United States: Bipartisan Scumbags To Make Protesting Israel Illegal

but a bankrupt american IS a good citizen.. a good citizen works his ass off for years building his worth and then borrows against it, gets old sick or injured, loses everything and dies alone in the gutter still owing taxes.. – Duggie D

This is a great example of Freedom and Liberty at work. You are free, as long as you don’t say anything bad about Israel. Fuck the Zionist scum, they have nothing to do with being Jewish, they just hide behind Anti-Semitism to block any criticism. – Jeff Lock

The democrats and republicans are different cheeks of the same ass. You end up with shit, regardless of which side you take… – Sandernista (and that ass is Israel)

We can’t sanction Israel, but our government can sanction Russia, Venezuela, Iran, etc. Thy hypocrisy is many. – Astoris


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Title: Democrats & Republicans Try To Make Protesting Israel Illegal! (YT link) Uploaded by The Jimmy Dore Show.


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