Mandela Effect: Scopitone Music Videos, The Sixties Just Got Sexier!

Dude… Where should I start? Just think back to your favorite disco music, and to how the female singers and back-up dancers were dressed. They did have go-go dancing back then, but those chicks wore full blouses on top, and long pants or short skirts / shorts below. That was the 70s. In the sixties, go-go dancing was a little more risque in the bars or dance clubs, yes, but not on any media venue that kids could get their hands on. TV shows and magazines never showed women in underwear. Movies might show a woman in a bra or regular panties, but never showgirl thongs like you started to see in late 70s or 80s Las Vegas. Scopitone video jukeboxes did not exist! This is the reason Playboy magazine was such a big deal, because there was no other mainstream alternative!

I remember go go dancers in mini dresses with tall Go Go boots. I don’t recall that much skin on dancers. Maybe Cher.. but not til around the 70s after the counter culture revolution – Ms. Lambykins

The Scopitone videos in themselves are ME’s for me. Music videos didn’t exist til the early 80’s for me. – The Greatest Of These Is Love

Lone Eagle ! Thanks for this Great research. I remember when Elvis Caused a stir in the 60s for moving his hips, and that was nothing compared to this ! wow man ! – Veranga

I noticed their body types are much more modern looking. You never saw ab definition in these times. Women were softer and less athletic. – Ms. Lambykins

the underwear is very thongish, I remember knickers from that time always covering the whole bum. it defo seems too much bum cheek for the time – Mr Mays

In my 1960’s The Jeanie in the tv show I dream of Jeanie wasn’t allowed to show her bellybutton …and on I Love Lucy Lucy and Ricky had to sleep in separate beds. I also remember when Sonny and Cher first started there was a big deal made about Cher and her “provocative ” outfits. So yeah, I’m with you on this one! – Cindy Hargett


YT description: Found a Mandela in a Mandela…in a…Mandela.

This is what I mean by keep searching past the logos and land changes. There’s more than meets the eye!!!

Being exposed to sexuality in a proper respectful manner as a child can change the world…night and day to an individual who experienced pain through sexual acts because the criminal himself is a victim…and imagine if that criminal was subjected to open love and sexuality. Imagine what wouldn’t happen.

This changes so much! As each shift happens…seems we get better results meaning less people experience pain from “old earth” results. Those crimes didn’t happen then cause the original bad guy dealt with their sexuality at a young age leading to a happier life.

But I feel this is a perfect example of how to keep searching, and how getting stuck on just logos can be detrimental. Logos’ is the first step…a surface thing. DIG!!!

Learn to open up to new ideas, love, feeling. Shed the fear!

Jody Miller Video:…

April Stevens Video:…

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Title: Mandela Effect: Sexuality IN 1960 /Sexual Repression on the DECLINE (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


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