoured by demons, in order for the soul to become purified. This cleansing is important, the teacher explained, because without it the world would have long ago become poisoned.

According to these teachings, the Moon represents purgatory. The Moon’s craters and other features are said to be skull-like, a reminder that sin leads to spiritual death. Even the horns depicted on the heads of demons are said to have originated from the cusps of the Moon. A vague link is given between demonic assault and the Moon, and that demons enjoy working in the dark.

In ancient Egypt, initiates used the darkness not to contact demons, but higher beings. They did this through the use of the precise airshafts of the Great Pyramid, which focused the influence of certain stars into the pyramid and among the initiates. Stone circles were also built to take advantage of the darkness, Hedsel writes, and especially during times of lunar eclipses when the Moon’s influence is thought to be at its weakest point.

Next, we have the idea of a Black Moon and a Light Moon. During a lunar eclipse, the negative energies that have been accumulating on Earth are sucked away as if through a cosmic safety valve. The Light Moon is a Moon warmed by the spiritual energies of the Sun, but modern man has long since lost the ability to perceive what is referred to as cosmic reality.

Esoteric literature, Hedsel’s teacher explains, describes the Moon having once been part of the Earth. The Moon had to leave the Earth, because otherwise the spiritual growth of mankind would be impeded. The separation of Earth and Moon had profound impacts on humankind and this is still seen in modern archetypes, although for the most part modern man can no longer perceive the deeper meaning of this. The material that forms the Moon is referred to as being dross, or junk metal.

We are told that humans cannot see or even begin to comprehend what lies in outer space, because we have very limited vision. This is corroborated when scientists state that the entire range of human vision might be as low as 0.01% of the total spectrum of light, or energy.

The Moon had to separate from Earth, Hedsel’s teacher informed his students, because all of those heavier metals would have weighed down on the soul of man. Even now, and at a distance of half a million miles, the Moon affects us in many ways with its metallic nature.

Okay, if I haven’t lost you yet, here are a few more fascinating twists. Hedsel’s teacher warms his students not to dabble in spiritism, such as consulting mediums or attending séances, because only negative beings are attracted to such people and places. The realm of the dead cannot be reached, and it is contrary to cosmic law to try to reach this place. It is reiterated that this is a very important point.

In addition, behind the Moon is another small planet, called the Eighth Sphere. This is not a physical world, but it exists in another dimension. The beings that inhabit this place are negative, and seek to suck the negative energies of humans, and human souls, into their other-dimensional world to keep them imprisoned there forever. According to Hedsel’s teacher, this is one of the most hidden secrets of the Mystery Schools. The beings from this other world are what we would know as demons, who thrive on evil and corruption. The Moon is described as a reflection of the Eighth Sphere, and the Eighth Sphere is something real, but not physical.

The Eighth Sphere encompasses the non-physical areas of the Matrix Control System, or Hologram Universe, and the hierarchy of Service To Self, not including the physical reality in which humans exist.

Included in the Eighth Sphere:

  1. The lower astral planes where carnal and demonic thought-forms dwell.
  2. The hyper-dimensional realms inhabited by reptilians.
  3. The parasitic, etheric lattice that overlays the Earth and comprises the Matrix.
  4. A 2nd density soul-pool whose organic portals are incarnate extensions. (?)
  5. The demiurgic black hole, which is a creature positioned atop the Service To Self hierarchy, and sucking into itself all the energy gathered from the lower tiers.

For reference, the following authors and works are recommended: Rudolf Steiner, Carlos Castaneda, Robert Monroe, Dr. William Baldwin, the Cassiopaean Transcripts, and the author’s articles on the Matrix.

Now, how does the Moon work with the Matrix? The gravity between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun interacts. These magnetic forces form a cyclical variation between the physical and non-physical dimensions. Just before and just after a new moon, the veil between dimensions is at its thinnest. This is when hostile beings are able to penetrate our reality.

However, attacks from hyper-dimensional beings notwithstanding, there are positive aspects to be found during the arrival of full moons. The full Moon is a good time for spiritual growth, to begin new projects, and to make things happen by gaining a good mental grip on them.

Thanks to this thinning between dimensions, occult practices such as remote viewing, invocation, psychic warfare and scrying have more success. Such practices aid demons in hurting and attacking people, but they also allow those practices to be more accurate.

Described are the negative aspects of new moons and full moons. New moons lead to oversensitivity, dissatisfaction and depression. Full moons cause overreaction, violence and lunacy. The Moon controls imagination, and both new and full moons provoke false suspicions, misunderstandings and unfounded worries. The difference is that during the new moon these negative energies are expressed internally, while in the full moon they are external.

This article goes on to emphasize Moon cycles and psychic attacks, but since this is taking me too far away from the idea of the origin and purpose of the Moon, I’ll close up the series here.


We know next to nothing regarding the true nature of the Moon. Much of what we do know has been tainted by the expectations and outright deceptions of the people we’ve entrusted to tell us the truth. We cannot trust NASA; that much is certain, for they have a broad history of lying and of hiding evidence from the general public. Also, they use occult numerology in their dates, such as discovering recent comets on, what a coincidence, the significant Masonic date numbers of 9/11. The history of NASA is replete with figures who were prominent in occult or the Nazi regime and / or in secret societies, and it is from people like these that we are getting the official story.

As for the unofficial story, we have an abundance of evidence that the Moon is not a natural object. It did not form locally unless whatever process was used in forming it gave it properties that make it appear older than the Earth. To my way of reasoning, I think it very plausible that the Moon was created elsewhere and towed into its current station. Also, its orbit is, in my opinion, too perfect, and so there must be some corrective mechanism or computer keeping the Moon in its perpetual balance. Otherwise it would have shot away from Earth or come crashing down on us a long time ago.

The way the truth is being kept away from the public makes me wonder if this is part of the control system our world governments use to dominate the masses. In general, and sadly enough, people will always look to a higher authority in which to invest their beliefs in. They will look to academia, to government or to religion for their answers. All of these institutions are fallible, and all have shown great examples of corruption in what they present to the public as being true, both historically and in modern times. What happens when the truth is hidden away, or corrupted by those who choose to hoard it for their own selfish gain and profit?

We must go out and seek the truth for ourselves or else we will never discover it. We cannot trust our current leadership to do this for us, and so we must abandon our leaders and their selfish, archaic ways of thinking, and their many manipulations that they have forced down upon us. Not everyone is capable of doing this, however, for most people enjoy being consumers or cattle, and willingly oblige their rulers by following whatever new rule or obligation is imposed on them.

There are some of us, on the other hand, who believe in unearthing the truth, and in revealing it to others who choose not to be slaves like the majority of humanity is today. The Moon is an artificial space station, and it beams all manner of energies down upon our planet that affect us in many ways, and that control our evolution in many ways. Instead of accepting the official lie and swallowing it up hook, line and sinker like some gullible guppy, what say we put our collective heads together and figure this out once and for all?

The New World Order is in a scramble right now, today, in trying to keep all their dominos standing. Those dominos are on shaky ground. If those that believe in truth keep pushing against them, it is only a matter of time before they begin to fall. When they do fall, the entire system of control and the bevy of deceptions and lies will be exposed. Only then can the mass of humanity shake itself away from its masters, and consider itself to truly be free.

List Of Historical Accounts

Here is a brief list of historical observations and mythologies, regarding the time before the Moon was visible in our sky:

Africa – The Zulu believe the Moon is like an egg with the yolk taken out of it. Also, their mythology includes the Moon being controlled by two reptilian entities that David Icke compares with the account of Enki and Enlil from Sumeria.

Babylon – In the Babylonian / Chaldean version of the Genesis myth, the Moon’s birth is described as the god Anu opening up the original watery abyss and creating a whirling motion like boiling. The Moon passed through this opening like a giant bubble and made its way across the heavens.

Bolivia – Dr. P. Allen has interpreted ancient symbols found in Tiahuanaco as stating that the Moon came into orbit around the Earth between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago.

Colombia – The natives of Bogota reminisce about a time when the Moon was ‘not yet in the sky.’

Finland – The Kalevala recalls a time when the Moon was placed in orbit.

Greece – Several Greek historians refer to accounts from the Arcadians that originally inhabited Greece. These peoples speak of the Pelasgians or Proselenes, another ancient peoples, as being around before the Moon was visible in the sky. Pelasgus was said to be the first Man, who sprung out from something natural, such as a tree or rock.

Japan – The Nihongi Chronicles recount how Heaven and Earth together produced the Moon.

Sumeria – The work of Z. Sitchin presents a great battle on the planet Tiamat. The planet was violently divided in two, with one half completely destroyed and the other half becoming our modern Earth. Kingu, a moon of Tiamat, went on to become our Luna.

Tibet – Ancient texts point to the lost continent of Gondwana as existing before the Moon.

That’s nine accounts from different cultures and civilizations, from all over the world. Modern academia will say that all of these accounts are fantasy and should be ignored or forgotten about. It is up to you to decided what is truth and what is fantasy, but I will say that academia is suppressing whatever paradigm-shattering archeological findings are being made today, just like the Church of Rome suppressed science and learning in the Middle Ages. Take a stand today and be your own person, or get swept away by the tidal wave of the masses and never know the truth. Make your choice.

Before The Moon 08 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 8

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

(Source: Who Parked Our Moon?) In this next article, some of the points covered previously are skimmed over. The Moon is older than the Earth, heavier rocks are found on the surface, etc.

There is a mention that no water molecules have been found anywhere on the Moon, but interestingly enough, astronauts from Apollo 16 found some rocks that contained bits of rusted iron. Here comes that narrow-minded, isolationist point of view again: There must be natural water on the Moon, because that’s the only way the iron bits could have rusted! This is the great limitation of humanity, in my opinion, and it all goes back to Rome and the inception of the Catholic Church. This is why the Roman Christians burned down the library of Alexandria and murdered librarians like Hypatia, why the Dark Ages were so dark, why free thinkers were often chastised and at times murdered by the Holy Church Of God, and its effects are still seen today in the simple minds of the Sheeple who believe in Scientism.

