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Music, Rockabilly: Demented Are Go – Insanity Hall (Full Album)

Full album title is Welcome Back To Insanity Hall.

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YT description: Demented Are Go – Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (Full Album)
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Title: Demented Are Go – Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (Full Album) (YT link) Uploaded by 7MrRam.


01 Intro 00:00
02 Welcome Back To Insanity Hall 00:50
03 Bodies In The Basement 03:15
04 Retard Whore 05:44
05 Engine Trouble 08:10
06 Falling Up 11:19
07 Epileptic Fit 14:51
08 Devil Says Kill 17:36
09 Gone 20:20
10 Heads On Poles 24:06
11 Out In The Dark 27:16
12 Lucky Charm 30:38
13 The Life I Live (Originally By Q65) 33:25
14 Dark Angel 36:34
15 So Agitated (Bonus Track) 40:37
16 Another Thing Coming (Bonus Track) 43:19

Music, Rap: Sabino – Los Raros De La Clase

I thought this was pretty cool, despite that I don’t like hipsters in general. Also, check out this video with a much stronger message:

Music, Hip Hop: Bondi Hipsters – Fuck The Banks (And The NWO)


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Title: Sabino Ft LNG SHT – Los Raros de la Clase (Video Oficial) (YT link) Uploaded by Sabino.

Music, Spanish Rock: El Gran Silencio – Chuntaro Style (Baile Gavilan)

This is part of my research for a SHTF project I am currently working on. I will be posting more videos on Baile Gavilan, which is basically a high-energy thug dance, as I go along. If you’re interested, also see my recent posts on SHTF and on the results for keywords Music Rap Latinas. Oh, and I love this song. It was part of my initial inspiration for my project.

Those are some cute girls, by the way.


Title: Video El Gran Silencio Chúntaro Style (YT link) Uploaded by Happy Media TV.

Music, Rockabilly: Zombie Ghost Train – Body Bags (Full Album)

The full title for the album is Glad Rags & Body Bags. It rocks. I believe this band is from Australia.

sometimes i really love youtube playlists.all these years this gem has gone under my radar. i love it – Hannes Dolde

Everytime you listen to this you get cooler. – Nimo Marceau

This is post #3000.


YT description: Full album by Zombie Ghost Train.
It’s the first psychobilly I heard and it’s awesome!

Title: Glad Rags & Body Bags (YT link) Uploaded by HakitoCZ.

Glad Rags & Body Bags
Dark Times
Graveyard Queen
Black, White And Dead
Deadcat Rumble
Girl U Want
Night Time Crawling
Zombie Beach
Buried Next To The King
You’re My Baby

Music, Rap: Dragon Fly – Una De Tantas (Latinas)

Dragon Fly is the cutest of the Spanish rap video, female lyricists I’ve been researching for my current writing project. Even if at times she looks like a smurf in that blue jacket! To see the rest, search this blog for keywords Music Rap Latina.


YT description: Artista: Dragon Fly
Tema:Una de tantas
Grabación del track:2312 Estudios
Dirección del vídeo:Toxhick Skald
Edición: Skald pro ©

Title: Dragon Fly | Una de tantas | (Vídeo oficial) (YT link) Uploaded by Skald Prod.

Music, Rock: Ghoultown – Life After Sundown (Full Album)

For any of you wondering the genre is western-horror-punk. That’s it’s actual genre (for the most part). – Robert Grenzray

This entire fuckin’ album is so over the top badass!!! – Joshua Gray


YT description: Ghoultown – Life After Sundown (Full Album)
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Title: Ghoultown – Life After Sundown (Full Album) (YT link) Uploaded by 7MrRam.


01 Cruel Winds Of Dusk 00:00
02 Dead Outlaw 00:59
03 Against A Crooked Sky 03:55
04 Werewolves On Wheels 07:54
05 Spit On Your Grave 11:55
06 Thunder Over El Paso 17:15
07 Find A Good Horse 19:28
08 Drink With The Living Dead 21:57
09 London Dungeon 28:08
10 Train To Nowhere 31:47
11 Under The Phantom Moon 34:51
12 Life After Sundown 38:54