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Before The Moon 09 – Conclusion, Account List By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 9

Last Review, Conclusion And List Of Historical Accounts

By Raymond Towers

This will be the last article in this series. I’ve scanned through the remaining 128 pages of material from Biblioteca Pleiades, and found more repetition of topics already covered, spiritual leanings from various cultures, and other subjects. While some of this material might be helpful to study, it veers too far away from my original purpose of trying to discern who brought the Moon into our solar system, or if nobody brought it, then how it came to be, and ultimately, what the purpose of the Moon is. I’ll have a sort of open-ended conclusion at the end of this article, and a list of the various ancient cultures that stated they were around before the Moon existed.

(Source: Food For The Moon) Boris Mouravieff, in his book Gnosis, outlined a more complete and accurate version of the Fourth Way. We must create a screen, Mouravieff explains, that will help prevent the Moon’s influence from reaching us and affecting us. Negative energies, uncontrolled fantasies, gossip and chatter must all be avoided. These sorts of energies must be focused and augmented inside our selves. It’s not enough for the world to simply be at peace, as the negative energies are still prevalent and will lead to future calamity, suffering and war.

The Moon’s energy is passive, the author continues, and while it does reflect the more dynamic energy of our Sol, it also taints this energy before it sends it flowing out in our direction. Also, it is suggested that the phases of the Moon are astrologically significant. Perhaps the architect of this matrix, God, set the Moon into its perfect orbit, or perhaps it was a collective of souls, but either way it would allow us to experience what we see as our reality.

On a side note, the people of Cassiopeia were once asked if the Moon was placed into orbit deliberately. Their response was that the answer would be infinitely complex, because everything was part of a plan. I’m including this tidbit in the hopes of tracking down more information on this reference later.

In his autobiography titled The Zelator, Mark Hedsel recounts his experiences in the mystery schools. Hedsel describes the ritual of the Three Day Pig. In it, and during the time of Halade Mistai, Greek initiates would carry young pigs out to the sea, where they would wash them and sacrifice them. The blood and bodies of the pigs were dedicated to the gods, and the pigs were buried deep in the Earth. Hedsel’s teacher explained that although the ritual was known as the Three Day Pig, it was more accurately the two and half day pig. Two and a half days is also a lunar period where the Moon traverses one full sign of the Zodiac.

Further, the teacher explained that the pig represented humanity in a couple of ways. One, humans are subject to the movements of the Moon, and two, the pigs symbolize the darker negative energies of mankind that refuse to become Enlightened. Men and women are sleeping under the influence of the Moon. The sacrifice is compared to a sacrificial burnt offering, where the carbonized material goes down, while the flames go up.

In the same way, the ritual of the Three Day Pig is a separation of body and soul. The pig, or the lower nature of man, must be buried or given over to the infernal hordes. The initiated spirit of man will continue to rise and seek perfection. The lower nature of man is thus symbolically rejected. There’s more. By rejecting the lower nature, we are giving back to the Moon what belongs to the Moon. The three days can also be seen as Purgatory, a time when a person’s sins are released as blood or sweat, and devoured by demons, in order for the soul to become purified. This cleansing is important, the teacher explained, because without it the world would have long ago become poisoned.

According to these teachings, the Moon represents purgatory. The Moon’s craters and other features are said to be skull-like, a reminder that sin leads to spiritual death. Even the horns depicted on the heads of demons are said to have originated from the cusps of the Moon. A vague link is given between demonic assault and the Moon, and that demons enjoy working in the dark.

In ancient Egypt, initiates used the darkness not to contact demons, but higher beings. They did this through the use of the precise airshafts of the Great Pyramid, which focused the influence of certain stars into the pyramid and among the initiates. Stone circles were also built to take advantage of the darkness, Hedsel writes, and especially during times of lunar eclipses when the Moon’s influence is thought to be at its weakest point.

Next, we have the idea of a Black Moon and a Light Moon. During a lunar eclipse, the negative energies that have been accumulating on Earth are sucked away as if through a cosmic safety valve. The Light Moon is a Moon warmed by the spiritual energies of the Sun, but modern man has long since lost the ability to perceive what is referred to as cosmic reality.