The common sense answer is that maybe, just possibly, those rusty bits could have come from somewhere other than the waterless Moon, but no, these idiots in modern academia are bending over backwards every which way to propagate the narrow-mindedness and keep people stupid as to the history of their own planet and solar system. Darwin’s dogma and science are just as incapable of explaining the ins and outs of the universe as the Bible and Creationism are, and that’s all there is to it. Let’s move on, before I really go on a rant here…

In March of 1971, instruments left by astronauts reported a ‘wind of water.’ What the fuck is a wind of water? Seriously, they couldn’t say mist or vapor, or maybe even steam? Any sort of water at all is supposed to vaporize in the airless atmosphere on Earth, or so they say. That means water can’t exist on the Moon. But doesn’t this contradict the earlier statement that there must be water on the Moon to cause rust in iron bits? I’m assuming the iron bits were on or close to the surface here, so how in the hell would they have gotten wet in the first place, if the water vaporizes right away?

These ‘eruptions’ of water vapor were said to last 14 hours and covered an area of some 100 miles. The NAS-holes had to cover their butts, right, so they claimed that there was a Moonquake that released all this water-wind into the atmosphere. Well, I don’t see any information regarding seismic activity during this time. You would think that would be important to substantiate their theory by saying, hey, we had a tremor right about that same time, and just like the water-wind, it spread out for like 100 square miles, too. (Repeat: 100 SQUARE MILES. This becomes very relevant in a couple of paragraphs.) Apparently, that quake didn’t happen. Speculation: exhaust, escape valve, water main break deep in the Moon that spilled out. In other words, this was an artificial event!

That wasn’t enough bullshit, though. They couldn’t let the lie fade away, but had to make up something even more ridiculous to insult common sense and intelligence. Here’s the ten pounds of bullshit in a five pound bag again:

NAS-hole to public: Well, you see, here’s what really happened. We had these two water tanks, right, from Apollo 12 and 14. They each had between 60 and 100 pounds of water in them. What happened was that both tanks ruptured at the same exact time, and that explains everything.

Problem: The water tanks were 180 kilometers apart. The atmospheric instruments were facing in opposite directions, and recorded the water-wind at an equal strength at both ends. So, we are supposed to believe that a maximum of 200 pounds of water created a cloud of vapor that lasted 14 hours, and spread out evenly over a distance of 100 square miles, in an atmosphere that supposedly vaporizes water instantly. When is the last time you had a gallon of water in your house spontaneously burst? Not very often, huh? How about two gallons of water bursting at the same time? That ever happen to you? What about two gallons of water bursting at the same time, and spreading out like water-wind all over your neighborhood for 14 hours? Sounds legit, right? Thanks for clearing that up, NASA!

Let’s talk about the lunar marias. These were once molten rock and they are now solid rock. However, rock specimens that have been collected do not contain any evidence of volcanic eruptions on the Moon. I guess I could speculate here, even though I have no real way to connect this to anything. When have you ever seen molten material in a place without a volcano? Well, you might see metal in liquid form in a blacksmith shop. Later the metal is molded, cooled down, and shaped into something. Could the same process have been used on a scale large enough to produce a spaceship as large as the Moon?

Speculation: In the previous article from The Ringmakers Of Saturn, author Bergrun speculated that there are a ton of spaceships around Saturn and other celestial bodies. The size of some of these spaceships has been theorized as being 400 to 600 kilometers long. That’s about 250 to 370 miles! The theory is that the ships use electromagnetic plasma to cause massive changes on a planet or moon’s surface. Plasma can get pretty hot, as stars like our Sol are made out of that stuff, allegedly.

Ever heard of arc welding? That’s where hot electricity produces plasma that welds pieces of metal together. Is it possible to heat rocks to the point where they turn molten, as a way to create a sort of plaster that becomes the outer wall of a gigantic spaceship? Let’s pretend that the Moon is like the Death Star from the Star Wars movies. It would be impractical to use that much metal or metal alloy on such a big spaceship. You could deplete entire planets of metal that way! What if, on the other hand, you can crush all these asteroids together, and then heat them until they become soft and pliant, and then shape them while they’re cooling like you would at a forge. What a coincidence! Luna, the Phobos moon on Mars and Comet P67, which I believe are all artificial, have a rocky but anomalous texture on their surfaces! Maybe that’s the practical way of building a giant spaceship; by creating an outer wall around it made of molten rock, and by not using vast amounts of metal.

Another coincidence: 80% of the Moon’s marias are facing the Earth. However, most of the craters and mountains on the Moon are on the dark side that we never get to see. Remember how in previous articles, the idea of frequencies being aimed at the Earth was brought up? Remember how the marias have a lot of electromagnetic anomalies around them? What if these areas of molten rock serve as the tuning forks for those frequencies? It would make sense, wouldn’t it, to always aim your transmitters in the direction you’re going to broadcast. That means that 50% of the Earth might have frequencies beamed at it all the time. The marias are the radar dishes, and the disk-shaped mascons, which are located dead center inside the marias like giant bullseyes, are the actual transmitters.

We have another mention of Russian astronomer Kozyrev, and the gaseous burst he observed in Alphonsus Crater. He said these were fluorescent gases. Okay. Then, he saw a reddish glow that he said were carbon compounds. The problem here is he also saw that reddish glow moving unnaturally around until it later disappeared. That was 1958. In 1963, astronomers saw reddish glows around the crests of ridges of Aristarchus Region.

The author of the article thinks that, first off, the Moon is artificial, and whenever the Moon gets too close to the Earth, it ‘creaks’ thanks to the Earth’s gravity. Just like when you open a creaky door, which would not have creaked unless you got near enough to pester it.

The next part goes on to say that data suggests the Moon is hollow. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s comment was that the Moon couldn’t be hollow, but instead had giant caverns in it that made it seem that way. Yeah, wank this, buddy. That one bland statement really covers every single anomaly that all these other people are observing and writing about for hundreds of years. A Dr. Farouk El Baz stated that experiments were conducted on the Moon to see if giant caverns were actually found. What were the results of these experiments? Well, they were never released to the public. Why do you think that is? Yeah, okay, Dr. Baz, when Mitchell is finished wanking me off, you can take over for him.

We’ve got some other stuff that was covered before. There are dense materials found on the Moon’s surface, like titanium that Earth people use to make planes and spaceships. We’ve got people who watched the astronauts drilling on the Moon, and come up with what looked like processed metals. We’ve got brass, mica and amphibole, and other substances that shouldn’t be on the Moon. We’ve got rusty iron particles, and iron particles that don’t rust at all. We’ve got the theory that the Moon came out of the Pacific Ocean, which I think is false, and the theory that the Moon was created from the leftovers of when the Earth was formed, which is also false, because the Earth would have long ago sucked it in through its gravity and absorbed it.

Then we’ve got some theories that are just plain dumb. 1. A planet crashed into the Earth and its debris formed the Moon. I don’t think so. 2. Even more hilarious, and which I covered before, the Moon was on its way to a cosmic party, and the Earth reached out to nab it and kept it. Right. Even noted sci-fi author Isaac Asimov discounted the capture theory as being impossible.

The Moon should wobble but it doesn’t. Think of it like a ball with its mass off-center. It wouldn’t roll in a straight line, but there is the Moon, with its perfect circle around the Earth and always showing that one side to us. No other satellite in our solar system does this. Also, the Moon has a bulge, but that is on the dark side, so Earth’s gravity field could not have pulled on it to produce it. Get the picture?

In July of 1970, two Russian scientists, Vasin and Schcherbakov, published an article about the Moon being artificial. I’ve read about this article a few times now, but in this case some of the details of their findings are given. These scientists proposed that the Moon was made somewhere far, far way, by beings that have technology far superior to what is currently available on Earth. Giant machines were used to melt rock into cavities, and the refuse was put on the surface. Thus, the inside hull would be protected by the outer shell of junk rock. Again, this sounds a lot more practical than a great Death Star made entirely of forged metals.

This theory, according to the scientists, would explain every single anomaly about the Moon. This would include the densest rock being found on the surface, the elements, the maria, the mascons, the orbit, the water, the Moonquakes when the Earth is closer, and the gas clouds made by equipment below the surface.

The problem is that if we admit that the Moon is artificial, we’ll have to reevaluate a lot of our present beliefs. Our world governments or our general population are not ready to deal with such a change, and so they all sweep it under the rug and discredit those of us who care enough to delve into the subject looking for Truth.

(Source: Food For The Moon) This article begins with a reference to what is known as Fourth Way Philosophy. The goal of this philosophy is to take away the hypnotized and mechanical parts of humans, and to build within them an enlightened core. The founder of the movement is Georges Gurdjieff, and along with admonishing the mechanical acts of men, would also frequently say that men are ‘food for the Moon.’ While some would interpret that term as being figurative or symbolic, the author of this article firmly believes that Gurdjieff was being literal.

Peter Ouspensky was a disciple of the Fourth Way. He describes the Moon as being an embryo that uses electromagnetic energy to pull on all living things on Earth. When a human or other creature dies, their life essence is drawn away from Earth and absorbed by the Moon. (Santos Bonacci has stated something similar: The Moon takes away the dead souls, while Saturn introduces new souls to Earth.)

The Moon keeps most of us going, like the pendulum of a clock affecting all its gears. This would be true for the vast majority of humanity. Just look at the West. If everyone is told that it is necessary to go to college, to get married and have a career, and to raise children in the same exact way, then that is exactly what most people are going to do. There is no true creativity or individuality within them, for even the rebels in the crowd will want to conform to other rebels. I have long remarked that most people seem to lack much depth or dimension and are almost two-dimensional. They remind me more of cardboard images of people or supporting cast members in a movie. Without the Moon to ‘motivate’ us, Ouspensky believes people will be as passive as puppets without a puppeteer. Another initiate into this Fourth Way, one Rodney Collins, thinks that since humans are made mostly of water, and since the Moon pulls on water, perhaps the Moon affects us in more profound ways and can even account for the way our physical limbs move.

