Fight Science: Muay Thai – Beginner To Advanced Punching

Some of these guys have accents that are really difficult to understand. They often jump into Tagalog and make sounds effects like Boop Boop Aaagh! Anyway, past all that, the punches are simple and shown by several fighters. That’s fine for me, as I get several opinions on how they’re setting their punches up. An hour might seem a little long for this training guide, but I was standing and copying the strikes as I watched, and I learned a couple of things about using the legs for power and standing fairly still to produce better balance.


YT description:

Part 2 – Kicking is here:
Part 3 – Elbow is here:

Fight Vision presents an educational film:
Muay Thai Training guide. Beginners to advanced. Part 1 – Punching.

The purpose of this film is to instruct Muay Thai enthusiasts from all over the world in all aspects of Thai boxing techniques.

In this episode we will perform: Jab, Straight Punch, Uppercut, Hook, Superman Punch. All the aspects of techniques will be shown with opponents, boxing bags and focus mitts. All the elements will be performed by light/middle and heavy weight fighters/trainers from Thailand and USA.

+ KO collection for all techniques

Pat Muay Thai (Bangkok), Jimmy Bangarang (Bangarang Gym, Chiang Mai), Tanaphong (Team Quest, Chiang Mai), Sean Fagan (kickboxer from US), Bee Charn Chai (Charn Chai, Pai), Tanachon Yingwitayakun (KC, Chiang Mai), Rawai Supa Muay Thai (Phuket).

Title: Muay Thai Training Guide. Beginners to Advanced: Punching (YT link) Uploaded by Fight Vision.


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