Music, Rockabilly: Zombie Ghost Train – Body Bags (Full Album)

The full title for the album is Glad Rags & Body Bags. It rocks. I believe this band is from Australia.

sometimes i really love youtube playlists.all these years this gem has gone under my radar. i love it – Hannes Dolde

Everytime you listen to this you get cooler. – Nimo Marceau

This is post #3000.


YT description: Full album by Zombie Ghost Train.
It’s the first psychobilly I heard and it’s awesome!

Title: Glad Rags & Body Bags (YT link) Uploaded by HakitoCZ.

Glad Rags & Body Bags
Dark Times
Graveyard Queen
Black, White And Dead
Deadcat Rumble
Girl U Want
Night Time Crawling
Zombie Beach
Buried Next To The King
You’re My Baby


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