Esoteric literature, Hedsel’s teacher explains, describes the Moon having once been part of the Earth. The Moon had to leave the Earth, because otherwise the spiritual growth of mankind would be impeded. The separation of Earth and Moon had profound impacts on humankind and this is still seen in modern archetypes, although for the most part modern man can no longer perceive the deeper meaning of this. The material that forms the Moon is referred to as being dross, or junk metal.

We are told that humans cannot see or even begin to comprehend what lies in outer space, because we have very limited vision. This is corroborated when scientists state that the entire range of human vision might be as low as 0.01% of the total spectrum of light, or energy.

The Moon had to separate from Earth, Hedsel’s teacher informed his students, because all of those heavier metals would have weighed down on the soul of man. Even now, and at a distance of half a million miles, the Moon affects us in many ways with its metallic nature.

Okay, if I haven’t lost you yet, here are a few more fascinating twists. Hedsel’s teacher warms his students not to dabble in spiritism, such as consulting mediums or attending séances, because only negative beings are attracted to such people and places. The realm of the dead cannot be reached, and it is contrary to cosmic law to try to reach this place. It is reiterated that this is a very important point.

In addition, behind the Moon is another small planet, called the Eighth Sphere. This is not a physical world, but it exists in another dimension. The beings that inhabit this place are negative, and seek to suck the negative energies of humans, and human souls, into their other-dimensional world to keep them imprisoned there forever. According to Hedsel’s teacher, this is one of the most hidden secrets of the Mystery Schools. The beings from this other world are what we would know as demons, who thrive on evil and corruption. The Moon is described as a reflection of the Eighth Sphere, and the Eighth Sphere is something real, but not physical.

The Eighth Sphere encompasses the non-physical areas of the Matrix Control System, or Hologram Universe, and the hierarchy of Service To Self, not including the physical reality in which humans exist.

Included in the Eighth Sphere:

  1. The lower astral planes where carnal and demonic thought-forms dwell.
  2. The hyper-dimensional realms inhabited by reptilians.
  3. The parasitic, etheric lattice that overlays the Earth and comprises the Matrix.
  4. A 2nd density soul-pool whose organic portals are incarnate extensions. (?)
  5. The demiurgic black hole, which is a creature positioned atop the Service To Self hierarchy, and sucking into itself all the energy gathered from the lower tiers.

For reference, the following authors and works are recommended: Rudolf Steiner, Carlos Castaneda, Robert Monroe, Dr. William Baldwin, the Cassiopaean Transcripts, and the author’s articles on the Matrix.

Now, how does the Moon work with the Matrix? The gravity between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun interacts. These magnetic forces form a cyclical variation between the physical and non-physical dimensions. Just before and just after a new moon, the veil between dimensions is at its thinnest. This is when hostile beings are able to penetrate our reality.

However, attacks from hyper-dimensional beings notwithstanding, there are positive aspects to be found during the arrival of full moons. The full Moon is a good time for spiritual growth, to begin new projects, and to make things happen by gaining a good mental grip on them.

Thanks to this thinning between dimensions, occult practices such as remote viewing, invocation, psychic warfare and scrying have more success. Such practices aid demons in hurting and attacking people, but they also allow those practices to be more accurate.

Described are the negative aspects of new moons and full moons. New moons lead to oversensitivity, dissatisfaction and depression. Full moons cause overreaction, violence and lunacy. The Moon controls imagination, and both new and full moons provoke false suspicions, misunderstandings and unfounded worries. The difference is that during the new moon these negative energies are expressed internally, while in the full moon they are external.

This article goes on to emphasize Moon cycles and psychic attacks, but since this is taking me too far away from the idea of the origin and purpose of the Moon, I’ll close up the series here.


We know next to nothing regarding the true nature of the Moon. Much of what we do know has been tainted by the expectations and outright deceptions of the people we’ve entrusted to tell us the truth. We cannot trust NASA; that much is certain, for they have a broad history of lying and of hiding evidence from the general public. Also, they use occult numerology in their dates, such as discovering recent comets on, what a coincidence, the significant Masonic date numbers of 9/11. The history of NASA is replete with figures who were prominent in occult or the Nazi regime and / or in secret societies, and it is from people like these that we are getting the official story.

