Jordan Peterson: Snowflakes, You Can’t Force Me To Respect You

Yeah, I’m sorry, you either have a dick or ya don’t. You’ll either be a he, she, or it if I can’t verify. Lol – Bryce Sherffius

i think many ppl confuse common decency with respect – techtalk

All this PC BS parsing of words by offended Democrats is nothing more than “New Speak” predicted by George Orwell in his book “1984”…written in 1949. I can’t believe it is coming true today in America… – Harry Kuheim

This guy is living proof that you never know where life may take you. He is a brilliant psychologist, distinguished and talented, but has been reduced to a battler of libtards… I bet he never saw that coming, I bet he doesn’t even want to have to play this role. It chose him. – December 151791

Respect earned by force is called fear. – lwfabsman


Title: Jordan Peterson to Student: “You can’t force me to respect you” (YT link) Uploaded by 7AceTV.


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