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United States: Tranny Butthurt Because Straight Men Don’t Like Her

Bahahahaha! Best scene for me was the Asian guy in the classroom. Bahahahaha!

So straight dudes don’t like other dudes? Who woulda thought. I don’t give a fuck how much makeup you put on or if you are wearing a dress or not, shit you can even have surgery…that doesn’t change the fact that you are still a man. You are now just a man that wears makeup and cut his dick off. You can never change your gender. If you are born a man you are, and always will be, a man. Costumes and surgeries cannot change that. So the title should actually say he not she when referring to the tranny. – Boom I Gotcha

Both of those girls, or men…..whatever, we’re pretty damn sexy. I’m straight but I would of gone home with them and experimented, hell they LOOK female. – Odin Ragnarok (to be fair, a pro-tranny comment)

More people are becoming accepting toward transgender. I can only imagine their dating life will be easier but it has to start with honesty because no one likes to be deceived. – H Ruiz

Title should be “confused man wonders why straight men won’t fuck him” – KTV Gaming

That fucking Nasty Pig. I know some poor man will fall for It… He thinks it’s a girl but It’s not And It’s nasty long fucking giraffe neck. If you feel uncomfortable being your gender you have some mental disease. – Julian C

“I have a dick and an Adam’s apple, don’t be coy”…. best line….lmao – Cristina Does Life


YT description: Bearing:…



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Title: Transgender Lady is Angry That Straight Guys Aren’t Interested In Her (YT link) Uploaded by Gemineye.

United States, Humor: CNN Loses The Meme War (Hitler Parody)

Perfect. This is what winning looks like. Long burn CNN.

map in background “Berzerkeley” and “Londonistan” multi level dank. – Racer X


YT description: CNN finds out they lost the MEME war of 2017 in epic fashion after their blackmail offensive against a Trump WWE meme triggered a massive counter attack from the American public.

Title: CNN finds out they lost the MEME war (YT link) Uploaded by Magaruler.

False Flag, Humor: Meet Harrison Hanks, The Ultimate Crisis Actor

YT description: Re-Upload, Original video by Friend of Yawheh Titled “Ultimate Crisis Actor”, Link to Original

This is a hilarious video! Only 3 min long. Watch audition tape man sends to globalists, advertising his services to play any kind of crisis actor….one who can actually act.

Title: Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag- Hilarious Satire Skit (YT link) Uploaded by 50 Shades Of Pissed Off.

Humor: Dance A Day – Learn To Do The Cabbage Patch!

So, to break up the seriousness of my usual posts, I try to stick something lighthearted in every once in a while. This is a series called Dance A Day, presented by You Tube User Atomic Wedgie. Basically, the channel is run by a couple of goofballs gyrating their hips and their comedy skills while showcasing some retro dance moves. This segment is called the Cabbage Patch. The move is performed by a rather creepy looking guy in eighties work-out gear, and progresses from weird, to dumb, to stupid-funny. As twisted as my sense of humor is, this hits the right spot for me.


YT description: Rock a retro cabbage patch with your weird digital dance instructor, Jaxie Knievel.

Title: Dance a Day – Cabbage Patch Dance (YT link) Uploaded by Atomic Wedgie.

Humor: Ultimate Tourretes Guy Compilation By Gecko 1993 (NSFW)

Not Safe For Work!

Tourettes Guy Wikia, Cafe Press Merchandise page

(This was my first post on the original Verum Et Inventa blog, first posted on March 24, 2014. For posterity’s sake, I’m jotting down that the original blog got up to 8,752 posts before I switched over to this new blog. This post is number 2700!)


YT description: *ORIGINALLY CREATED: May 10, 2012, UPLOADED: May 18, 2012* After all this time, I decided to upload this crap onto YouTube. I believe you have the right to see the best of Danny-Famously known as The Tourettes Guy!

Title: The Ultimate Tourettes Guy Compilation (YT link) Uploaded by Gecko 1993.

The Ultimate Tourettes Guy Compilation by Gecko 1993 (2012) – 5 stars
This is funny stuff. You’ve got this poor guy, Danny Walters, with a bad temper and a profanity disorder. He vents all over the place in trying to quell his frustrations, using all of the tools at his disposal: pitch, fervor, vocal force and of course cuss words. The combination of intensity and the overreaction to the situation at hand is what makes this hilarious to me. And then we have the randomness of language. The bad words are funny on their own, but fashion bug and Bob Saget? And what about the physical comedy interspersed with the rest of it? Seriously, you can’t go wrong here. Just blast the audio out as loud as you can and offend everybody within hearing distance.