United States: Has ATT Been Spying On Us Since The Beginning?

I went on a tour of downtown Philadelphia. We were instructed to not take pictures of the windowless building there, the tour guide said it was CIA headquarters. One guy in the group took a picture, he thought no one would see him, in five minutes a team of three men came and physically TOOK his phone and said he was warned and he would not be able to get the phone back! There are signs they say NO Photography in the area, but it was unbelievable. – Alisa Belove

Here’s a personal anecdote about land line phones. In 1969, a friend was arrested for allegedly manufacturing the now-popular psychedelic drug, DMT. The police entered into the court record the transcripts of the phone tap they had on his phone. But, they neglected to edit them, so the transcripts included conversations between my friend and his wife, in their bedroom, not when they were using the phone. And so we have known for going on 1/2 century that the microphone on a telephone worked just fine, even when the phone was hung up. – Danny J

look into Cisco Switches, they contain CIA malaware. Cisco switches constitutes the largest portion of Internet switches. I discovered something suspicious in one of these cisco switch models in my computer networking class in 2015, thought it was weird that unplugged switches still had power running in areas that should be at 0. I told My teacher,he rubbed it off as internal clock battery, but it’s Bullshit since it’s on the other side. I dropped that class, didn’t want to be a pawn. – Ricardo A


We’ve filmed a lot of places over the years and been given a lot of guff over it, but this was one of the creepier moments for sure. – Truthstream Media

Title: How Long Have They Really Been Listening In? (YT link) Uploaded by Truthstream Media.


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