United States: Ridge Speaks – Common Core Killing Common Sense

Amen, bro. The Public Fool System is a fraud. Learning God’s word is the most important thing! The nonsense we have to learn in school is to essentially prepare us for jobs, but 80% of what we learn in school is completely unnecessary for the average job though. – Spiritual Israel

You waste at least twelve years of your life that you can be using to study scripture and learn about things that matter. Schools do not teach useful things, such as survival skills, and instead teach us useless information that almost none of the kids will use in their later life. I hope more people wake up from this, and I know if I have any children, I will either home-school them or send them to a Christian/Non-Catholic private school. The common core system is used as a way of control by the global elites so we learn a bunch of useless formulas/equations and read fictional stories that try to keep us away from God. We need to wake more people up and get them to focus more on the Bible and study it. God bless you. – Colin Gallagher

The purpose of common core is to keep whites stupid so it will seem as all races are on the same scholastic equivalent! This is another way the jews have underminded our education system, people stay ignorant to historical facts about what the jews have done to so many nations over so many years. Look what they did to the soviet union and how they were no longer useful so the jews drop them off a financial cliff, just like they will do to us when we don’t serve the zionist world order anymore! – proticalsonn (I don’t agree so much with the ‘whites stupid’ part, but I do agree on the people responsible. Thanks, Jews!)


Title: Why common core is killing common sense (YT link) Uploaded by Ridge Speaks.


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