As for the unofficial story, we have an abundance of evidence that the Moon is not a natural object. It did not form locally unless whatever process was used in forming it gave it properties that make it appear older than the Earth. To my way of reasoning, I think it very plausible that the Moon was created elsewhere and towed into its current station. Also, its orbit is, in my opinion, too perfect, and so there must be some corrective mechanism or computer keeping the Moon in its perpetual balance. Otherwise it would have shot away from Earth or come crashing down on us a long time ago.

The way the truth is being kept away from the public makes me wonder if this is part of the control system our world governments use to dominate the masses. In general, and sadly enough, people will always look to a higher authority in which to invest their beliefs in. They will look to academia, to government or to religion for their answers. All of these institutions are fallible, and all have shown great examples of corruption in what they present to the public as being true, both historically and in modern times. What happens when the truth is hidden away, or corrupted by those who choose to hoard it for their own selfish gain and profit?

We must go out and seek the truth for ourselves or else we will never discover it. We cannot trust our current leadership to do this for us, and so we must abandon our leaders and their selfish, archaic ways of thinking, and their many manipulations that they have forced down upon us. Not everyone is capable of doing this, however, for most people enjoy being consumers or cattle, and willingly oblige their rulers by following whatever new rule or obligation is imposed on them.

There are some of us, on the other hand, who believe in unearthing the truth, and in revealing it to others who choose not to be slaves like the majority of humanity is today. The Moon is an artificial space station, and it beams all manner of energies down upon our planet that affect us in many ways, and that control our evolution in many ways. Instead of accepting the official lie and swallowing it up hook, line and sinker like some gullible guppy, what say we put our collective heads together and figure this out once and for all?

The New World Order is in a scramble right now, today, in trying to keep all their dominos standing. Those dominos are on shaky ground. If those that believe in truth keep pushing against them, it is only a matter of time before they begin to fall. When they do fall, the entire system of control and the bevy of deceptions and lies will be exposed. Only then can the mass of humanity shake itself away from its masters, and consider itself to truly be free.

List Of Historical Accounts

Here is a brief list of historical observations and mythologies, regarding the time before the Moon was visible in our sky:

Africa – The Zulu believe the Moon is like an egg with the yolk taken out of it. Also, their mythology includes the Moon being controlled by two reptilian entities that David Icke compares with the account of Enki and Enlil from Sumeria.

Babylon – In the Babylonian / Chaldean version of the Genesis myth, the Moon’s birth is described as the god Anu opening up the original watery abyss and creating a whirling motion like boiling. The Moon passed through this opening like a giant bubble and made its way across the heavens.

Bolivia – Dr. P. Allen has interpreted ancient symbols found in Tiahuanaco as stating that the Moon came into orbit around the Earth between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago.

Colombia – The natives of Bogota reminisce about a time when the Moon was ‘not yet in the sky.’

Finland – The Kalevala recalls a time when the Moon was placed in orbit.

Greece – Several Greek historians refer to accounts from the Arcadians that originally inhabited Greece. These peoples speak of the Pelasgians or Proselenes, another ancient peoples, as being around before the Moon was visible in the sky. Pelasgus was said to be the first Man, who sprung out from something natural, such as a tree or rock.

Japan – The Nihongi Chronicles recount how Heaven and Earth together produced the Moon.

Sumeria – The work of Z. Sitchin presents a great battle on the planet Tiamat. The planet was violently divided in two, with one half completely destroyed and the other half becoming our modern Earth. Kingu, a moon of Tiamat, went on to become our Luna.

Tibet – Ancient texts point to the lost continent of Gondwana as existing before the Moon.

That’s nine accounts from different cultures and civilizations, from all over the world. Modern academia will say that all of these accounts are fantasy and should be ignored or forgotten about. It is up to you to decided what is truth and what is fantasy, but I will say that academia is suppressing whatever paradigm-shattering archeological findings are being made today, just like the Church of Rome suppressed science and learning in the Middle Ages. Take a stand today and be your own person, or get swept away by the tidal wave of the masses and never know the truth. Make your choice.

