Robert Smith: ‘Uncle Tom’ On Black Hatred, Low IQ, Education

I feel bad for this young black man. I did not expect such candor; personally, I would have focused on the more positive aspects of the Negro race. But really, who am I kidding? Us Hispanic are only two steps ahead of Filipinos.

Are there any 1st world African countries? Are there any 3rd World European countries? Whats the differece between Haiti and Hawaii? – European American

I think we place too much emphasis on IQ. Unless you have mental retardation you have enough intelligence to live a quality life. The real issue is a moral and spiritual one. What we consider intelligent has more to do with self control, purpose, decency, honesty(with yourself especially). That is black people’s real problem, moral and spiritual. – Mon Ember

Thank you for this. I Just read your article and you mentioned the Brazilian phrase used to praise Blacks who behave in a civilized manner. I’ve been called this “Black with a white soul” since I was a kid, even my parents once questioned me why I did not had many Black friends… Again, thank you for this. – Luis Fernando (a black Hispanic)


YT description: Jared Taylor interviews a young black man who describes how he discovered the truth about race and what it means to him.

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Title: Race Realism | A Black Man Discovers The Truth About Race & IQ (YT link) Uploaded by Reversing The Spell.

Robert Smith: ‘Uncle Tom’ On Black Hatred, Low IQ, Education – (2017) 4 stars

Run time: 38 minutes. We can take this conversation in a lot of different directions, based on the subject matter discussed. For the narrow scope of this critique, let’s stick to the topic of Negro intelligence and accomplishments. Are black people an inferior race? Overall, and objectively speaking, I think the answer is yes. In my personal experience, I’ve worked with and managed Blacks, Hispanics, Filipinos and Whites from a variety of different countries. Generally, Americanized Hispanics and Whites are about 50-50. Some are excellent workers and some are very lazy workers. By contrast, Blacks and Filipinos are more like 40-60 or 30-70, as far as positive work ethic goes. I’ve caught too many Blacks sneaking away from their work posts, and too many Filipinos sleeping in their cars, compared to the majority of other ethnicities I’ve supervised. However, Filipinos are not flooding video posting sites with recordings of people being assaulted (Worldstar!) or bragging on Twitter over how they enjoy getting away with beating women unconscious and raping them.

From recent figures, we can see that Negroes make up 11 to 13% of the population in the U.S. Of that number, only 1 or 2% of Negroes are out there committing a staggering 50% of all theft and violent crime. It isn’t bad enough when niggahs beat up on other niggahs, or when their ghetto mommas gang up on rival ghetto mommas, but we also have niggahs pouncing on hapless whites, ghetto mommas attacking smaller, weaker white girls, and the even more disgusting examples of black males punching white females in the face. According to feminism and cultural equality, we have to ignore these examples of abuse, which the first Kenyan president of the U.S. encouraged, mind you, and pretend that Negro crime in places such as Chicago and Detroit does not exist, and that Negroes don’t make it a point to go out ‘Polar Bear hunting,’ that is specifically targeting whites, including older men and women. The tiny 1-2% segment of the black population is so stupid that they record themselves attacking others with tire irons, record the faces of their unconscious victims that they sometimes kill with their sucker punches, and even record people drowning in rivers while they stand there and laugh and smoke weed.

What have Negro politicians done to improve the quality of life of fellow Negroes? Not a whole lot, really. Look at case examples of cities led by progressive Negroes and liberal democrats such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago and Washington. If you put a niggah in charge, or a pro-niggah activist, it seems as if the gates are suddenly opened up at the zoo and suddenly all the suburban apes are on the loose raising havoc. Again, look at Chicago for your prime example. The progressives stupidly took the guns away from the law-abiding public, and now we have dozens of murders taking place every single weekend. Are you telling me that empowering the criminals is a good thing?

