Mandela Effect: European Candy – MalteAsers Or Maltesers?

Video from November, 2016.

mindblown _ i used to live in ireland and these were DEFF called malteasers wtffff – MsMcDevitt

I’m from Canada and it’s always been maltesers – The Kid Wickid

A few months ago, I hadn’t heard of the Mandela Effect at this point, I was buying a box of Maltesers and I was struck by the spelling. It occurred to me in the shop that I thought it was spelt Malteasers. Then I learn of this being talked about, and it suddenly becomes really poignant that I questioned the spelling for the first time in my life. – 97 Channel

I just bought a packet of these and thought… what the heck. I always remember it being Malteasers because I’m sure they made several adverts about them teasing you. arrghhhhh. Mandela. – Second Degree Medicine

The voting:

Malteasers – 106

Maltesers – 56


YT description: Apparently the Malteasers brand Malt Balls candy by Mars has always been Maltesers in this reality. Please vote if you live in Europe and let us know your memory of this candy.

Title: Mandela Effect (European Candy Malteasers Has Always Been Maltesers In This Reality) Please Vote! (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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