Lift The Veil: 07/07/17 – Aug. 21 Eclipse Explained On Flat Earth

Past the Flat Earth angle, this event is a Masonic / Kabbalah encoded event. See my notes down below.

I couldn’t find any good pro-Flat Earth comments on the YT page, so here is a good contrary comment:

Put your veil back over your head, you absolutely fake idiot. Check out your video at 12:12 to see the paths of future total eclipses and then try to explain it using the same method. I would especially like you to explain August 2026 when the total eclipse starts in the Mediterranean Ocean, goes near the North Pole and then ends up at the top of Russia. Or explain how the upcoming eclipse and the April 2024 eclipse have paths that are complete opposite curves, as are July 2019 and December 2020. This was no demonstration of how it would work on a flat earth, this is a demonstration of just how ignorant flatards are! – Al Barker


YT description: We will be presenting our interpretation of why the total eclipse of the Sun will be seen starting in the west and ending in the east and why that makes perfect sense on a Flat Earth. Taking calls.

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Title: 2017 Solar Eclipse West to East? Explained in Flat Earth (YT link) Uploaded by Lift The Veil Too.

Lift The Veil: Aug 21 – West To East Eclipse Controversy – (2017) 4 stars

Run time 1 hour, 3 minutes. Quick notes, from a caller that came in towards the end of the show. This is in regards to Masonic symbolism encoded in the event.

The eclipse comes in from the 33rd state, Oregon. The first city it hits is Salem, which is an early name for Biblical Jerusalem. The eclipse exits on the 33rd parallel, in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is the site of the first Scottish Rites Hall in the US. The moon’s shadow is projected to be 70 miles wide. This is a mystical number of totality. The date of August 21 is one month before the Feast of Trumpets and 40 days before the Day of Atonement. September 23, another big occult date, is 33 days from August 21st.

One of the callers mentioned the show where Dave Acton called in. That was an awesome show. I think Nathan uncovered an ongoing psy-op with George Webb either being Dave Acton or his brother. After this was exposed, Acton suddenly went dark. I’ve been following Lift The Veil, off and on I was following Acton, and every once in a while I checked in on Webb’s channel. A lot of what Acton said was true, but it was also Deep State. He had a bad habit of talking mass ‘that’s what you get’ shit to the sheep. I talk shit about the sheep myself, but I don’t laugh when they get killed.

Anyway, all these numbers tell me this is a Kabbalah / Masonic ritual taking place right in front of our faces. I expect a lot of frequency or subliminal programming on TV while this spectacle is taking place.


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