NASA Lies: Aug. 21 Eclipse Anomalies And Is Luna 70 Miles Wide?

The NASholes are lying to your face, sheep.

Im waiting to see how its explained when the eclipse is happening in NA (North America) but the moon is still visible in Australia – Joe S

Here in Florida off the space coast they said they would be testing the effects of how a sonic boom reacts in a humid environment, this starts on 8/21/17 same day as eclipse, we should here many sonic booms and not to be alarmed – Troll Crusher

No eclipse in history has ever gone from west to east. It’s NOT the moon that we will be seeing eclipse the sun!! – Nth Degree Aerial Perspectives

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the american public believes is false… William Casey CIA Director ( 1981 ) – MrMartin


YT description: This keep getting stranger and stranger, Now NASA will be flying old recon fighters while the sun and moon cross paths above the middle american areas.
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Title: The moon is only 70 miles across According to NASA Figures. (YT link) Uploaded by Richie From Boston.


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