Ouspensky claims there is no connection between the full Moon and lunacy, because the Moon is using the same amount of pull regardless of what phase it is in. The author’s article admits that while this fact is true, the alignment between the Sun, the Moon and Earth ‘colors’ or influences what energies humans receive. The correlation between full Moons and erratic behavior in people is well documented. I will add further that this is why the Moon maintains a constant orbit around Earth, to ensure its influence will affect, possibly, every living thing on Earth. Think of the Moon as a revolving sprinkler system that makes sure every corner of a lawn is watered.

According to Grudjieff, the Moon is an embryo and dependent on its Mother Earth. The Moon cannot hold its own atmosphere or on its own produce life. It can be seen as a fetus with an electromagnetic umbilical cord attaching it to Earth, or it can even be seen as a parasite.

Upon death, the organic body returns to Earth, while the astral energies leave this world and make their way up to the Moon. Further, emotional or psychological suffering produces energies that ‘feed’ the Moon, and this is a bad thing for our personal evolution. Ouspensky’s solution to dislodge our selves from the Moon’s programming is to ‘create a Moon within ourselves.’ The author interprets this as becoming more self-aware, of making conscious choices not to conform to society’s expectations, but to help with our own personal evolution.

To keep this analysis at a reasonable reading length, I’ll cut it off here. Before The Moon Existed 9 will pick up where I left off, and will be posted soon.


Before The Moon 07 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 7

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

(Source: The Day The Moon Was Made – 24 Hours Of Chaos) Here is the scenario, as proposed by scientists: A proto-planet half the size of Earth crashes into a young Earth. This isn’t a head-on collision, but a glancing blow. It adds angular momentum to the Earth, and creates the Moon in the process. In this supposedly glancing blow, the outer layers of both planets are stripped away, and the iron cores meld together. The rocky debris coalesces into becoming the Moon, and the pair of iron cores eventually becomes the Earth as we know it today. There are some other details to this theory, but you get the idea. This paints a nice and pretty picture without any loose ends. Certain scientists would have you not scrutinize this scenario too closely or else its many faults will rise into prominence. I won’t bother pointing them out; just look through my previous posts and you’ll see them.

This article is largely pointless.

(Source: The Lunar Connection, taken from the book The Ringmakers Of Saturn) I’ve read the book and watched a couple of lectures by its author. Basically, the concept theorizes that immense space vehicles travel to and use plasma electricity on planets and moons. These ships also artificially form the rings on the planet Saturn.

We start here with the idea that space vehicles had gone to two of Saturn’s moons, Dione and Iapetus. The observations lead the author to conclude that on Iapetus, an electromagnetic current is sent from the vehicle to the moon, and this current is strong enough to heat the moon’s alleged iron core. The interaction is said to cause scarring of the moon, such as craters and ridges. In this hypothesis, the diameter of a crater would be in close approximation to the diameter of the spaceship. Because these spaceships are thought to be capable of long-range cruises, as in between planets, it is thought that other planetary bodies might have also been visited by them in the past, or in the present.

Since the topography of the Moon is well mapped out, it would be fairly simple to study its craters for evidence of electromagnetic tampering. The crater Mare Orientale, for example, has an outer ridge with a diameter of 600 miles, and an inner ridge of 550 miles. The center of this crater is about 150 miles wide, and it is not flat. A deep hole is said to puncture the center, with dark basalt on its floor. The eastern side of this hole appears glazed. Radial markings, that is, markings that stretch away from the hole like the spokes of a wheel, are seen to the north and south at an angle of 100 degrees, but not to the east and west. Since the markings are not consistent, the theory that the crater was caused by a meteor crash can be dismissed.

To the north of the crater, we have two undulating lines across a band of terrain. To the right of these lines is a radial marking, to the left is smooth rippled surface that changes into pitted, and between the lines is a series of packed, overlapping craters. The mechanism that produced these features is given as being a high temperature, pinched-plasma flow. A few other examples of a similar nature are given. Judging from the size and texture of the surface terrain findings, an estimate of the size of the spacecraft that produced this is given at 600 miles in diameter.

We have one study that suggests that a magnetic field once existed on the Moon, 3 to 4 billion years ago. We have another study claiming that the age of Mare Orientale is also 3 to 4 billion years old. What happens when we combine those results with the idea of a spaceship shooting a beam of plasma at the Moon? Hypothesis: The Moon had a magnetic field, a spaceship came along and blasted electromagnetic energy at the Moon and formed the crater. After this attack, the magnetic field is gone. Factoring in this whole idea that the Moon may be hollow and inhabited, and we have a scenario of galactic warfare. Hostile beings in a long, tubular spaceship came along and blasted the beings in a gigantic, round spaceship we call the Moon. Do we have any historical or mythological corroboration of this? Actually, we do. The Indian Vedas are said to speak of a time of war on the Moon, where the rulers of India used Vimana spacecraft against their enemies, but I can’t reference this more precisely as I’ve only read a simplified version of the Ramayana so far. Also, it can be inferred that electromagnetic starships have been around for at least 3 to 4 billion years. Compare that with the Earth’s estimated age of 4.6 billions years.

Moving on, the article mentions that while the rings of Saturn have substantially been the same, size-wise, they have not been the same identically. This means they are being in a way artificially maintained, and after all, this is an excerpt from a book called The Ringmakers Of Saturn. What can we decipher from knowing this information? First, the ship must be under intelligent control. The operators must have a vastly superior knowledge of nuclear physics, aeronautics, astronautics, magneto-hydro-dynamics and engineering. If there are beings inside these spacecraft, they must have long-term, goal-oriented and non-self-destructive perspectives.

There is mention that if humans knew such beings existed, and if the beings were able to wield this enormous destructive power at will, people would necessarily become frightened. The good news is that so far these extraterrestrial beings have not attacked us.

Next, the article points to the mysterious explosion that took place in Tunguska, Russia, in 1908. In this blast, 1200 miles of land was devastated. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a flaming, cylindrical vehicle in the sky right before the explosion occurred. After extensive study, the conclusion emerged that the cause of the blast was an aerial nuclear detonation. Apparently the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima, Japan, had a similar destruction pattern, and is cited as further evidence. Other scientists have postulated that this was perhaps a nuclear-powered spaceship that blew up.

Most sightings of these extremely large spaceships have been localized around Saturn, the article remarks, and perhaps Saturn serves as their operational base. Adding to their mastery of nuclear power and electro-potential fields, these ships are also able to change the surface of planetary bodies, and maybe they can even move the smaller celestial bodies, like moons, around at their whim.

The article theorizes that while these electromagnetic vehicles are not outright destroying entire cities and devastating populations, they are quite capable of causing smaller calamities and catastrophes. These include earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even large fires. These vehicles could even be altering humans by broadcasting electromagnetic waves at humans from thousands of miles away. Let me add here that from my research in weather modification and manipulation, I will confirm that the natural events described above, except for forest fires that I’m uncertain of, can be produced by artificial mechanisms such as HAARP and Nexrad. Also, several of the previous articles I’ve already covered have hinted that the Moon is sending out waves that affect human thought patterns and / or DNA.

We go on to the idea that while we know what weather is, it is still largely a mystery as to how weather first appears. This is why weather is, after so much money spent in research and instrumentation, still so unpredictable.

The article goes on to refer to ‘dry lightning,’ which is lightning that occurs when the sky is completely clear of clouds. This phenomenon has been observed on Earth, on Saturn and on Saturn’s moon Iapetus. The finger is pointed at electromagnetic ships causing the dry lightning away from Earth, and that perhaps the proximity of these vessels causes dry lightning here as well. Think of static electricity here. These ships either affect Earth weather by their presence or deliberately, and neither theory conflicts with what is known of weather today.

Going back to Saturn, we have different space vehicles responsible for maintaining different rings. To prevent collisions, a buffer space has been created between the rings, and these are known as divisions. Perhaps these divisions or gaps contain material, or not. So many spacecraft are said to gather around Saturn’s rings, that the article compares the location to a crowded, polluted parking lot, depending on how many vehicles are around and what each of them are doing.

Finding spacecraft of this nature may be as simple as finding a planet’s rings, or by testing for electromagnetic emissions or exhaust. Perhaps, it is not only the pollution made by man that is dirtying up Earth’s skies. Perhaps spacecraft are responsible for some of it. The article mentions the falling of acid rain in locations far from any factories that might produce such weather.

In its fly-by of Saturn, Voyager 1 reported 15 satellites around the gas giant. The majority if these were composed of ice, including Iapetus, and this moon was reported to have an enormous spacecraft floating nearby. A further theory is that the ringmakers not only transformed the water of these moons into ice, but may also be responsible for creating the ice poles on Earth. (Update: In the Hopi creation myth, the Earth was unstable until a being known as Spider Woman went and balanced it, by creating the north and south pole. What a coincidence, huh?)

On September 22, 1979, a satellite reported a great flash of light between South Africa and Antarctica. Federal laboratories concluded that this flash was a nuclear blast. Two camps formed among the top brass in the White House. One camp saw this as an authentic nuclear explosion, while the other thought this was a natural event that mimicked a nuclear blast. Again, the author of this article points to a potential vehicle from space being responsible, and that such a disturbance in the future might very well precipitate a nuclear exchange between hostile nations.

This article goes on for several more pages, but since the focus is more on giant electromagnetic vehicles and no further mention of the Moon occurs, I will move on to the next one.

(Source: The Moon: What Is It And Who Made It?) This next piece opens up with previously reported information. The Earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old. Moon rocks, however, are tabulated at 5.3 billion years, and Moon dust is thought to be perhaps a billion years even older than that. Why the huge discrepancy?

Some facts:

The Moon is suspected as having multiple magnetic fields.

The Moon affects the tides on Earth. This is very important because many sea creatures use the tides to produce eggs. Without the Moon’s guidance, it is thought that much of the life in the sea would die.

The Moon stabilizes the Earth’s rotation.

Moving on, the Apollo missions set up seismographs on the Moon, as was covered in a previous article. In this instance, it is said that NASA has been silent regarding tremors, or Moonquakes, that are taking place on the dark side of the Moon. Scientists looked at 9,000 seismic events on the Moon and came up with 30 possible ‘nests’ of Moonquakes. This has led them to conclude, as others have, that the Moon is hollow.

