Steve Olsen: World Currency Is Locked And Loaded (Will Go Digital!)

We have no FINANCIAL FUTURE. We should not use money in any form for anything. All forms of money is enslavement. What we need is: food, water, shelter, clothes. People existed way back 20000 years ago without ANY MONEY. Most people don’t know this but 50% of the world population lived without seeing money at all even 150 years ago. – 2010invent

It took 20 years to bankrupt America after 1913 Federal reserve act. 1933 HJR 192. The banks stole the peoples property value in return of debt. All you can do with debt is charge and discharge it. – Tommy Griffith


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Title: WSO – BREAKING – This is Important – World Currency Locked and Loaded (YT link) Uploaded by Steve Olsen.


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