Steve Almundson: Chased From Mall For Exposing Islam’s Curses

Of course the mall manager went along with the decision to kick him out. That’s his future customer base he’s pandering to.

“Islamophobia” is an unbeliever who knows too much about Islam. (Perfect!) – Happy Fox

Buddhist are getting sick and tired of the Muslim Bull Shit. Buddhist are upset with the Muslims for killing and raping of their brothers and sisters. Buddhist are now killing and beating the hell out of Royingya Muslims in Myanmar. Soon the rest of the world will be doing what the Buddhist are doing to the Muslims. I will truly welcome those days. – Harry Gasser (not sure if this is true or not)


YT description: We interviewed Steve before about his activities and pamphlets. A truly dedicated and patriotic American willing to get out there and defend classical liberalism.

Title: Islam educator chased from mall by intolerant muslims (YT link) Uploaded by Vlad Tepesblog.


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