Transpicuous Views: 07/30/17 – The Unified Theory Of WTF

We all have a part to play in this game. McKenny states we can’t simply love all the bad guys and walk away from what they’ve done to humanity. I may not be the one to punish them, but I do hope that somebody drops the hammer on them, somehow, some way.


YT description: Last night we went deeper down the WTF rabbit hole and I tossed out a theory from way off in left field- again, looking at the “We are living in a computer simulation”.  Is this the Unified Theory that explains all the fuckery we are now seeing in every aspect of our current “existence”?

We opened the conversation talking about the “mind reading” episodes that we’ve seen ramping up.  Those instances when you’ve spoken about something, and the next thing you see, is exactly what you were talking about showing up on google ads, youtube videos, facebook ads etc…. This is something that almost everyone has experienced on some level, but recently this has jumped to a WHOLE new level!!  This discussion was triggered by a post in the UnFuckers group that literally blew my mind and led directly to this conversation last night.

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Title: Transpicuous Views July 30: The Unified Theory of WTF (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.


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