Planet X: 08/05/17 – WSO, 20 Pics Of Rotating Orb In Alaskan Skies

Listen to that Blue Beam angle.


YT description: Yes, I said Orb again. What is it, is it a hologram? Is it some kind of cruel joke? No fear folks, just make peace with yourself, and your Creator.

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THRIVAL EVENT IN AUGUST – John Moore, Steve Olson, Bob Evans, David Meade – DONT MISS OUT!!! You can join via web link so no excuse not to get a group together and RECORD IT for your later viewing!

PREMIUM CONTENT and regular videos can be seen at: – newest series “Deep State Blues”

Title: WSO – Over 20 Alaska East Coast Images of a HUGE ROTATING ORB (YT link) Uploaded by WSO.


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