If you want to act like a savage animal, then you should be labeled a savage animal. All these black and white cowards are afraid of being called racists, so they pussyfoot around and try to blame victims, diminish crime statistics and even pretend the atrocities are not happening right under their noses, all in the name of Political Correctness. I’m not one of those cowards! If you see what a problem is and who is responsible for causing it, logically you go to the problem and figure out how to fix it, instead of sitting on your hands and making up things like white privilege and white patriarchy. Even with Affirmative Racism, I mean Action, implemented, we see a small percentage of black females getting college degrees, while black males are enrolling instead into life-long careers in prison. Never mind that these dumb Negroes are given the opportunity, because they won’t take it. It’s much easier for a niggah to kill a man, to use that man’s cell phone, and to drive around in that man’s car for the weekend until the police chase the niggah down.

Let’s be fair here. We have tribalism everywhere. Hispanic gang members still jump and kill each other similar to what their ancestors did in Mesoamerica. Polynesians would still be clubbing each other to death and stealing each other’s women if it weren’t for the influx of civilized Western culture. Jews are the most tribal and vindictive people on Earth, but they’ve adapted so well they can now infiltrate a nation’s political and legal systems and destroy nations from within.

On the positive side, I have met, worked with and gotten along with a number of Negro men and women. Some of these are very motivated people, creative, imaginative, industrious, eloquent, etc. Some black people are naturally sophisticated and intelligent, while others will act civilized only while in civilized company. I’ve studied religion under the tutelage of an older black couple. I’ve come to business agreements with Negro men and I’ve dated Negro women.

Some of these people still had their ghetto sides, however, like in one instance where a woman I’ll call Z went to her uncle’s funeral near Atlanta. During the reception at the man’s home, the adults were in the living room, while the young women aged from their early to late twenties were in the kitchen by themselves. How did these women pass the time remembering their uncle? Why, by practicing shaking their butts and getting better at twerking. I know this because Z showed me the videos. I had another instance where I tried to mentor a 19 year-old black girl who was a budding intuitive and Old Soul. She was torn between doing what her selfish friends were doing and finding her true purpose in life. I interacted with this woman for about two years, before she finally gave up. I said ‘this is your life, make your choice.’ Her choice was a boyfriend who didn’t work and who came by every time this young woman got paid, asking for money so he could get his hair cut or buy sneakers.

Percentage-wise, I have met more intelligent Negroes from outside of U.S. than from in it. These include Eritreans, Ethiopians and Somalians, whom I would train for various job posts. This is from a time before the invasion of multiculturalism. The older crowd was intelligent and politically savvy. They knew how the CIA had corrupted their countries and given power to tribal warlords, and they left their battered nations to avoid religious persecution, starvation and war. Compare that to South Africa, where the Afrikaners and Boers were doing a great job in agriculture. Once the Negroes took over that country, thanks to activists like murdering communist Nelson Mandela, government, infrastructure and food production went to shit. The world turns a blind eye at the white genocide that goes on there, while the smart South Africans want the white farmers to become productive again. Mob rule indicates that South Africa will prosper by raping white women and children, and butchering them along with the white men later.

The point here is that blacks cannot create, build or manage anything in large numbers. They can’t do it as mayors in American cities, and they can’t do it in Africa when they’re in charge of their own countries. Like the disgusting Arab mercenaries employed by the CIA and the Mossad, and also American politicians as a whole, Negroes sell out their own people for weapons and promises of power and wealth. These people are not smart enough to avoid the temptation of the almighty dollar, and they willingly bring disease, famine and corruption upon their own heads.

You see the same thing in ghetto rap, where young male Negroes will do anything, including murder, to get their showy bling, which in turn causes the gold-digging females to rub their big butts on the males, on their cars and in their swimming pools. Negro IQ will not rise up anytime soon, as long as Negro youth culture promotes this idea of Self-Gratification, Do What Thou Wilt and Service To Self memes. We could go into a whole new article over who is responsible for causing this regression and savagery to happen, but that’s not the point. The point is that overall Negroes are too simple-minded and living in the moment to see how they are being manipulated, let alone to figure out how to reverse that trend and improve their racial standing on this planet.


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