False Flag Charlottesville: Christian On Mystery Babylon Religion

The spiritual aspect gets lost during these controlled events, so here is a Christian perspective. I don’t agree with everything said here, based on my own research. Stick with the New Testament.


YT description: The mass masonic media taking sides and not declaring the ONLY solution, the puruty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, are agents of the Devil’s masonic race wars.

Therefore, since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech 2 Corinthians 3:12. Edifying Others declares in this video what needs to be said. To set free the captive slaves of secret societies, and the eternal truth to the redeemed.

Masonic Hegelian Dialectic Doctrines Of Demons & Seducing Spirits FAIL By Eternal Life In Christ

illuminati Race Wars, Vatican CFRothschild Assassins…

Edifying Others will not accept “illuminati” gnostic extortion, fronting $70 million bribery slavery.

Edifying Others needs you to support the truth, as they have shut down one of our channels. As I explained in the video below. The Truth about Trump and the fake news is and has been reported, and they are being exposed as the liars that they are. That is why they shut down one of our channels.

Real view counts are censored and are not accurately reported on all our videos, by the lying youtube-google’s mind control slave system. Since liars fear the truth, and the eternal immutable Word of God confutes them.

Help us by signing up for reoccurring monthly donations in your paypal account to help support the continuation of this channel and content like this.

Title: The Truth About Charlottesville Ralley Exposed & The illuminati Fake Media Race Baiting Confuted (YT link) Uploaded by Edifying Others.


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