Mandela Effect: Mommie Dearest – Producer Quotes The Old Line!

I’m glad MB brings up James E. Jones and Sally Fields, because we have documented clips of both of them remembering their famous movie lines, ‘Luke, I am you father’ and ‘They love me, they really love me.’ And still the sheep are in denial that something this going on.

Confabulation! Confabulation! Confabulate this, sheep.

Futurama did a parody of this. The line they used was “No more hanging wires.” Seems they remember the “more.” – I’ve Been Veered


YT description: In another reality The famous quote in Mommie Dearest was “No More Wire Hangers” and here you can see the producer of the film recalling it.

Title: Mandela Effect( Mommie Dearest Producer Recalls The Famous Line “No MORE Wire Hangers” Like I do) (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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