Fight Science: Metatron’s Top Ten Most Effective Fighting Styles

Lots of good points to consider here. I have researched a lot of different fighting styles over the years, but not so much hands-on. My personal choices for most effective would be as follows:

  1.  Mixed Martial Arts – for all around stand-up and ground fighting
  2. Muay Thai – for simple, effective brawling
  3. Kung Fu – like Metraton, I’m talking about Shaolin stances and training, which are among the most beautiful ever created
  4.  Marine Corps Martial Arts – good, all around and advanced fighting system, including wrist and arm locks

Muay Thai along with BJJ makes the perfect combo, as far as I m concerned. great video! – Marc Pereiras (I agree here, but that would mostly become MMA fighting.)


YT description: In this video I share my personal opinion on the top ten martial arts in order of effectiveness.

NOTE: When I say “traditional” karate, I actually ment “Sport” karate, I apologise for this linguistic imprecision.

I have practiced two styles of Karate (Shotokan, Kyokushin), Taekwondo, and Wushu Kun Fu, so although I’m not an expert I do have first hand experience of martial arts and the martial world.

Ofcourse I do realise there are many factors to keep into consideration and martial arts like Karate and Kung Fu have many different styles which have variations, but in this video we want to have an interesting opportunity to share out opinions as martial arts lovers.

Thank you for watching

Title: Top Ten Most Effective Martial Arts (YT link) Uploaded by Megatron.


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