Europe: Andorra, Beautiful Country Between France And Spain

I love those cobblestone buildings! Most of this video is a drive-thru of Andorra, with some location shots mixed in.

When I first heard of Andorra, I thought, this has to be a Mandela Effect, because I’m fairly familiar with most country names from all over the world. In my old reality, Mongolia did not exist, for example, and neither did… What is that called again? Hold on… Moldova, and for that matter, Macedonia. Mongolia and Macedonia were ancient names for me. I don’t know where Moldova came from. Anyway, even though I’ve looked into the Basque people with their RH- blood and the Pyrenees in history and all that, I let Andorra slide because I don’t know everything there is to know.

But, there’s more! In the strange tale of the Man from Taured, a man was questioned at a Tokyo airport. The man said he was from Taured, and his passport confirmed this. The problem is that the nation of Taured does not exist. The airport officials presented the stranger a map and told him to find his country of origin. You guessed it, he pointed at Andorra.

Man from Taured article on Week In Weird.


YT description: Andorra is a country in Southern Europe and borders France and Spain. This movie shows my arrival in Andorra, the city centre of the capital Andorra la Vella and my departure overland to France.…

Title: Exploring Andorra (YT link) Uploaded by Jeroen Travels.


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