Mandela Effect: The State Of Arizona Now Has A Monsoon Season

Crazy…. I’ve never heard of this. Where the hell does the water come from? We have mountains in California that stop the incoming precipitation, so everything east of the mountains was desert. All that rain should have been coming down in San Diego County, before places like El Cajon and Santee that are further out.

Then why do they need Colorado water??? I also was there in early august, 1990, and 8 months pregnant with my son. It was 110 every day and dry as a bone. – Mary Osgood

very little of the water AZ uses is from rainfall. It’s to sporadic to be dependable. We do get a lot of water from the Colorado river and we also have a series of man made lakes that help to capture the snow run off. There is also substance in the Phoenix metro area called caliche. a mineral deposit of gravel, sand, and nitrates, found especially in dry areas. That’s why even a little bit of rain can cause flash flooding. So we don’t have a very deep water table plus drilling through caliche is very rough if not impossible to do. – 007 John Dog 007 (I believe the comment, but does this make logical sense to anybody? AZ gets monsoon rains, and they don’t use the water? You’d think Native Americans would have worked that out a long time ago, don’t ya think?)

If you have grown up in Arizona and remember there always having been monsoons that means that the memories they have implanted in you have “stuck”. For those who see the changes, the downloads haven’t “taken”. Just as the vast majority of doctors don’t see the anatomical changes and the vast number of pastors don’t see the bible changes, those in closest proximity are often the least likely to see changes. Also, the bigger changes seem to be getting lost on those who are affected with the smaller things. – Georgeanne L

I lived in Lake Havasu City and Bulkhead City Arizona…..there are monsoons there and they are fantastic to watch!!!!!!! I have noticed the Mandela effect, wow, weird crap going on….I also grew up in Low Angeles Calif. This sun is not the same….last night in Klamath falls Oregon I noticed casiopia the constellation was not in the correct area. Things are freaky really!!!! – Maria Grigsby

I live in Las Vegas, we get monsoons. I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for a year, October ’99 to January ’01. definitely had a monsoon season. now as a truck driver, travel the southwest twice weekly. many storms on the summer. though it does seam to be more often this year. – harmony mello (Las Vegas gets monsoons too?)

you might be interested in the Oklahoma Earthquakes… I grew up in OK and was very accustomed to tornadoes. But I had NEVER heard of earthquakes there. Soon after I moved away from Oklahoma (1994) earthquakes started and have been increasing in number exponentially. – Terri Ross

I’m from Northern California, not Arizona. But, I know a lot of people from Arizona and none of them mentioned this to me. Also, my mother’s paternal grandmother is a full-blooded Papago Indian/Tohono O’odham who lived on the reservation in Arizona, and my mom has told me a lot of stories about her and the other relatives on the reserve. But, she never said anything about the monsoons. I used to drive trucks long haul, and I’ve been through Arizona and the Mojave desert many times. I also moved from Sacramento, California to Utah, and I had to make several road trips through the desert to move my belongings, and to visit friends before and after I moved. I never saw or heard of the monsoons. My car broke down and stranded me in Death Valley twice though LOL. – Chante Moody

It’s called the monsoon season because the moisture comes up from the Gulf. It can dump tons of rain in a few minutes. I live in NM so we look forward to the ‘monsoon’ season because it can be the only rain we get all year. Usually hits from July to Sept. It doesn’t happen every day. We can go weeks without summer rain and one rainfall can bring 2 to 3 inches in 30 minutes. The reason it is still desert is that much rain in such a short time means major run off. Most of it doesn’t stick. – K Eding (So the water comes from the Gulf Of Mexico, and it doesn’t drop before AZ? Are you kidding me?)


YT description: NEVER HEARD OF IT. But…i am ignorant. Own me in the comment section below and have a great day! More info later…in a rush! Peace!

SHOUT OUT TO: Thegreatestofthese islove.


Title: Mandela Effect: Arizona Monsoon?!?!?! REALLY?!?! (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


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