Mandela Effect: Strange Ford Mustang Horse Emblems, MustangE

Kind of like the ChevErolet anomalies Scarab caught a while back. For me, the Mustang horse had its head up and its tail straight back. And I used to own a 1971 model.

I am that person who won the spelling bees. We also owned many Mustangs. Mustang has never had an e at the end in my 57 year old reality! – Sherry K

Sorry, I also remember Mustange, and the Horse was looking to the right, always. I’m waiting for all of us to wake up with three fingers and a thumb, and seeing how many think it’s odd I would say five finger discount. Lol. – Aaric


Title: Mandected – Strang(e) Mustang(e) Residu(e) (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.


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