Planet X: Dave Dobbs Predicting Nibiru’s 13th Fly-By And More

The first 35 minutes are the most pertinent, with an excellent collection of images and video. Don’t miss that!  Dobbs later goes on a semi-rant including an anti-Brexit stance and metaphysical concepts such as coming Ascension and corrupt souls from Mars having ruined their planet and taken over Earth. This is the kind of stuff I deal with regularly, so I’m used to all of it. For some of you, Dobbs’ droning speaking style might be a turn-off. Watch the first 35 minutes!

Also, be sure to check the YT page for links to all the video clips. I tried to copy and paste them here, but they kept showing the full video instead of only the link. Actually… I might just post all of those links as I get to them. Stay tuned!


YT description: Do your maths yourself. This will be the 13th orbital rotation of Nibiru round Nemesis – without any doubt at all – before it completely plunges back through the ecliptic and into the Southern aspect of our Solar System, from whence it came. If there is any preparations we can make then now is the time.

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Title: Nibiru’s Thirteenth and final Flyby Approaches Now. (YT link) Uploaded by Dave Dobbs.


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