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Mandela Effect: Scooby Doo – Shaggy Has Lost His Adam’s Apple!

You ever see a drawing of a skinny guy with huge kneecaps? That is how I remember Shaggy’s Adam’s Apple. It’s gone in this new reality!

Google image search.

I see that Lone Eagle has a bunch of new ME posts, so I’ll be going through those in a little bit. Stay tuned.


Title: Mandela Effect – Shaggy Adam’s Apple (Scooby Doo) (YT link) Uploaded by Reality Shifter.

SHTF: HP Firearms – The First 24 Hours After A SHTF Situation

Okay production, describing a waypoint between home and a bugout place. A lot of Youtubers are giving critical opinions about this video, but they aren’t really pointing out errors or suggesting improvements.

The one thing about these video’s that may not be accurate is the idea that you will be alone leaving a large city. If things fall apart in a large city you can be sure that you will not be walking alone. The roads are always clogged with refugees during the early days of wars and large scale civil unrest. Think about how you are going to feed your children in a crowd of un-prepared people with hungry crying children. If you are the one with “Plenty” in a crowd of “have nots” you will get un-wanted attention. – Mssedmebich

THIS IS REALISTIC – most city dwellers would probably panic in a major SHTF/WROL situation. Their first impulse would be to flee headlong into the countryside, without enough food, water, or equipment to support them. Others would “stay put”, assuming the “government will help us.” BOTH GROUPS WILL PROBABLY PERISH WITHIN A MONTH. The only folks who will survive are those who ALREADY live in the country, have a stockpile of food & a good water source, and are working together with others in their “prepper group”. Even thus prepared, many will still die of disease. – Mary A


YT description: It started as a typical day at work when at around 10am the US Government accidentally detonated an EMP warhead in the NorthWest. This video shows the implementation of my get home plan…


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Title: “The First 24 Hours” A WROL Situation Film by HPFirearms (YT link) Uploaded by Bobby Hughes.

Mandela Effect: Bluebeard 2011 – How I Went To Hell And Back

Not sure what to make of this one. I used to follow Bluebeard when ME first started taking off, along with Harmony ME and Life Matrix. All three of those guys went to form private groups. Bluebeard had really good info early on, but then he started going too far into left field, like Harmony did also. Anyway, here is his report from an alternate Earth that he is calling Hell.


YT description: this video is been requested by hundreds of you and a friend advised me that talking about it may help recover from what had happened to me and what it was like but i stress to you everyone may experience different creatures and safety situations as that is what it was like for me most of the people i encountered were Mandela effected and came to the world the same way i did and were new arrivals just like me at the time i was there there were not as many rescue missions unless they knew you and that you had been there before , this to me was really hell and i literally mean its was the real hell there is no other way to explain what happened to me
trolls comments wont see lite of day and to the trolls pray u dont go there

video by a different bluebeard from a different verse this is his story…

Title: Mandela effect i went to hell and and this is what you all have been hassling me to tell (YT link) Uploaded by Bluebeard2011.

Dance: 2008 – Baile Gavilan / Thug Cumbia – Los Kumbiamberoz!

This is the earliest Mexican thug dance, derived from the Colombian Cumbia, that I could find. (I was tripping on the Middle East music, too.) I think it is the last video I’ve got in my cue. If you want to see previous posts, search this blog for Baile Gavilan.

A esta quinceañera su barrio sí que la respalda, al día siguiente el barrio se inundó porque hicieron la danza de la lluvia. – Edfuria Roja



felisidades paola atte: LOS KUMBIAMBEROZ

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Title: LOS KUMBIAMBEROZ (PAOLA) (YT link) Uploaded by LosKumbiamberoz.

Strange Tales: Corey Goode And Secret Space Program DEBUNKED

I am not saying everything that has to do with a Secret Space Program is debunked, but I agree with the video producer that Goode’s version, which has been blasted by David Wilcock on his Gaia network, is full of shit… I mean, holes.

Maybe you need some links you can verify for yourself. Have a look below.


YT description: Yes I’m interested in ufology. From what I can tell, there appears to be a “there” there. Have I drawn any conclusions regarding what that is? No. But I find the whole thing fascinating, regardless of what the truth turns out to be, if that’s ever revealed. But I have a strong aversion towards people who take advantage of the openness and good nature of regular folks to advance themselves.

I created this video for the UFO Proof channel, and a “UFO Proof” version of it may appear there soon, but given the current profile and significance of this topic within ufology I wanted to get it out now and it seems perfect for my new Strange Tales series.

Whether you are into ufology or reject the whole thing as nonsense, I think you will be informed and hopefully entertained by this video. All of the links to references and sources provided in the video are as follows:

Richard Dolan’s website:

Corey Goode’s website:

Dark Journalist’s website:

Project Avalon forums:

Corey Goode YouTube Channel:…

Bill Ryan YouTube Channel:
Bill Ryan interviews Richard Dolan:
Part 1:…
Part 2:…

Dark Journalist YouTube Channel:…
Dark Journalist interviews Bill Ryan:…
Dark Journalist interviews Richard Dolan:
Part 1:…
Part 2:…

Teresa Yanaros (Tessa Gianni) YouTube Channel:…
Teresa interviews Stacy Goode:…
Teresa interviews Corey Goode:…

Jordan Sather YouTube Channel:…
Jordan complains about suppression of his brand:…

Chronicles from the Future:

Video synopsis (skip to the 24 minute mark for the diary description):…
First 60 pages of the Dianech’s diary/book:…

Title: Strange Tales: Secret Space Program “Whistleblower” Corey Goode (YT link) Uploaded by TMCleanful.

Dance: 2012 – Baile Gavilan / Thug Cumbia by Jose Perez

It has been a while, but I have attended a big name professional concert and a couple of house parties in Tijuana, where the dance area was plain dirt. Still, the ground these thugs are on is extremely filthy.

como cuando el kevin y el brayan llaman a la banda para que se arme el desmadre xDxD – Natanael Lopez Lopez

hubo un momento en que pense que estaba en un tomorrowland :v – B Gybram


Title: Cholos Bailando El Chuntaro Style (YT link) Uploaded by Jose Perez.

Dance: 2016 – Baile Gavilan / Thug Cumbia by DJ Guerras

Here are the ladies getting down to gangstah Cumbia. To see the hoodlums, search this blog for keywords Baile Gavilan.

Ese baile se llama “Moliendo Maíz con Frijol” y el valet esta formado por 4 morras La Chuky, La Chupitos, La Calavera, y La Poquianchis,. ellas forman parte del – “Valet Mixtamal” del Barrio Las Cochinillas en el Municipio de San Poncho Las Tepalcuanas cerca de San Martín – Raul Salinas


Title: SE ENFRENTARON LAS CHOLAS DE BARRIO BRAVO (YT link) Uploaded by El Volcan Del Wepa, Guerras DJ.