Mandela Effect: Residual Evidence For Rock Band Led Zepplin

For me, it was always spelled ZeppElin. When I was in elementary school back in the early 80s, we had this urban legend. In it, some teens went out for a cruise and ended up crashing their car. They all died, according to the story. When the cops showed up, a Zeppelin song, Stairway To Heaven, was still playing on the 8-track. So yeah, I knew how to spell that word way back then.

Have you looked at the Statue of Liberty lately? It has chains on her feet! – LbHenriksen (I’ll have to go take a look!)

First, Lynard Skynard, now this! Those are my two favorite old school rock bands. Only guys so talented I never get sick of their music. – Diggy D

Yes! The word “cancelled” is now spelled “canceled”!! – Goddess Four Winds (since I write full-time, I’ve been catching a lot of these)

judgement is now judgment… – Susan Thomas


Title: Mandected – LED ZEPPLIN (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.


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