United States: DNC Impostor Drops Red Pills At Politicon Event

DNC Policies : -More wars -More insurance companies and profits -Less Unions -Less public schools and more charters schools -More student debt and no tuition-free Colleges -More minimum wages jobs with no benefits and less unions to increase inequality. -More polluting and less regulations. -More billion dollars for the military industrial complex. – Hulk Hulk

Heres what the DNC will do (I think). They will just smear him and call him a fake. And they will STAY SILENT or deflect any question they receive about what he said. Business as usual, and the business STINKS – Killing Jokes

Get the corporate money and corporate lobbying OUT. its the problem with nearly every issue you can think of. As long as politicians can be bribed legally, no issue will be moved on unless the oligarchs want change in their favor – Winkle The BernieBro


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Title: DNC “Spokesman” Proposes Medicare For All – Stuns Crowd (YT link) Uploaded by The Jimmy Dore Show.


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