Mandela Effect: Mommy Dearest ‘No More Wire Hangers’ Changed

Video from November, 2016.

I have heard of this movie, but I never watched it and so I am unfamiliar with the iconic line. It has struck a chord with a lot of the commenters, however. As usual, the critics miss the entire point, which is that some people’s memories have changed.

my family owned a dry cleaners. “No more wire hangers” was DEFINITELY in there. my siblings and I quoted that movie. And it was Mommy. – Goddess Nth The Artemis Effect

She says “no more wire hangers, no more wire hangers…EVER!!!” I remember it clearly I watched this movie many times. She wouldn’t say no hangers she wanted her to use hangers just not wire. – As You Wish

Y’all have no idea how mind blown I fucking am.. Me and my siblings grew up to this movie as kids.. It has always been MOMMY dearest.. and it has always been.. NO. MORE. WIRE. HANGERS.. My dad used to work at a hanger place.. so this was always our favorite part.. this is so unnerving.. – Guyla The God

My memory was “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS” and she was beating Christina ith the hanger while she screamed it. Weird. – Jolleen Galloway

I just watched “Mommy” Dearest last night. I know this movie well and it is full of Mandela’s now. Its was always Mommy. And I found it interesting that her daughter only said Mommy Dearest 3-4 times in the entire movie. This was never so, the daughter was made to call her that always, even as an adult. It was always “no more wire hangers” – Affected Effected

The voting:

No More Wire Hangers – 420

No Wire Hangers – 61


YT description: I remember a movie that came out in 1981 with the title Mommy Dearest and there was a famous quote “No More Wire Hangers” but apparently in this reality the movie was always Mommie Dearest and the famous quote was always “No Wire Hangers, No Wire Hangers Ever!”

Previous voting videos:…

Title: The Mandela Efferct(“No More Wire Hangers!” has changed) Please Vote #73 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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