Planet X: 08/08/17 – WSO, Dual Tail Comet And Don’t Cry Wolf!

I think the refracted object is also a hologram. Why? Because it is a flat object with a clearly defined edge…the pixels bear this out and there is no evidence of any light source hitting it. It also has an interesting pixilated “eye” shape front on. Is the disk covering something? – Jackie Margaret

Sept 23 was never the day of arrival. If it shows through Virgo on that date it’s a big sign..Accordingly it’s October that major events are to occur..There are at least 2 systems of concern..Opinion only ! Nibiru and the Dragon (which is a neutron star not a brown dwarf) are 2 separate issues..I also think Nibiru more likely to arrive in 2018 – Marc Gottlieb


YT description: We cover the most important finding, the return of the ‘Dobbs’ object, as he predicted in his model. Then, on to crying wolf.… Third Phase MOON VIDEO
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Title: WSO – Dual Tail Comet is BACK – Plus CRYING WOLF, what has it Done to Planet X Research? (YT link) Uploaded by WSO.


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