Before The Moon 08 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 8

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

(Source: Who Parked Our Moon?) In this next article, some of the points covered previously are skimmed over. The Moon is older than the Earth, heavier rocks are found on the surface, etc.

There is a mention that no water molecules have been found anywhere on the Moon, but interestingly enough, astronauts from Apollo 16 found some rocks that contained bits of rusted iron. Here comes that narrow-minded, isolationist point of view again: There must be natural water on the Moon, because that’s the only way the iron bits could have rusted! This is the great limitation of humanity, in my opinion, and it all goes back to Rome and the inception of the Catholic Church. This is why the Roman Christians burned down the library of Alexandria and murdered librarians like Hypatia, why the Dark Ages were so dark, why free thinkers were often chastised and at times murdered by the Holy Church Of God, and its effects are still seen today in the simple minds of the Sheeple who believe in Scientism.

The common sense answer is that maybe, just possibly, those rusty bits could have come from somewhere other than the waterless Moon, but no, these idiots in modern academia are bending over backwards every which way to propagate the narrow-mindedness and keep people stupid as to the history of their own planet and solar system. Darwin’s dogma and science are just as incapable of explaining the ins and outs of the universe as the Bible and Creationism are, and that’s all there is to it. Let’s move on, before I really go on a rant here…

In March of 1971, instruments left by astronauts reported a ‘wind of water.’ What the fuck is a wind of water? Seriously, they couldn’t say mist or vapor, or maybe even steam? Any sort of water at all is supposed to vaporize in the airless atmosphere on Earth, or so they say. That means water can’t exist on the Moon. But doesn’t this contradict the earlier statement that there must be water on the Moon to cause rust in iron bits? I’m assuming the iron bits were on or close to the surface here, so how in the hell would they have gotten wet in the first place, if the water vaporizes right away?

These ‘eruptions’ of water vapor were said to last 14 hours and covered an area of some 100 miles. The NAS-holes had to cover their butts, right, so they claimed that there was a Moonquake that released all this water-wind into the atmosphere. Well, I don’t see any information regarding seismic activity during this time. You would think that would be important to substantiate their theory by saying, hey, we had a tremor right about that same time, and just like the water-wind, it spread out for like 100 square miles, too. (Repeat: 100 SQUARE MILES. This becomes very relevant in a couple of paragraphs.) Apparently, that quake didn’t happen. Speculation: exhaust, escape valve, water main break deep in the Moon that spilled out. In other words, this was an artificial event!

That wasn’t enough bullshit, though. They couldn’t let the lie fade away, but had to make up something even more ridiculous to insult common sense and intelligence. Here’s the ten pounds of bullshit in a five pound bag again:

NAS-hole to public: Well, you see, here’s what really happened. We had these two water tanks, right, from Apollo 12 and 14. They each had between 60 and 100 pounds of water in them. What happened was that both tanks ruptured at the same exact time, and that explains everything.

Problem: The water tanks were 180 kilometers apart. The atmospheric instruments were facing in opposite directions, and recorded the water-wind at an equal strength at both ends. So, we are supposed to believe that a maximum of 200 pounds of water created a cloud of vapor that lasted 14 hours, and spread out evenly over a distance of 100 square miles, in an atmosphere that supposedly vaporizes water instantly. When is the last time you had a gallon of water in your house spontaneously burst? Not very often, huh? How about two gallons of water bursting at the same time? That ever happen to you? What about two gallons of water bursting at the same time, and spreading out like water-wind all over your neighborhood for 14 hours? Sounds legit, right? Thanks for clearing that up, NASA!

Let’s talk about the lunar marias. These were once molten rock and they are now solid rock. However, rock specimens that have been collected do not contain any evidence of volcanic eruptions on the Moon. I guess I could speculate here, even though I have no real way to connect this to anything. When have you ever seen molten material in a place without a volcano? Well, you might see metal in liquid form in a blacksmith shop. Later the metal is molded, cooled down, and shaped into something. Could the same process have been used on a scale large enough to produce a spaceship as large as the Moon?

