Mandela Effect: New Hawaiian Island Screws Up 7 Chakra System

I’m not qualified to comment on this one, so let me see what the YT comments have to say about it.

On my old reality there were 9 islands of Hawaii. I’m glad if there are more islands showing up! The more Hawaii the better! Aloha! – chick

I became Reiki Master in 2001… I have never heard of comparing the Chakras with Hawaiian Islands. What I do know is that the Islands where born by the crust passing over the volcano… an Island gets built up by the volcano, then moves aside and a new island gets formed over the volcano… I would guess that the smaller islands where formed during fast movement of the crust. The larger islands was in the same place for a very long time. And there are actually more than seven Chakras. – Teri Ross

Ni’ihau is pronounced Nee-ee-how, and Kaho’olawe is pronounced Ka-hoh-oh-la-vay. The little atoll you pointed out is called Molokini, the smallest of all the islands and a popular snorkeling spot. Kaho’olawe is sacred in the way it is the very center north, south, east, and west, of all the islands. Herds of goats and cattle deforested the land from the 1700s to the 1800s, so all the topsoil washed away, then the Navy used it for bombing practice for decades, just about destroyed it with depleted uranium. Locals finally got them to stop the bombing and desecration in the 70s, and now people go over to do clean-up, but it will take centuries to heal the damage. All those other islands going up to the Northwest are also part of the chain, have always been there. – The Dream Is Real

Aloha! I was very excited to see that you did a video on Hawaii. I live on Oahu and can tell you that this island for sure has some serious energy. Kahoʻolawe was a bombing range for the military so it would make sense not to have a chakra on that island. I don’t know why they are showing Molokini underwater. Its it a real place and a nature preserve. You are saying chakras correctly and keep working on them!! – Natalie Goodman


YT description: Again…I need YOUR help! I just started looking into the Chakras and doing Yoga not too long ago, but I clearly don’t know enough to say for certain…but…didn’t the 7 Chakras align with the 7 Hawaiian Islands? Now look at the structures of those islands…I think they’ve been MANDELA’d!!!

Let me know what you think…educate me, own me, whatever. Holla in the comment section down below!

Also…THINK POSITIVE cause whatever is happening…is all for the better! LOOK AT THE NEW LAND!!!!! PEACE!!!

Chakra Website:…

Chakra Website: https://harwitumaustralia.wordpress.c…

Title: Mandela Effect: The 7 Chakras and Hawaiian Islands!!! (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


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