Flat Earth: Using Known Science On Aug 21 Eclipse Inconsistencies

This is a long and dry presentation. It does get repetitive, as the producer backtracks and emphasizes key points. That said, it does a good job on showing us what is wrong with ‘official story’ science.

To be fair, the YT critics are saying that this eclipse was predicted through the heliocentric model. Also, they’re saying atmospheric conditions would not cause the effects claimed. Nobody is saying anything about the unreasonably tiny pinpoint of light hitting the Earth.

Never trust a NAShole!


YT description: This video is to discuss the upcoming eclipse on August 21, which will pass over the continental United states, as a total solar eclipse. There is a lot of debate and discussion regarding this upcoming predicted eclipse, so I figured I’d get my two cents in as well. Of course, we touch on a few other topics, but I was able to keep it under an hour (or so). Feel free to peruse my playlists and hundreds of vids for other FLAT EARTH PROOF and HELIOCENTRIC COMEDY : ; P
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Title: FLAT EARTH ~ Eclipses & Such (YT link) Uploaded by The Morgile.


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