False Flag Charlottesville: Chris Dorsey, Virginia Militia, Govt. Set-Up

You remember how the Kenyan (Marxist Jew ass-puppet) tried to incite a race war for 8 years? What do you think Lord Trump (Zionist Jew ass-puppet) will be doing for the next 8 years?

Get video outside of the crisis actors imaginary ring. Nothing going on outside of MSM cameras I am sure. I saw the same bs in Ukraine. It’s like the WWE for crisis actors. – Steve Lattimer

shout out for posting that this was staged! none of those people live in Charlottesville! those were crisis actors! this is an agenda being pushed – SanPablo39

3:00 (slave chains in the picture on the right) who would wear something like that? when the fuck did you have time to put that on? why would anybody (especially black) wear or even have something like that? think about it, the psy-op crisis actors…. I mean kkk show up and the first thing you do is put that on? – SanPablo39


8-12-17. Chris Dorsey from the “Virginia Militia” gives his take on what an obvious psy-ops and STAGED event this was today. If it is not completely fake then each side has been revved up to fight against the other, which then makes a staging become a very real situation. – American Mysteries And Conspiracies

Title: Charlottesville PSY-OPS – “Race Riot” Staged & Provoked By Agents USING LACKEYS & LAP DOG Followers (YT link) Uploaded by American Mysteries And Conspiracies.


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