Hexen Hammer: Blind Enrollment, Alternative To Affirmative Action

Liberals are always about quantity, never about quality.

Universities would fight blind enrollment tooth and nail for one simple reason: sports. This is a multibillion dollar industry and requires looking at individual applicants in a manner that is individually identifiable in order to accept top athletes who are horrible scholars. Reforming such corruption would be great, but one would be going against a juggernaut. There’s also a lot of alumni donation money in cronyism. – Scrotie McB

My husband is a part time faculty at a medical school. Medical students are predominantly female, minority and foreign. Very few men admitted. Very very few white men. In addition admission standards have been lowered. The quality of graduates is, as he says, pretty pathetic. We are looking at an entire generation of marginal physicians. Not because they are women or minorities but because of said lowering of standards. Plus- big plus – the faculty is terrified of being accused of racism or sexism if they criticize sub par work. – Julia Barrett

“IQ is real and it’s largely based on race. That’s why we need affirmative action.” – The Real Progressive Mindset – 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars

Hence the rub. They don’t want merit-based. They want to give an advantage to “traditionally discriminated groups.” I used to recruit for highly competitive East coast universities. Elite schools would turn their nose at Asian or White applicants with 4.2 GPAs, and fight to the death over Black students with a 2.0. They would celebrate nabbing one of these students to juice their diversity stats, and then let them fail-out the next year – hence actually harming the student. Such students would come to me and say “What programs do you have for Black students.” I would politely respond “We have lots of great programs for good students, nothing specifically for Black students.” They would roll their eyes and walk away. – Atlantic Piper


YT description: AA is explicitly discriminatory and will eventually be struck down. There’s an alternative that would work for everyone.
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Title: Blind Enrollment: The Alternative to Affirmative Action (YT link) Uploaded by Styx Hexen Hammer 666.


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