Speculation: In the previous article from The Ringmakers Of Saturn, author Bergrun speculated that there are a ton of spaceships around Saturn and other celestial bodies. The size of some of these spaceships has been theorized as being 400 to 600 kilometers long. That’s about 250 to 370 miles! The theory is that the ships use electromagnetic plasma to cause massive changes on a planet or moon’s surface. Plasma can get pretty hot, as stars like our Sol are made out of that stuff, allegedly.

Ever heard of arc welding? That’s where hot electricity produces plasma that welds pieces of metal together. Is it possible to heat rocks to the point where they turn molten, as a way to create a sort of plaster that becomes the outer wall of a gigantic spaceship? Let’s pretend that the Moon is like the Death Star from the Star Wars movies. It would be impractical to use that much metal or metal alloy on such a big spaceship. You could deplete entire planets of metal that way! What if, on the other hand, you can crush all these asteroids together, and then heat them until they become soft and pliant, and then shape them while they’re cooling like you would at a forge. What a coincidence! Luna, the Phobos moon on Mars and Comet P67, which I believe are all artificial, have a rocky but anomalous texture on their surfaces! Maybe that’s the practical way of building a giant spaceship; by creating an outer wall around it made of molten rock, and by not using vast amounts of metal.

Another coincidence: 80% of the Moon’s marias are facing the Earth. However, most of the craters and mountains on the Moon are on the dark side that we never get to see. Remember how in previous articles, the idea of frequencies being aimed at the Earth was brought up? Remember how the marias have a lot of electromagnetic anomalies around them? What if these areas of molten rock serve as the tuning forks for those frequencies? It would make sense, wouldn’t it, to always aim your transmitters in the direction you’re going to broadcast. That means that 50% of the Earth might have frequencies beamed at it all the time. The marias are the radar dishes, and the disk-shaped mascons, which are located dead center inside the marias like giant bullseyes, are the actual transmitters.

We have another mention of Russian astronomer Kozyrev, and the gaseous burst he observed in Alphonsus Crater. He said these were fluorescent gases. Okay. Then, he saw a reddish glow that he said were carbon compounds. The problem here is he also saw that reddish glow moving unnaturally around until it later disappeared. That was 1958. In 1963, astronomers saw reddish glows around the crests of ridges of Aristarchus Region.

The author of the article thinks that, first off, the Moon is artificial, and whenever the Moon gets too close to the Earth, it ‘creaks’ thanks to the Earth’s gravity. Just like when you open a creaky door, which would not have creaked unless you got near enough to pester it.

The next part goes on to say that data suggests the Moon is hollow. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s comment was that the Moon couldn’t be hollow, but instead had giant caverns in it that made it seem that way. Yeah, wank this, buddy. That one bland statement really covers every single anomaly that all these other people are observing and writing about for hundreds of years. A Dr. Farouk El Baz stated that experiments were conducted on the Moon to see if giant caverns were actually found. What were the results of these experiments? Well, they were never released to the public. Why do you think that is? Yeah, okay, Dr. Baz, when Mitchell is finished wanking me off, you can take over for him.

We’ve got some other stuff that was covered before. There are dense materials found on the Moon’s surface, like titanium that Earth people use to make planes and spaceships. We’ve got people who watched the astronauts drilling on the Moon, and come up with what looked like processed metals. We’ve got brass, mica and amphibole, and other substances that shouldn’t be on the Moon. We’ve got rusty iron particles, and iron particles that don’t rust at all. We’ve got the theory that the Moon came out of the Pacific Ocean, which I think is false, and the theory that the Moon was created from the leftovers of when the Earth was formed, which is also false, because the Earth would have long ago sucked it in through its gravity and absorbed it.

Then we’ve got some theories that are just plain dumb. 1. A planet crashed into the Earth and its debris formed the Moon. I don’t think so. 2. Even more hilarious, and which I covered before, the Moon was on its way to a cosmic party, and the Earth reached out to nab it and kept it. Right. Even noted sci-fi author Isaac Asimov discounted the capture theory as being impossible.

The Moon should wobble but it doesn’t. Think of it like a ball with its mass off-center. It wouldn’t roll in a straight line, but there is the Moon, with its perfect circle around the Earth and always showing that one side to us. No other satellite in our solar system does this. Also, the Moon has a bulge, but that is on the dark side, so Earth’s gravity field could not have pulled on it to produce it. Get the picture?

