United States: Lord Trump Lies About Staying In Afghanistan

Washington, D.C. Has no credibility no what so ever they bunch of scumbags criminals and Jesse James thieves and the list goes on…..etc. – Commanchee Puto

If that is what they are admitting to, then you know it’s worse— drugs, guns, organ harvesting, human trafficking. Also a strategic position on Iran. – Donna Maertz

The only reason we went there in the first place was because America likes to steal other countries’ natural resources. Anyone remember how the war in Iraq was literally An acronym spelling out oil. Operation Iraqi Liberation. Also, didn’t the U.S. fund Al khida during the Soviet Afghan war? – Logan Anderson

1) 0pium 2) 0il Pipeline 3) Rare Earth Minerals 4) Child sex trafficking 5) Turning munition inventory That’s all it’s ever been and all it ever will be. – Isaac Kaiser


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Title: U.S. Admits REAL REASON For Staying In Afghanistan (YT link) Uploaded by The Jimmy Dore Show.


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