Hexen Hammer: Lord Trump Wars Of New Cold War With Russia

Obviously, there are some mean criminals in the US Congress. All the people who voted for sanctions against Russia must be investigated for blackmail or mind control etc. Some is bizarrely wrong in America. The muslims are invading but they are blaming invisible Russians and a media hoax that started out with the headline “Russia hacked the elections”. – In Your Face

Congress thinks they have an ace up their sleeve by forcing Trump to enact sanctions against Russia but what they don’t realize is that the political climate has changed and except for Republican and Democratic partisans nobody wants another cold war. I mean just look at Gen Z they are the most conservative generation since the WW2 generation and where the Marxists and WarHawks fucked up is not pushing the bulk of the propaganda towards the younger generation. Boomers are going to die in ten years and nobody takes millennials seriously anymore. The Neo Cons/Libs have a dying base and they know it. This is why they are employing people such as the ADL and No Hate Speech movements to shut down the Alt Media before it can red pill the next generation. But what they fail to realize is that the younger generation always hates being told what to do, and they especially hate censorship. Google and Cuckerberg are shooting their selves in the foot by doing this and in a age of social media these people are so narcissistic that they think alternate platforms and alternate voices will never bloom and this is their biggest crutch and they don’t even realize it. Multiple alternate platforms are popping up and they are frantically trying to stop this growth but only making it worse. – Rose Tinted Espresso


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Title: Trump Warns of Cold War Escalation, Attacks Congress in Sanctions Release (YT link) Uploaded by Styx Hexen Hammer 666.


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