In July of 1970, two Russian scientists, Vasin and Schcherbakov, published an article about the Moon being artificial. I’ve read about this article a few times now, but in this case some of the details of their findings are given. These scientists proposed that the Moon was made somewhere far, far way, by beings that have technology far superior to what is currently available on Earth. Giant machines were used to melt rock into cavities, and the refuse was put on the surface. Thus, the inside hull would be protected by the outer shell of junk rock. Again, this sounds a lot more practical than a great Death Star made entirely of forged metals.

This theory, according to the scientists, would explain every single anomaly about the Moon. This would include the densest rock being found on the surface, the elements, the maria, the mascons, the orbit, the water, the Moonquakes when the Earth is closer, and the gas clouds made by equipment below the surface.

The problem is that if we admit that the Moon is artificial, we’ll have to reevaluate a lot of our present beliefs. Our world governments or our general population are not ready to deal with such a change, and so they all sweep it under the rug and discredit those of us who care enough to delve into the subject looking for Truth.

(Source: Food For The Moon) This article begins with a reference to what is known as Fourth Way Philosophy. The goal of this philosophy is to take away the hypnotized and mechanical parts of humans, and to build within them an enlightened core. The founder of the movement is Georges Gurdjieff, and along with admonishing the mechanical acts of men, would also frequently say that men are ‘food for the Moon.’ While some would interpret that term as being figurative or symbolic, the author of this article firmly believes that Gurdjieff was being literal.

Peter Ouspensky was a disciple of the Fourth Way. He describes the Moon as being an embryo that uses electromagnetic energy to pull on all living things on Earth. When a human or other creature dies, their life essence is drawn away from Earth and absorbed by the Moon. (Santos Bonacci has stated something similar: The Moon takes away the dead souls, while Saturn introduces new souls to Earth.)

The Moon keeps most of us going, like the pendulum of a clock affecting all its gears. This would be true for the vast majority of humanity. Just look at the West. If everyone is told that it is necessary to go to college, to get married and have a career, and to raise children in the same exact way, then that is exactly what most people are going to do. There is no true creativity or individuality within them, for even the rebels in the crowd will want to conform to other rebels. I have long remarked that most people seem to lack much depth or dimension and are almost two-dimensional. They remind me more of cardboard images of people or supporting cast members in a movie. Without the Moon to ‘motivate’ us, Ouspensky believes people will be as passive as puppets without a puppeteer. Another initiate into this Fourth Way, one Rodney Collins, thinks that since humans are made mostly of water, and since the Moon pulls on water, perhaps the Moon affects us in more profound ways and can even account for the way our physical limbs move.

Ouspensky claims there is no connection between the full Moon and lunacy, because the Moon is using the same amount of pull regardless of what phase it is in. The author’s article admits that while this fact is true, the alignment between the Sun, the Moon and Earth ‘colors’ or influences what energies humans receive. The correlation between full Moons and erratic behavior in people is well documented. I will add further that this is why the Moon maintains a constant orbit around Earth, to ensure its influence will affect, possibly, every living thing on Earth. Think of the Moon as a revolving sprinkler system that makes sure every corner of a lawn is watered.

According to Grudjieff, the Moon is an embryo and dependent on its Mother Earth. The Moon cannot hold its own atmosphere or on its own produce life. It can be seen as a fetus with an electromagnetic umbilical cord attaching it to Earth, or it can even be seen as a parasite.

Upon death, the organic body returns to Earth, while the astral energies leave this world and make their way up to the Moon. Further, emotional or psychological suffering produces energies that ‘feed’ the Moon, and this is a bad thing for our personal evolution. Ouspensky’s solution to dislodge our selves from the Moon’s programming is to ‘create a Moon within ourselves.’ The author interprets this as becoming more self-aware, of making conscious choices not to conform to society’s expectations, but to help with our own personal evolution.

To keep this analysis at a reasonable reading length, I’ll cut it off here. Before The Moon Existed 9 will pick up where I left off, and will be posted soon.


Dr. Lupo Round Table: 06/06/17 – Psychic Readings With Dana

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