Evil Islam: Allah’s Grandfather Marries Pre-Teen Child Bride

For the Politically Correct crowd, it isn’t pedophilia if it comes from Islam! The Feminists told me so! The Vatican and the politicians, those are the bad guys, so look over there, people! Nothing to see here, sheep. Move along.

The video states that Allah’s pious and righteous man is 80 years old and that the girl is 12. I couldn’t verify either age because there are no details on the YT video. She does look like a little girl, though, and he looks older than that black meteorite the Muslims lick at Ka’ba..

Balalalalala! Khuruf Ackbar!

For the social engineering and multi-rape-alism, thanks, Jews!


Title: SICK- 80-year-old Muslim man marries his 12-year-old bride during arranged marriage (YT link) Uploaded by Fu3i.


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