Mandela Effect: Landmasses Shift By 68 Miles North At 2 Places

I also have memories of el Salvador n Guatemala being in South America n it’s been confusing me for the past 5 years or so, perhaps more. – Janus

I was a sailor in the US Navy, the tropic of cancer was always near the gulf of mexico. Ecuador was always in south america. My spanish teacher in high school in 1992 was from there. I also went to central america, guatemala specifically, in 1991. – Chad Jones

Okay I found something VERY interesting in Wikipedia about this! In the Wikipedia article for the Equator, it states that Equatorial Guinea has some of its territory through which the equator passes. This was edited into the article in 2006/2007. BUT… In the article for Equatorial Guinea itself however, it states that no part of the equator passes through Equatorial Guinea, this info appears to have been edited into that separate article in 2015 and 2016. I took screenshots from the articles and the revision history pages if you want me to send those to you? – Jeopardy Leyton


Title: Mandela Effect: Recorded Landmass Moving EXACTLY 68 MILES in TWO DIFFERENT Spots!!! (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


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