Mandela Effect: Statue Of Liberty Now Has Chains By Her Feet

Should I even try to list all the ME changes for America’s symbol of freedom? The statue has shrunk, it was on a square base, then a star fort, the book of justice was higher on her chest… What else? Oh, she was on Ellis Island and not Liberty Island, she was on the New York side and not on the New Jersey side like she is now. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

I see that the We Wuz Kingz crowd is declaring that Lady Liberty was originally a black woman. She doesn’t look Negro. Let’s say that maybe she was, but that original black woman was named Ishtar / Inanna, according to my research. The alternative was that she was a female version of Apollo. My research doesn’t mean jack anymore, by the way, with all of these historical changes screwing things up.  Maybe the Kingz goofs are right, after all. Maybe the statue build the pyramids?

Anyway, no chains in my old reality. Check the YT channel name. Statue Ellis NPS. Not Statue Liberty (Island) NPS? More residual evidence?


YT description: In celebration of Black History Month, the Statue of Liberty National Monument invites you to interpret the symbolism represented by the broken shackles and chains at the feet of the statue and their connection to the civil war and the end of slavery.

Title: Liberty Unshackled (YT link) Uploaded by statueellisnps.


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