There is some discussion of other studies that have found magnetic fields on the dark side of the Moon, and of the possibility, which is disputed, of the existence of mini-magnetospheres on the lunar surface.

There is also mention of the various materials found on the Moon, such as titanium, iron oxide, uranium and neptunium. One substance I believe wasn’t covered before was zinc, found by Apollo 11. This element was found in orange Moon dust, and is believed to be volcanic ejecta, although no sign of a volcano has ever been found on the Moon.

The Moon’s near-perfect orbit is mentioned, as well as a theory that due to the placement of the Moon’s center of gravity, it should wobble. It cannot be an accident, the article goes on to state, that the Moon does not wobble.

More mythological historical references:

Aristotle and Plutarch mention the Proselenes, or people who were around before the Moon. This was covered more in-depth in Article 2 of this series.

Hieroglyphs in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, have been interpreted as giving the arrival of the Moon at 11,500 to 13,000 years ago. These are significant time frames because they match the approximate dates for the end of large Ice Age, and because 13,000 years is half of a Zodiac cycle.

Between 1540 and 1967, NASA collected 570 reports of light flashing on the Moon. Also mentioned are the 12-mile long bridge at Mare Crisium, a tower of 1 mile in height in Ukert, a spire that rises 5 miles in Sinus Medii, and several obelisks that rise up to 150 feet as reported by Lunar Orbiter II.

(Source: Who Built The Moon?) This article centers on an interview with Christopher Knight, who wrote a book titled Who Built The Moon? The interview was published in the New Dawn publication. The author claims that the material that formed the Moon came from a newly formed Earth, circa 4.6 billion years ago, from a shallow depression in what later became the Pacific Ocean. According to this author’s research, an advanced measuring system was widely used on Earth some 5,000 years ago. This system was based on the mass, dimensions and movements of the Earth, and correlates with both the Moon and Sun, but not with any other celestial body. He calls this a ‘blueprint’ where the Moon was made according to units taken from the Earth’s relationship to the Sun. An example of this is the idea that the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, but also 400 times closer, and the fact that the Moon mimics the Sun’s location on opposite solstices. (I believe a previous article stated the Moon was 600 times smaller and 600 times closer.)

Knight credits a Professor Alexander Thom from Oxford University as discovering the use of the Megalithic Yard, which is based on the rotation of the Earth and led to the measurements of time, capacity and weight that we know today.

Further, Knight points to the Moon having a base 10 arithmetic, which implies that the Moon was built by a sentient species having 10 digits, or fingers, and that of course leads to the inference that the Moon was built by humans. In high speculation, Knight theorizes that time travel machines could have been sent back to when Earth was a young planet, to scoop material out of the Pacific and form the Moon, and thus begin the many cycles that allow humanity, and the seasons, plants and sea life, to begin to evolve.

Before The Moon 06 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 6

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

(Source: The Late Great Bombardment) This is just a quick reference, referring to a period of time between 4.1 and 3.8 billion years ago, when the vast majority of lunar craters are said to have formed. The majority of crater impacts on Earth, Mars, Mercury and Venus may have similar dating.

(Source: Our Enigmatic Moon) According to this next article, in 1968 the Apollo 8 mission went into orbit around the Moon. A colossal object was observed and pictured, but it was gone the next time the Apollo vessel made its orbit. No pictures have ever been released. Another time, when the lunar module was about 4 miles from the surface, a UFO was seen rising from a crater and quickly speeding away. In 1969, Buzz Aldrin is said to have been studying the lunar surface from space, when he saw two UFOs come by to study the Apollo rocket he was in. To his surprise, the two UFOs merged together and became one UFO. The article further states that Apollo 11 reported a fleet of UFOs lined up inside a crater. Astronomer Patrick Moore claimed to have discovered over 100 bases on the Moon. The article further states that over 1,000 such bases, all with a diameter of at least 700 feet, have been witnessed.

The article goes on to say that no such spacecraft anomalies were reported before the 1950s. What I find strange about this is that it was in the 1950s that I believe the US first began to use flying disc or UFO technology, which they acquired from German scientists and engineers after World War II. Were ETs on the Moon before humanity became aware of them, or did they somehow only show up once the US began to build flying saucers? In an earlier article, it was mentioned that all manner of light anomalies, from flashes to mist to geysers, were visible to astronomers from the 16th through 19th Centuries. These astronomers knew what carriages and ships looked like, so surely they would have made some comment if they saw a ship-like object floating or moving about on the Moon’s surface.

A comment is made regarding the depth of craters on the Moon, which was covered in an earlier article. However, this piece claims that there is a dense wall of metal at that depth, that it could be as much as 20 miles thick, and that the Moon is hollow, because that would be the only explanation that would cover the majority of the anomalies that have been reported.

Next, the article’s author points to the evidence of air existing on the Moon, and not an empty vacuum as NASA claims. As evidence, he points out how the American flag waved, how dust was picked up when the astronauts moved about (dust should not lift, but cling together in a vacuum), the rocket exhaust from the lander and the way the astronauts bound about on the lunar surface.

Also, the weak rocket exhaust was not strong enough to pull away from the Moon’s gravity. There wasn’t enough fuel to allow the rocket to make it back to Earth, unless some other, secret technology such as anti-gravity propulsion was used. Again, I must point out that in my study of the ancient Vimana from India, the concept of reducing the weight of a flying craft by using mercury, plasma, electromagnetic and centrifugal forces is one that should not be lightly dismissed. German scientists studying the ancient Vedas were able to produce the Nazi Bell, which was said to have anti-gravity properties, among other claims such as time travel and the ability to produce wormholes.

The article gives an age for Moon rocks at being 5.3 billion years old, while Earth is thought to be about 4.6 billion years old. Not only that, but the estimated age would make the Moon older than our entire solar system.

Viewers watching the live broadcasts of the Apollo missions also commented on various anomalies. For instance, people stated that they witnessed an astronaut bending down to pick up a glass bottle. The astronaut reportedly said, “My God, I can’t believe it! Look at this!” Right after, the screen went blank. Other viewers noted the extreme difficulty the astronauts had when drilling into the surface of lunar marias. When the drill was pulled out, what looked to them like metal shavings came out with it. Brass (this is not a natural element, but an alloy of copper and zinc), mica, and titanium were discovered. Also found were Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237, which, according to scientists, are not ever found in nature.

Other reported anomalies include: clouds and lightning, strange moving shadows and objects, spires which rise thousands of feet, a huge boulder trying to climb uphill to the rim of a crate, complete with tracks behind it, the shrinking of Luna Crater from a diameter of six miles to 1.5 miles, hill effects (?) in craters appearing and disappearing in a matter of hours, over 800 scientific observations of blinking and flashing lights, several large pyramid structures, surface rifts with entrances, massive girders, machinery, blocks of metal 1,000 kilometers long, massive tears in the lunar surface exposing equally massive interior plumbing, crosses one mile long, and finally, enormous excavating equipment. According to this article, professional astronomers have been discouraged from investigating these TLP, or Transient Lunar Phenomena, leaving the brunt of the research to be done by enthusiastic and dedicated amateurs.

Clouds, along with lightning, are said to appear with sudden speed, and one cloud formation was reportedly large enough to cover over 100 square miles. This should put to rest the idea that the Moon is a dry and barren place.

There is further mention of the Moon’s orbit. The perfectly circular orbit invalidates that the Moon was somehow captured Earth’s gravity. The Moon is simply too large and too far away. Also, the Moon does not turn, but presents a single face to Earth. (Objects free-floating in a vacuum should rotate, from what I’ve learned about the vacuum in space.) This ‘capture’ theory has since been modified to allow for the Moon to be ‘steered’ into position. And lastly, as I mentioned before, the Moon is in the perfect position to cover the sun during an eclipse.

Giving further credence to the Hollow Moon Theory, is the fact that sound echoes pick up speed 40 miles deep into the lunar surface.

The author of this article believes that the Moon landings were faked, and also that they were not. He cites evidence from various conspiracy documentaries, showing such things as shadows being out of place and footage of NASA claiming that video of space was taken from inside a shuttle, when the shuttle was actually safely sitting on Earth. He postulates that the landings are false, but that astronauts did land on the Moon. The author wonders if the recent discontinuation of the space program is because further contact with the beings that inhabit the Moon might blow their cover-up wide open. If people start to become aware of an extraterrestrial presence, it might invalidate the imposed dogmas of Creation and Evolution, and thus the control mechanism being used on the masses would begin to disintegrate.

After citing police statistics that point to a rise in crime during a full moon, the article suggests that the Moon serves a more sinister purpose. The following information is given as having been channeled by one Ashayana Deane: A planet once existed named Maldek or Marduk. It orbited our Sol thousands of years ago, between Mars and Jupiter. A thriving civilization existed on this planet, up until it degenerated and this disharmony ended up destroying the planet. The debris is now an asteroid belt, and some of the metallic debris was used to form what in the Bible is referred to as the end-times calamity known as Wormwood. In addition to Wormwood, the Moon was also created in this way. In a simplistic and common sense fashion, it could be argued that more crimes take place during full moons because there is more light given off, which may explain some but not all categories of crime. But wait, there’s more.

The author goes on to say that the Moon gives off frequencies beneficial for the former residents of Marduk, and detrimental to the residents of Earth, both for the purposes of assimilating with Earth beings and to control the time on Earth. As evidence, the author points to how the menstrual cycle of human women is affected by the Moon. This is to gain control of when women are having babies, and to ensure there will always be a plentiful human population, for various nefarious purposes such as testing and DNA manipulation. This could have led to the overpopulation problems we are witnessing today. Further, the author states that the Moon affects not only the tides of the sea, but also the blood coursing through human veins. A second channeling source, unnamed in the article, states that the Moon is a giant supercomputer that can be intelligently programmed, corroborates the idea of frequencies being used to influence menstrual cycles, and adds that human DNA influencing has been manipulated by the Moon for eons.

(Source: Revisiting The Moon) This next article begins with a reference to Elle magazine. In the magazine, a story titled ‘The Sun Can Not Be Seen From Space,’ Sol is presented as being a hollow doorway through which life-giving energies come through. There is more to the planets in our solar system, the author states, other than them being simple inanimate objects that float about aimlessly.

