World: Record Heat Wave Above 45 Lat, Causing Lightning, Hail

I’m in N. Idaho, we’ve had no rain for a month and 90°-100° every day of it- No rain in sight:/ just drought:( I feel bad for Cali and the weird state! They are doing a huge “WAR GAMES” drill over my home BTW, biggest military drill ever, 30 agencies across the world- They call it a GLOBAL RAPID MOBILITY or MOBILITY “GAURDIAN” EXCERSIZE over the Fairchild Air Force base through Moses Lake- YIKES:/ – Wake Up

Record Temps all week here… Carson City, NV – John Lemahieu

rain and more rain here in sw UK – HQCOMMS65

we had lightning like that in northern mid Michigan 2nd week of July. I’ve never seen a storm like that in my life. – Carl Ricciardi

Here in northern Sweden the sun is crazy. The sun feels like a hot air gun, it’s NOT normal. There are lots of dull birds on the roads, it’s NOT normal. I usually love the summer but now I want winter. – Lalle Prutt

Just a heads up for anyone interested , been watching nature all my life and have lived in this area for 53 years . I know what to look for in natural behavior of animals and they are telling me it’s going to be an early winter and a harsh one . Three days ago I saw 2 Canada geese at my pond , never have I seen them here this early , usually not for another month . Today I saw thousands of ant’s out of the ground in the middle of the day foraging , not just one one ant hill but multiple ones . I live in Ottawa Ontario , Canada …. see this stuff this early , I know whats coming. Take care everyone , God Bless. – Rogue2264


YT description: Aug. 1, 2017: A blistering heat wave will sear the West Coast this week, threatening some all-time record highs in parts of Oregon and Washington, pushing Seattle toward a rare triple-digit high.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued excessive heat warnings and heat advisories from parts of western and southern Washington to interior portions of southwest California and western Nevada.

Heat Wave in Europe for next 10 days, records being set daily. Record lightning strikes recorded in Germany and Sweden last night. More video of extreme hail. Climate Chaos rolls…………

Title: Heat Waves in E and W Hemispheres (45 lat) – Crushing hail and WILD lightning dominate weather! (YT link) Uploaded by Mr MBB333.


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