Austria’s Identitarians: Young, Hip And Rejecting Allah’s Invasion

This documentary is okay, but it does try to paint these young people as Nazis and extreme right. You know what? Even if they were outright Nazis, at least they care enough about their country that they don’t want their culture destroyed and their white women raped by Allah’s penis of peace.

For the liberal social engineering, thanks Jews!

I support Identitarians. I’m on the west coast of America and am half Mexican- we gladly integrated. I see the attack on white people and I stand with them in solidarity. – John Archuleta

Reporter to leftwing retard “Should there be more controls on the borders?” — “Oh no definitely not, what would that help?” — you stupid fucking commie bitch… Has she been asleep while all the terror acts happens in Europe as we speak? These leftwing parasites will never get the problem.. never – TheVoice

I wondered what happened to the men of Europe and how they could stand by while 1000 Cologne women were sexually attacked and the media, politicians, and police tried to ignore it. I now think I found them. Being proud of Europe and its culture is not a crime regardless of what the Merkel types say. – Robert


YT description: For more information on Martin Sellner and the Identitarian Movement in Europe go to…

Title: Young, Hip and Far Right: Europe’s Youth Reject Multiculturalism (YT link) Uploaded by Julius Streicher.


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