Next, the article moves on to a book by Christopher Knight, titled Who Built The Moon. In this book, Knight describes the Moon as being 400 times smaller than Sol, but also located 400 times closer to the Earth. Thus, during a solar eclipse, the Moon and Sol appear to be the same size.

Further, the Moon mimics the movement of the sun at opposite solstices. The example is given of the Moon rising during mid-winter at the same point the sun rises in mid-summer. This would only be meaningful for a human being standing on Earth.

The Moon has benefits for human beings as well. According to this article, if the Moon weren’t at the precise size, mass and distance as it has been historically, there would be no intelligent life on Earth. The Moon stabilizes the Earth at such an angle to produce the seasons, and to keep water liquid throughout most of our planet. Without these effects, Earth would be as dead and solid as Venus. We owe everything to the Moon, scientists have stated.

There is some redundancy covered from previous articles. By studying the tracks of cosmic rays burned into Moon rocks, scientists have found that the Moon is older than both the Earth and the Sun, and as old as our solar system. Also, the Moon is too big, too old, too light in mass, and in such an extraordinary orbit that science is at a loss to account for why the Moon exists.

“The best explanation for the Moon is observational error; the Moon doesn’t exist.” – quote from Irwin Shapiro, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Scientists have an easier time explaining why the Moon shouldn’t exist, than in explaining why it does exist.

“It was almost like the Moon had gigantic, hydraulic struts.” – quote from Shaun Solomon, MIT

“The Moon is a very powerful, electromagnetic computer.” – quote from Barbara Marciniak, from her book Earth.

Now for some good, old speculation: For eons now, the Moon has been projecting electromagnetic frequencies onto Earth, in order to maintain the two strands of human DNA. The Earth was anchored into orbit to serve as a mediating or monitoring device, a supercomputer or an eye-in-the-sky. Also, it inhibits the spiritual energies of human kundalini and limits human achievement.

“Credo Mutwa (Zulu shaman) tells me that the Zulus believe that the Moon comes from far, far away and it was hollowed out like the yolk taken out of an egg – and it was rolled across the heavens by two reptilian entities.” – quote from David Icke

Upon further investigation, Icke remarks on the parallel between the two reptilians and the Enki and Enlil figures in Sumerian mythology.

These reptilians, called Chitaulis, threatened to move the Moon and cause havoc upon the Earth if they were not obeyed. This has been borne out in previous articles. If the Moon were to be moved slightly one way or the other, numerous natural cycles on Earth, such as the menstrual periods of women and the growing of plants, among many, many other things, would be adversely affected.

The Moon itself is said to be a stabilizing tool, neither positive nor negative. It can be used for productiveness and for control as well, depending on who or what is in charge of it. It has an effect, not only on humans but on non-humans as well, and on beings that exist as pure consciousness with no physical form, in other dimensions on Earth. Control, it is mentioned, is being taken away from those that use the Moon now, by other beings that would use its influence in other ways, but the positive or negative results for humans would remain to be seen.

This article does offer hope. Human beings today are in an unnatural state with their consciousness stunted. Our children and grandchildren will have much better conditions than this. A form of Enlightenment is gradually dawning on humanity, and this is why such measures as over-medication and the police state have been thrust upon us.

The New World Order will lose in the end, but as I’ve said quite a few times in the past, they will not go quietly.

Before The Moon 05 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 5

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

(Source: Lunar Mysteries) This next article makes an obvious point. Why are there domed structures in the center of so many Moon craters? If a comet or meteor crashed into the Moon, it would have left a concave impact point; that is to say in the shape of a bowl. Any sort of structure seen in the center of any crater, whether natural or artificial, would necessarily enter that crater after the time of impact.

So far, I’ve only read about a few myths, such as those from the ancient, pre-Hellenistic Arcadian peoples, regarding humans having been around during the time before the Moon orbited the Earth. This article points out two more historical references. Ancient texts from Tibet point to the lost continent of Gondwana as having been founded before the Moon. Also, a Dr. P. Allen has interpreted ancient Bolivian symbols as stating that a satellite came into orbit around the Earth between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago. If accurate, this Bolivian account would match the time frame of half a revolution of the 13,000 year Zodiac calendar. This was the era that marked the beginning of the Age Of Aries, followed by the Age Of Pisces, which we are now ending and entering into the Age Of Aquarius.

Well-known sci-fi author Isaac Asimov has postulated that the Moon is too large to simply be caught by the Earth’s gravity. Taken into account with the Moon’s perfectly circular orbit around the Earth, and its stationary, non-rotating position, the Moon does not match any of the typical characteristics of any other known moons.

According to the work of Zechariah Sitchin, the Moon originally orbited the planet Tiamat along with ten other moons. After a great battle on Tiamat, the planet was split in two. One half was shattered, while the other became Earth. Tiamat’s moon Kingu became our Moon as we know it. While I am willing to entertain any theory, I must point out that this would not explain the great disparity in the ages of the Earth (4.6 billion years), Moon rocks (5.3 billion years) and Moon dust (6 billion years).

Ah, here is one of the greatest coincidences that the Moon offers to us. Our Sol is 864,000 miles in diameter, while the Moon is a mere 2,160 miles. How is it that during a lunar eclipse, the Moon perfectly blocks out the sun’s entire form? No other planet has a moon that does this so efficiently. This cannot be a simple coincidence because it is too mathematically precise. Therefore, there must be a specific purpose for the exact placement of the Moon. What that purpose is can be debated, but at this moment I’m leaning toward the Moon blocking cosmic vibrations, as David Icke has suggested, or my own idea that the Moon might be using events such as eclipses to send stronger than usual vibrations, that is to say updated programming, down to Earth beings.

Let me pause here to mention another concept. Recently, I’ve become aware of Purple Dawn Theory. In this scenario, the gas giant planets are immense eggs filled with a sort of cosmic embryonic fluid. Smaller, terrestrial planets are formed within the gas giants. When these new planets are ready to hatch, or to be born, the gas giant releases them into the solar system. This would explain why a great many ancient civilizations saw the planet Saturn as being the first sun hovering over the Earth, because according to the theory, it was Saturn that gave birth to Earth. Once Earth was ejected, Sol nabbed it and put it into orbit, and gave us the solar system we presently have. Also, this may relate to how the gas giants have numerous moons, while the terrestrial planets usually have much fewer.

There is a further anomaly regarding the rocks on the moon: they don’t rust! The prevailing scientific wisdom is that heavier rocks tend to sink, and should be found in the Moon’s interior. Instead, heavier rocks are found on the Moon’s surface. The proposed theory is that ‘refractory compounds were brought to the moon’s surface in great quantity in some unknown way.’ It’s only an unknown way from the isolationist point of view, since one of the earlier articles I covered suggest that the Moon was / is a spaceship. Under this premise, of course you would put a ton of strong, rust-proof material on the surface to withstand cosmic and belligerent bombardment, and if you expected that spaceship to float around in space for millions or perhaps even billions of years.

Further, many Moon rocks are magnetized. The quick answer, but not the only answer, is that the Earth gave these rocks their polarity. The rebuttal is that if this were so, Earth’s stronger magnetism would have destroyed the Moon eons ago.

20 to 40 miles below the surface of the Moon, are what scientists are calling ‘mascons.’ These are located in the center of large seas, or marias, of smooth, molten rock, and are said to be disc-shaped. The mascons were first discovered when it was observed that the paths of objects flying over them became distorted. It is thought that large meteorites of iron ore crashed into the Moon’s surface when it was soft and pliable.

Really? Let’s discount this soft and pliable notion right away. In a previous article, it was pointed out that meteors crash wide holes on the Moon, but these holes are not very deep. Also, we’ve seen that magnetic anomalies are present on the Moon that prevent the sun’s rays from affecting the surface, which may be these very same disc-shaped areas. They’re both in the marias, aren’t they? Next, in this article, we are told that hard rocks were brought and scattered all over the surface of the Moon, as in sprinkled through unknown means. Personally, I’m leaning more to this being done by sentient beings than a cosmic, natural car wash.

Let’s speculate a bit, and wonder if these might be some type of propulsion units, which would have to necessarily be electromagnetic in nature. This would conform with Electric Universe Theory. Also, we have similar anomalies on the surface of the Earth. They are the magnetic anomalies at Hudson Bay, which is strong enough to affect compasses in the entire Northern Hemisphere. We also have the Bermuda Triangle, The Zone Of Silence in Chihuahua, Mexico, and over many crop circles, verified electromagnetic variations that cause instrument disruption or failure in the boats that pass through or the small planes and helicopters that fly over them.

In 1958, Russian astronomer Kozyrev reported a red glow and gaseous explosions on the Moon. In 1963, members of Lowell University observed a red glow on the crests in the Aristarchus region. Seismographs left by the Apollo missions at six different sites picked up a great deal of activity until they stopped functioning in 1977. The simple, and very unimaginative explanations were volcanoes on the Moon. When is the last time you heard of a volcano erupting on the Moon? In light of the hologram fluctuation recorded 9 times now by Crrow777 and other astronomers, I call this selling the public 10 pounds of bullshit in a 5 pound bag. I’ve got a better explanation, and some of the videos I’ve posted on my blog will bear this out: the Moon was being mined before, and is being mined right now, as we speak.

During an eclipse early in the 19th Century, astronomer John Hershel observed strange lights during an eclipse. These lights were moving and said to be on and just above the Moon. Other astronomers have reported witnessing the layout of what appeared to them to be city streets. In July of 1959, John O’Neill reported seeing a 19 kilometer bridge over the crater Mare Crisium. One month later, a Dr. Wilkins from Britain confirmed this. In the 1960s, NASA was getting so many reports of strange lights flashing on the Moon, that they began Operation Moonblink. In 12 months, they compiled a catalog of 28 ‘unusual moon events.’ In 1966, the Shard was discovered, which rises above the surface of the Moon by 2.5 kilometers above the Ukert area, and that entire area rises about 8 kilometers from the Sinus Medii region around it. Radio beacon or ancient lighthouse anyone?

