Deconstructing The Construct: 08/01/17 – Dracos Change Heart?

Harrison goes into how the Draconian / reptiles may be having a change of heart and how some of them might be helping instead of hindering humanity. She also says not to get stuck in a little paradigm like most people cling to. Contradiction?

Anyway, I always focus on the big picture, because even though I have done some channeling, lucid dreaming, regular dreaming, automatic writing and other sorts of minor divination, I have not found anything I can consider to be 100% proof that the entities I can contact are in charge, although they sometimes like to pretend that they are. That goes for everything else I’ve studied, from meditation to shamanism to witchcraft to Kabbalah. I don’t think anybody gets 100% truth.


YT description: Heart Sourced Draco’s? Who would have guessed……A ‘new earth’ energy grounded this past Thursday (Australia time) bringing the new more into the physical……..The difference between Spirit and Soul and the final ‘fence’. and a quick update on Heather Tucci Jarraf’s day in court.

Title: Deconstructing The Construct Ep 14 – 1 Aug 2017 (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.


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