Mandela Effect: South Pacific – Too Many Tiny, Congested Islands!

Video from November, 2016.

Late last year, I was following three YT channels, including this one, which were looking into this strange phenomenon of new islands coming out of the water with airplane runways already on them and nothing else, and extremely congest cities and islands. Egypt’s Nile Delta was a huge ME for myself. The channels have tapered off in their reporting as of late. They were this one, Nobleness Dee, plus Lone Eagle and Mandela Effect.

The Quantum Effect is the biggest Double Slit Experiment of all time this is crazy – William Aguilar


YT description: MUST SEE, BLOW YOUR MIND, Human Sardines, Impossible Islands like never seen before.. This MUST STOP. There is a WAR on for our Reality . Island of Sulawesi off the coast city of Makassar.

Title: Mandela: PROOF, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY PT1 : Effect (YT link) Uploaded by Nobleness Dee.


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