Let’s move on to the hollow Moon. In 1969, Apollo 12 sent a spent rocket module crashing down to the Moon’s surface. Sensitive seismic equipment located 40 miles away registered the impact, which rose to a peak after 8 minutes and lasted for 40 minutes. Apollo 13 crashed a rocket module with the equivalent impact of 11 tons of TNT, or dynamite. This time, the Moon was described as ringing like a ‘gong,’ and the ringing lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes. However, in 1972, a meteor with an estimated impact the equivalent of 200 tons of TNT crashed on the Moon. This time, unexpectedly, there was no reverberation or ringing picked up. Strange, huh? Could this have been a disguised spaceship coming in for a soft landing?

There are so many glows, flashes, mists and other illuminated phenomena reported, that the term Lunar Transient Phenomena, or LTP, has been coined to encompass them all.

In 1787, William Herschel reported 3 white spots on the Moon, which he thought were volcanoes. In 1822, Franz Gruithuisen claimed to have discovered a Moon city, but this was later found to be a series of ridges. In the early 20th Century, W.H. Pickering took the time to map out the canals on the Moon. He noted the changing landscape on the Moon, and how the canals seemed to intersect at mysterious darker spots, and much like the canals observed on Mars a few decades before. Among his more outlandish claims, Pickering claimed to have observed vegetation, riverbeds, geysers or volcanoes, and even the migration of animals or insects. In 1942, William Haas observed a ‘milky luminosity’ on the wall of Tycho crater, and in 1949 F. Thorton saw a ‘puff of whitish vapor.’

In July of 1882, a number of the residents of Lebanon, Connecticut, witnessed a very strange occurrence. Two glowing pyramid-shaped structures appeared on the top limb, or top edge of the Moon, giving the Moon the silhouette of a horned owl. After a short time, these anomalies vanished, with the right side fading away first. About 3 minutes later, two black, triangular notches were seen on the moon’s lower half. These notches moved along the bottom edge of the Moon, and caused such a visible disruption of the Moon’s surface that witnesses thought a quarter of the Moon was being obliterated. When the notches moved close enough together to touch, the appearance of the Moon was restored to normal. Apparently, another pyramid-shaped anomaly was seen in 1519, but no further detail is given.

In 1912, a Dr. F.B. Harris reported a ‘black body’ visible on a cusp of the Moon, which I take to be a point on its crescent. He estimates this body to have been 250 miles long and 50 miles wide, judging from the distance from one cusp to the other to have been 2,000 miles long.

(Source: Cities Found On The Moon) The next article in the collection starts off with the statement that both Russia and the United States have released information about alien beings and structures, but these findings have been deliberately kept vague and misleading in order to gauge the public reaction to them. Apparently, it has been decided that people are not ready to come to terms with the idea that they are not alone in the universe, and so no new information has been distributed. I will go as far as saying that there is proof that Russia was forthcoming about how they lost the two Phobos satellites while investigating Mars, and the Mars moon named Phobos. Russian astronomers released pictures of a grid-like system of structures the size of Los Angeles on Mars, and of two long and immense spaceships, one casting a long shadow on Mars, and the second that was pictured near the Phobos moon, right before contact was lost with the satellite Phobos II. Research Mars and Phobos anomalies to learn more.

A further point is made that UFO researchers, such as Richard Hoagland, claim that NASA smudges pictures before they are released to the public. Now, I find some of the personalities in the field of UFO research to be a mixed bag. I don’t like researchers who make fantastic claims and don’t produce tangible results, in order to gain fame or to sell books. I don’t like deathbed confessions, and I don’t like claims that so and so is an authority in the field because they once worked in a top secret facility, yet they cannot prove they formerly held a high-level security clearance, or that they even worked where they claim they did. Having said that, there are several UFO researchers who have died under suspicious circumstances, and among them are people who claimed to have been involved in underground bases where violent confrontations took place between Men and Aliens.

As far as NASA smudging pictures, I can state with some confidence that NASA has smudged pictures of every single location in space that a satellite or rover has ever landed. Alternative research is rife with examples of this.

According to the article, NASA has listed finding strange artifacts in 44 regions on the Moon. These range from domed structures to roads and tunnels. In Rimahadley, a tall, D-shaped wall is said to exist. In Tiho Crater, there are said to be terraces made of rock and tunnels reminiscent of mines. In Copernicus Crater, a transparent dome that glows in blue and white has been discovered, along with other structures that are referred to as the Factory. Apollo 10 is said to have pictured a structure one mile high, made up of several cylindrical pieces. Some of these pieces are transparent, and strange enough that Hoagland has named the structure the Castle. After NASA showed the pictures of the Castle to the public, Hoagland made a request to see the originals a second time. Running true to form, NASA has refused, and removed the pictures and any mention of them from their archives. The only pictures that still exist of the Castle are from the exterior and at a distance, but all the ones showing the interior have been hidden away somewhere. Thanks, NASA!

The crew of Apollo 12 reported that a hovering, pyramid-shaped object observed their landing. It was said to shine with all the colors of the rainbow against the black sky behind it. Astronauts traveling to the Sea Of Storms saw objects they called ‘striped glasses.’ One former employee at the Houston Space Center claimed to Hoagland that NASA was ‘very annoyed’ that so many anomalies were found on the Moon. The article states that investigators studying the Moon have seen square and rectangular structures that look like Earth cities, as seen from a height of 5 to 8 kilometers.

The article concludes by stating that even today, people are still not psychologically ready to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Before The Moon 04 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 4

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

In Part 1 of this series, I covered an introduction into this unorthodox subject, where I noted what is known about the composition of Earth, Mars, and the Moon. I went as far as suggesting that based on the similarity of what is found on the surfaces of both Mars and the Moon, perhaps the two planetary bodies were struck at the same time and during the same cosmic event. An alternative idea that falls under the Electric Universe Theory is that extreme electrical discharges might have also disrupted the atmospheres of those bodies and destroyed all life there, if there was any life on them to begin with.

In Part 2, I quoted a number of historians, most of them from ancient Greece, and with the greater majority of them referring to the even more ancient Arcadians, who existed before the Hellenes made their appearance in Greece. I also referred to the intriguing videos made by diligent amateur astronomer Crrow777, regarding incredible findings such as a holographic projection being maintained over the surface of the moon to prevent modern man from witnessing what is taking place up there.

Part 3 was a last minute add-on. The information was highly technical and provided by Russian scientist Khatib Alexander (also referred to as Hadybow). I only stumbled upon it thanks to watching a recent video by Crrow777. Most of my following articles will focus primarily on speculation with some mention of scientific observation and fact, but without many of the technical aspects.

In this continuing article, I will focus on speculation being put forth by researchers from various fields. Most of these researchers are largely ignored, and some are even ridiculed by those that blindly subscribe to whatever information the mainstream media, modern academia, or so-called educated specialists decide is appropriate to give to the masses. Without a doubt, there are living beings on Mars, the Mars’ moon Phobos, Comet P67, and our own Luna, and those are only the few that I’ve taken the time to research. Also, with the sole exception of Mars, I believe these other smaller objects to be artificial, as in free-floating and intelligently manned humonguous spacecraft.

(Source: David Icke’s Moon Matrix Theory Explained) As I’ve recently viewed a couple of videos on this subject featuring David Icke, I’ll start with an article focusing on Icke’s book titled The Moon Matrix Theory Explained. In this article, the author mentions some of Icke’s conclusions. First of all, humanity was once much more Enlightened than we are today, in a period of time the ancient Greeks called ‘The Golden Age.’ This idea can be well corroborated through many sources, including ancient Egypt, and through the Indian, Mayan and Native American concepts of great cycles or ages, where man goes from being savage to intelligent to Enlightened, and back again to savage. Next, Icke’s claim is that beings he calls the Reptilians have taken away our ability to become Enlightened. His idea is that the sun provides the energy required for our spiritual growth and maturity. The Reptilians are using the Moon to pull away much of the sun’s photons and therefore keep us with minimal awareness of who we as human beings really are. Further, the claim is made that the Reptilians have developed a way to breed themselves into human bodies, and through this process they have become the Illuminati that control our banking system, our politicians, our world religions, and through those venues they control the entire world.

Again, and through my own research, I tend to follow many of these same ideas. There is plenty of evidence that a huge cabal of corrupt people, with advanced knowledge of science and magic, do in fact control nearly everything around us. These ‘people’ are even now attempting to come up with ways to further control our thoughts and actions. Also, I believe that the Illuminati have discovered a way to keep their ugly, black souls within their own bloodlines. There is a rumor that ultra high level Masons, much higher than level 33, can trace their lineage back to the age of early Babylon. Masons clearly boast that their founder was none other than the Biblical King Solomon. I agree with a lot of what Icke is stating, and while I have done some research into Reptilians and Shape-shifters, I still haven’t entirely made up my mind as to whether these types of creatures truly exist as physical beings. On the other hand, I have as much personal experience with demonic spirits as a typical exorcist, so I cannot easily discount Icke’s contention that Reptilians may come from other dimensions parallel to Earth.

(Source: The Cosmic Firewall And The Moon Matrix) In a second article, Icke states that the Moon is an artificial structure that has been anchored to orbit around Earth. He calls it a supercomputer or ‘eye in the sky.’ As in the first article, Icke compares what the Moon is doing to humanity to a firewall on a computer, which filters certain data and prevents other data from coming in. He also states that the control system within the Moon is clamping down harder than before, because too many people are becoming aware of it. An interesting tidbit is the origin of the word ‘lunatic,’ which derives from the Latin luna, or moon, and centers on the belief that changes in the Moon cause intermittent insanity.

(Source: Deflector Shields Protect The Lunar Surface) Potentially related to this idea of solar photon disruption is a report from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK. Scientists from RAL claim they’ve solved the mystery of lunar swirls, or electromagnetic anomalies. In this case, these small pockets of electricity, than can measure up to tens of miles in size, deflect and prevent solar wind from striking the surface of the Moon. They are so effective that the surface directly underneath these swirls stays in a lighter color, while unprotected lunar soil is much darker. It makes me wonder what might be hidden underneath the Moon’s surface that could produce such anomalies. Is it natural or artificial?

(Source: Is The Moon A Creation Of Intelligence?) The next article starts off with the three generally accepted hypotheses for the origin of the Moon.

  1. The Moon was once part of the Earth, but it somehow broke off.
  2. The Moon was formed from the same cloud of dust and gas as the Earth.
  3. The Moon drifted by on its way to a cosmic party, until it was captured by the Earth’s gravity and forced to stay.

The author uses scientific data to refute the first two hypotheses. The specific gravity between the Moon and Earth, and the specific composition of their rocks is too different for them to have formed from the same material. I’ll add to this that ancient peoples said there was no Moon at first, and then there was. It would be incredibly foolish to discount what people from past ages claimed to see in the heavens. Say the ancients thought they saw a fire-breathing dragon flying by, and they jot down a certain year or period of time when they saw it. It sounds incredible at first, until astronomers discover a recurring comet with a long tail, and trace its revolutions back to near the same time the ancients saw their spectacle. The Moon, on the other hand, is not just a mere comet.

Ancient Arcadian Joe: Hey, Harry, will you take a look at that thing?

Ancient Arcadian Harry: What the hell is that?

Ancient Arcadian Joe: I don’t know, but it wasn’t there yesterday!

Ancient Arcadian Harry: I think it’s kind of cool. Let’s go tell everybody to come outside and take a look at it!

The third hypothesis, about the Earth just reaching out and nabbing a huge object such as our Moon, is just ridiculous. This is an apologist grasping at straws after his other sorry explanations have been debunked, and he’s still trying to save face to look like he knows what he’s talking about.

Try this experiment. Have a friend fire off a pellet gun and try to catch the pellet while it’s in motion. Think you can do it? No, you can’t. All these comets that come zipping by the Earth are moving at 3,600 kilometers per hour, on average. Wouldn’t the Moon be moving at a pretty fast clip, too? Or would it come tiptoeing by instead? And since they’re so much smaller than the Moon is, it should be no problem for the Earth’s gravity to catch a couple of comets and keep them in orbit. How many comets has the Earth captured that are swirling around out planet now? None that we know of. Oh, but comets would come crashing down to the surface! Really? Why didn’t the Moon come crashing down to the surface then? Logically, the Moon should have kept going right on by the Earth without being captured by Earth’s gravity. If anything, the Moon’s trajectory might have been altered, but it should be long gone by now. There is no way possible that it naturally slowed down and just parked itself in orbit.

And just how many Moon-sized objects have we seen drifting around on solitary strolls through our solar system? Well, zero. That’s right, all we see are comparatively tiny comets and meteors. The funny thing is, a lot of the more recent comets have been observed accelerating, slowing down and changing directions while they’re way out in space. As Crrow777 has pointed out, a lot of our recent comets don’t look anything like they did the last time they came flying by, and he’s got the pictures to prove it. Are they really the same comets, or an alien intelligence out on patrol?

The article’s author goes on to state that he believes the Moon might be an artificial satellite. His questions are: Who could have built it and why? As to who; it would have to be a Type II Civilization, which would have the technology to travel among the stars, and to make use of the energy or material found on multiple planets. As to why, here are the author’s ideas:

Noah’s Ark – In this scenario, the Moon would necessarily have to be hollow, which would help explain why its specific gravity of 3.3 is so much lower than Earth’s 5.5. This empty space would be used for transporting a heck of a lot of beings, a regenerating life support system, a vast amount of fuel, or say they use something commonly found out in space like hydrogen as fuel, a huge engine and propulsion system, and whatever other things these beings would think most important. These aliens could then park their ship in orbit and come down to Earth to mingle with us humans. Or maybe they’d just conquer us like the Sumerian Annunaki are said to have done.

Do we have evidence of this? Yup, all over the world, too. For example, the Incas have their serpent god, Quetzalcoatl, the Bible has its fallen angels and their leader Satan, who is described as a serpent and a dragon, and places like Babylon, Canaan, China and Sumeria have a half-man, half-fish dude named Dagon. All of these cultures spoke of these new arrivals bringing great scientific knowledge with them. You’ll notice that these beings all have scales in common, which goes back to David Icke and his Reptilian theory.

A Battleship – Russian physicist Stanyukovich made some calculations. A meteor coming in at six miles wide, at something like 30 miles per second, would make a crater 24 to 30 miles deep. Why then, are all of the craters on the Moon only 1.2 to 2 miles deep? Some of the larger craters on the Moon are 60 miles wide, but only 2 miles deep. One of the biggest ones is 148 miles wide, and again, only 2 miles deep. That, dear reader, is called armor plating. The metals found on the Moon just happen to be resistant to heat, are able to take a pounding and to ward of cosmic radiation. Some of the rocks on the Moon are said to be even older than the Earth. How’s that for a head scratcher? The Moon might have been out cruising the universe and getting attacked by its enemies, well before the Earth even existed!

(Source: The Function Of The Moon, translated from the Spanish La Funcion De La Luna. The information in this article is stated as having been channeled by a medium.)

According to this next article, the Moon is an artificial satellite inhabited and run by a consortium of alien beings and in contact with what we know as the New World Order. The Moon has always been inhabited and is nothing like what we’ve been presented with by the media. It’s more like a computerized command center, with an array of functions, such as being a testing ground for new weaponry, a spaceport for discrete comings and goings, and a place for the exchange of political and technical information. I’m being reminded of the space terminal in the first Men In Black pop movie here.

Subterranean cities are located on many levels, and are inhabited by humanoids and ‘three-dimensional’ humans. The author states that these 3D people are the creations of a number of scientists, engineers, physicians, systems analysts and psychics sent to the Moon expressly for the purpose of developing these 3D people. Apparently, 3D people are too complex to build under the conditions of our Hologram Earth. Various prototypes have already been developed, but glitches or problems in their make-up have prevented them from being sent to occupy Earth. Colonies of normal humans also exist on the Moon, and these are mostly made up of the families of the professionals sent to work there.

A sort of inter-dimensional portal has been created to serve as a gateway between the Lunar cities and the Hologram deception that envelops Earth. Further, the dark and unseen side of the Moon is said to contain docking areas for starships, as well as having service bays for repair work.

The New World order is said to be constantly developing new technologies on the Moon. These have included cell phones, computer parts, medical equipment and chemical advances, among other things. These are tested and perfected, before the technology is forward into our physical world, as opposed to the non-physical Moon that is said to be a digital or cybernetic world. Is this why astronomer Crrow777 has filmed and collected so many Lunar Waves, or Moon-wide digital flickers?

Here’s another idea that I’ve heard vaguely mentioned a couple of times before. Earth originally had two satellite moons, and both of these natural bodies were destroyed before our current Moon took their place. This was to conceal the large spaceport and to prevent the people on Earth from witnessing the arrival and departure of so many alien spacecraft.

The Moon, as a way station or stopping point, monitors the arrival and approach of alien races from other parts of the cosmos. It works in conjunction with ships in our solar system, where they warn each other of incoming races who have been banned on Earth or who are not welcome here.

The purpose of the Moon is to maintain the illusion of our 3D Hologram Earth through projection, calibration and qualification of electromagnetic and electro-physical energy in a specific quantity, volume and density.

The author goes on to mention that two missiles were detonated on the Moon in October of 2009. I’d heard this rumor as well, but as far as my research, the official line is that an empty rocket segment was crashed into the lunar surface, ostensibly to search for water, which I in no way believe to be the truth. The reason for this attack on the Moon, the article states, is because the balance of power is shifting away from the New World Order on Earth, to the New World Order and the alien consortium working together on the Moon.

NASA’s job was to convince the world that no such attack had taken place, and thus the fabrication that they were looking for water on the Moon was created. To add to that, NASA’s true mission was never to inform the public of anything. Instead, their objectives are to control what the public does and does not know, to misinform the public, to serve the interests of the New World Order, and to open up the sealed star-gates located on this planet. These first three mission objectives I completely agree with, and while there have been rumors of active star-gates in various places, such as in Iraq, Puma Punku or in the Gulf of Adin, I’m just as much in the dark as anyone else as to whether these things even exist.

Before The Moon 03 – Russian Observations By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 3

Russian Observations

By Raymond Towers

In a recent blog post, Crrow777 described having received an email with some tantalizing information, as regarding the potential hologram Moon. A link was presented leading to a research site in the Russian language. Crrow777 did his own translations of the email and various links presented. I’ve decided to focus on the research site using Google translate. After having done a good amount of research already into the origins of the Moon from having watched a number of documentaries, and as I am currently in the midst of studying a large number of written articles, I feel somewhat qualified to take on this task. The following information was gleaned from the web link found in Crrow777’s email.

Google translate – article translated from Russian to English

Original Website – in the Russian language

Researcher’s Articles – written by Khatib Alexander / Hatybow

In the heading, the name Khatib Alexander appears just above the word Moon. I clicked on the Alexander link and went to a page that has a catalog of this researcher’s articles. First off, here is a list of this man’s credentials:

Education: Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 1969 Specialization: – Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry – Biology – Medicine – celestial mechanics

There are, at a quick count, over 50 articles listed on various topics ranging from reincarnation to insulin. I could not find anything on Khatib Alexander from a source other than these web pages, but I’ll move on to give excerpts of what this Moon article states. The translation is necessarily choppy thanks to the limitations of the Google translating engine, and in particular because Russian is a difficult language to convert into English.

Luna – a special object of the solar system. Has its own UFO [satellite] Earth lives on the lunar calendar. The main object of worship for Muslims. On the Moon, no one has ever been (arrival of Americans to the moon – it’s a cartoon, filmed on Earth). 3 Moon arrived. 2 Moon to destroy the planet (Phaeton), who blew herself up.

[This more or less goes along with my other research. The idea is that Earth once had two natural moons, but both were destroyed. A planet once orbited between Mars and Jupiter, but it went through a war so devastating that half of the planet was destroyed, and the other half allegedly became Earth. This planet’s name was Tiamat (in Babylonian lore) or Marduk (in Sumerian, also Maldek, as seen in Theosophy and The Law Of One by Ra). I haven’t gotten in-depth into Sumerian myths yet, but I’ve gathered already that there is a similar legend to be found there.]

  1. The ionic structure consists of ion formation almost the entire table ionic structures cubic structure with a predominance of S (sulfur) and radioactive rare earth elements. Moon’s surface is formed by sputtering, followed by heating. On the surface of the moon is nothing. The moon has two faces – external and internal. The area of the outer surface- 120 * 10 6 km 2 (code of the Moon – a set of N 120), the inner surface- 116 * 10 10 m 2 (mask code). The side facing the Earth, thinner at 184 km. The center of gravity is located at the geometric center.

[In reading the statement that the Moon has two faces, Crrow777 presents the possibility that this means there is a holographic image, and the true face of the Moon is hidden underneath. I can’t completely agree with this because it would invalidate too much modern research. I understand that NASA lies to the American public all the time, and I waver between there having been an actual Moon landing or not, but for the moment I’ll say I’m open to all theories. Regardless, Crrow777 is filming some incredible oddities when it comes to the Moon.]

Inside the Moon has everything necessary for life 66:

– Individual lighting 53.875875 octave (beta);

– Acceleration of 1.52 g (inside);

– On the surface of 1,633 g;

– 120 lux / square meter lighting;

– 64 oct software life;

– Other octaves necessary for life support.

The average loss of up to 45%, to reach 50-55% of the Earth radiation.

[I’m not technically knowledgeable enough to comment on the above details.]

All complexes are protected and do not reveal themselves even at work. At the time of the pulse (radiation) may not significantly change the speed of rotation or orbit of the Moon. Payment – at the expense of directional radiation 43. This octave octave octave lattice coincides with the Earth and is not harmful. Complexes on the moon are designed primarily to maintain an autonomous life support and in – Secondly, to ensure (In the case of excess charge equivalent) life support systems on Earth. The main task – do not change the albedo of the solar system, and due to the difference of characteristics, taking into account the correction of the orbit, the task is completed. Geometrically in the pre-existing forms of law, which allows to withstand 28.5-day cycle change the order of radiation (the so-called phase of the moon), perfectly inscribed pyramid correction that has completed the design of the complex. There are 4 phases. Full Moon has a radiation power 1, the remaining phase – 3/4, 1/2, 1/4. Each phase – 6.25 days, 4 days no radiation. The clock frequency of the octave (except 54) – 128.0 but the clock frequency is low density and, therefore, the brightness is small in the optical range. When the orbit correction used clock frequency 53,375. However, this may change the frequency of the upper atmosphere grating and the diffraction effect may be observed. In particular, the amount of the Earth Moon can be 3, 6, 12, 24, 36. This effect may last up to 4 hours after which the grating is recovered through the Earth. Long-term correction (in violation of the albedo of the Solar System) may lead to optical illusion, but it is possible the elimination of a layer of protection.

[Okay, what I get from this last section is that the processes within the Moon are concealed, as long as they don’t run counter to the way the solar system works. The way the Moon rotates gives off varying amounts of radiation, or light. At times, the wavelengths of light coming from the Moon may not jive with the rest of the solar system, when they reach the Earth, and the true Moon may briefly be revealed but the effect will soon correct itself.]

  1. The role of the moon. Science knows a huge role in the life support system of the Moon Earth. Here are just a few examples.

– At full moon partial weakening Earth’s gravity causes the plants to absorb more water and minerals from the soil, so at this time the collected herbs have a particularly strong effect.

– Moon, because of the proximity to the Earth, strongly affects its gravitational field on the terrestrial biosphere and causes, in particular, changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. The rhythm of the moon causes the tides in the biosphere change night light, air pressure, temperature, wind and Earth’s magnetic field, as well as the water level.

– Plant growth and crop depend on the stellar rhythm of the moon (the period of 27.3 days), and the activity of animals, hunting at night or in the evening – the degree of brightness of the moon.

– In the waning moon was reduced plant growth when the moon was coming – increased.

– The full moon affects the growth of crime (aggression) in humans.

– Time of oocyte maturation in women is associated with the rhythm of the moon. Women tend to produce an egg in the phase of the moon when she was born herself.

– When the full moon and new moon the number of women with menstruation reaches 100%.

– During the waning phase of the increasing number of boys are born, and reduced the number of girls.

– Weddings usually carried out during the ascending moon.

– With increasing Moon sow something that grows over the surface of the Earth, with decreasing – on the contrary (tubers, roots).

– Lumberjack cutting down trees at the waning moon, because tree contains it times less moisture and no longer subjected to rotting.

– When the full moon and new moon there is a tendency to decrease uric acid in the blood, 4th day after the new moon – the lowest rates.

– Vaccinations under the full moon is doomed to failure.

– When the full moon worsen lung disease, whooping cough, allergy.

– Color vision in humans is subject to the lunar periodicity.

– When the full moon – the increased activity at the new moon – reduced.

– Trim made ​​under the full moon.

– Easter – the first Sunday after the vernal equinox, the first day Full moon.

Such examples are hundreds, but the fact that the moon is a significant impact on all aspects of life on Earth, can be seen from the above examples. What do we know about the moon? This is what is shown in the tables on the solar system.

[Heavy stuff here, as far as programming living organisms on planet Earth. Notice how when the full Moon blooms, a lot of things are more receptive or open, and when the Moon wanes, a lot of things are closed off or reduced. The article continues with a lot of mathematical equations. If you are so inclined, feel free to check out the article. Some of the highlights are:

  1. The Earth moves in a spiral and not in a circular orbit around the sun. I understood this from an earlier documentary.
  2. The Earth is under a very rigidly controlled circulating system of life support. Even a tiny change in factors would be catastrophic to all living things. I’m not sure I agree with this completely, especially if there is life on other planets without moons as large as our Luna. You could say that the Moon is like the main gear in a clock, and without that gear in its proper motion, the rest of the clock would be ruined.
  3. Time is relative to whatever planetary body a person or being is standing on. A second on Earth is not the same as a second on Mars, for example. Mathematically, this guy says he can prove it.
  4. This is highly interesting. Alexander states that the doorway to the Great Pyramid at Giza is calculated in such a way as to suggest it being built before or just after the appearance of the Moon. Thanks to the arrival of the Moon, the angle of inclination at the equator has changed. See my blog posts on Purple Dawn Theory, which lean toward the pyramids and other great structures being built before the time of the Sun and the Moon, and when Saturn was the chief planet ruling over the Earth. In specific, Alexander refers to the pyramid as pointing to the star Megrez in the constellation Ursa Major.

I get mathematically lost in the next section. Alexander claims to have deciphered the frequencies being sent from the Moon to Earth, and that they are partially encoded in the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence is a series of specific numbers spiraling out in an exponential way, and is found throughout all of nature. (I don’t have a dedicated post on this, but I’m sure I’ve seen this referenced dozens of times in some of my mind / spiritual documentaries.) This is tied in to the eight chords of music, the English, Hebrew, and Russian alphabets, and the idea of a complex code hidden within a simple code.

Think that was something? Well, get this. Alexander contends that the Moon reflects nothing. Instead, the frequency of the Sun and the Moon, combined with the location on Earth, allows beings on Earth to see the Moon. When the program is reset, the Moon will be in its 3rd phase, and will have a ring around it. There is some speculation that the rings around Saturn serve to resonate certain frequencies toward Earth, as in a spiritual control mechanism. Personalities such as David Icke contend that the Moon is blocking frequencies from other planets and sending out its own to Earth. (Update: On Youtube, Mr. MBB333 and others have done testing that suggests the Moon creates its own, cooler light. The testing was done by placing temperature sensors at night, directly in front of the Moon and in the Moon’s shade. The sensors facing the Moon were always cooler.)

The Moon is a supercomputer, and this will be agreed to by a number of future references in this series. It has gained a vast trove of knowledge after coming into orbit with other planets in the past, and uses this knowledge to send and adjust frequencies to either permit or restrict life on its present orbited planet. Either way, this is a form of control, but without the Moon, we might not exist at all in the way human beings exist now. Alexander suggests that 3 moons at once are optimal. Here is another fascinating section:]

  1. Easter. All controls Earth synchronized clock cycle given by the Sun, taking into account the motion of the moon. Movement of the Moon around the Earth – it synodic month (P) Saros cycle, or a metonym. Calculation – by the formula ST = PT – PS. The calculated value = 29.53059413580 .. or 29 d 12 h 51 m 36 “. Earth’s population is divided into three genotypes: 42 (general population, more than 5 billion people.), 44 (“golden billion” with the brain, brought from the satellites of the planets) and 46 (“golden million” 1200000 man dropped off the planet Sun). Note that the sun – a planet, not a star, its size does not exceed the size of the Earth. To translate genotype 42, 44 and 46, there is Easter, or a certain day, when the moon makes clear the program. Prior to 2009, all Easter conducted only in phase III of the Moon. By 2009, the formation of genotypes 44 and 46 is completed and you can destroy the genotype of 42, because Easter 2009-04-19 will be held at the new moon (phase I), and the control system of the Earth will destroy genotype 42 in a withdrawal Moon residues of the brain. On the destruction have 3 years (2012 – end)…
  2. Moon Objects (UFO). All the “lunatics” are inside the moon. The atmosphere of the moon is only necessary for the control and the existence in this atmosphere without protection is impossible. To control the surface and the atmosphere moon has its own objects (UFOs). This – mainly machines, but some of them manned. Maximum lifting height is less than 2 km from the surface. “Sleepwalkers” are not designed for life on Earth, they are quite comfortable conditions for doing business and leisure. Total lunar object 242 (36 types), 16 of them manned. Similar facilities are available on some satellites (and on Phobos, too).
  3. Protection of the Moon. Luna – a special object, because a reliable protection. The moon can not fall meteorite – he was sent in the best case on the Earth, but the occasional meteorites fall on the Sun and disappear in his crown. When approaching meteorite moon activates the anti-gravity belt (in the sector to seize the land it is not), and any changes the trajectory of a meteorite. Moon – the only moon in communication with Sur – planet under Megrez, 4 star Big Dipper.

[Again, if you can handle the math, go ahead and take your own look at the article. It is replete with calculations and projections.]